Oh What a Night!

Oh What a Night!

Hello there!
Sorry it’s so late tonight. We’ve been at the NEC Trade Show.
And boy did we get a surprise! We went to the British Craft Awards Ceremony 2015 this evening, because I had been asked to present some awards, which is a great honour.
And then Barbara Gray was called out for the Favourite Card Designer!

Didn’t see that one coming!
Nor the next one, Best Rubber Stamp Range!

And when they called out Barbara Gray a third time, for most inspirational blog award, well I can tell you, I was shaking like a leaf.

With my two besties at my side, darling Dave

And marvellous Maria

It was an evening I for one shall never forget.
Thank you so much if you voted for Claritystamp or myself. I can quite honestly say when they called out Clarity for Best Rubber Stamp Range I was punching the air and squealing. Unashamedly chuffed for the Clarity Crew.
So not only did we have an excellent business meeting in the afternoon; we were given some serious pats on the back in the evening.
When I came off the stage from the Blog Award, one of the young magazine editors asked me what I thought about winning the award. My response went something like this:
“I love blogging! I do it every day! It’s like writing a book, one day at a time and there’s a brilliant community which has grown around it!” That’s it, isn’t it.
And I haven’t forgotten that we must pick a winner for Dave’s Witty Ditty Blog. I shall do that when we get home on Tuesday, if I may xxxx
It’s a funny old life, isn’t it. Never know what’s round the corner. I certainly got caught out tonight!
Lots of love,
Barb xxx

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  2. Well done Barbara and your team, amazing news and well deserved. I bet you feel in 7th heaven. Just goes to show your philosophy of one day at a time runs so true. No one day is the same, you've had some rough days recently but without them the good days wouldn't be so sweet. Enjoy x

  3. So well deserved Barbara, and I love how much you always include your family, design team and workers at Clarity rather than hogging the limelight yourself. It's the sign of a true champion, and that's exactly what you are! Make sure you really have a great celebration with everyone because you all make Clarity the act to follow xx

  4. Congratulations to You and all the crew Barbara all 3 awards are well deserved each and everyone of you who are the Clarity Stamp cogs work damned hard to keep the wheels turning and bringing us all new and challenging techniques and designs Well Done one and all !!! xx

  5. Congratulations Barbara, that is fantastic news!!! All very richly deserved by you and the team. What a great way to finish the weekend, or start the week depending on which way you look at it. You look sooo chuffed in the photo – all very exciting. xx

  6. Congratulations to Barbara and all the team. You work so hard you deserve the awards. Barbara's blog is so so much of an inspiration to many and I for one never miss reading and sometimes creating xx

  7. You, Dave and all at Clarity deserve every craft award going. Many congratulations. What lovely pictures of you, Dave and Maria. Cannot say anymore. Long may you reign!!
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  8. Congratulations and it could not have happened to a more wonderful lady and her team. You deserve every one of those awards. You are inspirational.

  9. Hi Barbara wow congratulations to you and the whole Clarity Team and not forgetting your mum and Dad and Grace and Mark too for all being there for you and making Clarity the success it is and the lovely Dave too of course. I hope you are celebrating your success and all the yucky illness has been pushed to the side. I'm so pleased for you Barbara, your success is greatly deserved. Well done. Pizza and champers in the office tomorrow ? Take care. Love Diane xxx

  10. You deserve everyone of the awards and your wonderful clarity team ,if there was an award for staying power and putting everyone else first you would deserve that too very well done I look forward to your blog each day big crafting hugs xxx

  11. Fabulous news Barbara and greatly deserved. You are truly amazing and an inspiration to us all. You have a passion for your art and your wonderful range of products illustrates this. Well done to you and your team at Clarity.
    X Chris

  12. Huge congratulations. And very well deserved awards. With all your efforts and those of your team you keep the offering new and fresh and such a talented design team to provide inspiration. You would take some beating. Well done!

  13. Bloody brilliant and so very well deserved! Congratulations to you, Dave and the whole team! Makes all that hard work worth while xx
    Much love to you all
    Kim x

  14. Dear Barb, Dave and all the Clarity team, well done and huge congratulations, you all deserve the accolades, for a job well done. I think at this rate Dave is going to have to build awards alcoves into the gallery walls. Looking forward to yet more inspiration this year. Bx

  15. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    herzlichen Glückwunsch an dich, Dave und dein wundervolles Team. Ihr habt es alle verdient, das eure Arbeit belohnt wird. Ich kann nur meine Bewunderung für all die Leitungen, Inspirationen und tollen Berichte auf dem Blog äußern. Es ist mir ein Vergnügen den Blog zu besuchen und zu lernen. Ich habe inzwischen so viel Mut bekommen auch mal etwas auszuprobieren. Es macht einfach Spaß und es lenkt von all den Alltagssorgen ab wenn man kreativ sein kann. Dafür sage ich herzlichen Dank. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  16. Hi Barb,
    What fantastic news! Many, many congratulations to you, Dave and all at Clarity Towers. I bet you are still on Cloud 9 this morning and I can't blame you. This was just the pick me up you needed. All of these awards were very well deserved. Once again, congratulations, love Alison xxx

  17. Congratulations Barbara and your lovely team, so well deserved, you will always get our vote, where would we without you, love the photo of you and Maria, it says it all xxx

  18. Congratulations Barbara and all the Clarity team. Well done. Although I don't often comment, I love your blog. Witty, thoughtful, kind, meaningful and inspirational. As you say, just like a book. I don't usually read other peoples accounts of their holidays but yours are often so hilarious (as well as informative) that I sometimes can't stop laughing! Keep up the good work. Glad to see that you are better from the lurgy. Love Diane x

  19. I'm so happy for you and all the team that your hard work, talent and team spirit have been recognised again. If you put all those awards onto shrink plastic you'd have enough for a necklace by now!!! Congratulations, Susan x

  20. Hi Barbara, Well done to you, Dave and all the Clarity team. I was one of the many who voted for you and I'm delighted you've had this recognition. I hope you bask in the glow of your success for AGES… and then get back to work, making us more fab stamps and giving us more inspirational blogs! Thank you for all your hard work — because it doesn't happen by itself! 🙂 Kayx

    Very well deserved for you, the whole team and the blog.
    I´m so happy reading your blog from the very first time on… inspirational and creativ and funny… and a lot of bad things in the past are forgotten because of these great awards…
    Rolf xxx

  22. Well done you!!!! All awards well deserved, you and your team work so hard and Barb you go above and beyond. Read your blog everyday, look forward to it and always enjoy it. You reach out to so many people and that is why so many voted. Would love to have seen your face!!! Love Joan x

  23. Liebe Barbara,
    herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Deinen verdienten Auszeichnungen.
    Du und Dein Team seid einfach großartig.
    Vielen Dank für die vielen tollen Ideen.
    Bitte macht weiter so.
    Liebe Grüße

  24. Oh, Barbara, I am so pleased for you – what a great haul of accolades! I hope they helped to rake your mind off not having been well this last week.

    I have to admit that I visit several daily blogs posted for the card crafty world, so my alliances were torn in several directions, but I am delighted that it was one of my favs!

  25. Barbara, None of the rest of us are surprised by this – your awards are so well deserved. Many congratulations to you all. Hope you're still walking on cloud nine today…
    Ruth x

  26. It is so well deserved and well done to you all at Clarity Stamps. You not only offer us great products but inspire us on how to use them and provide fun and entertainment along the way! Natasha

  27. Many congratulations to you Barbara and all the Clarity team!! All three awards are well deserved, it's lovely to see all the hard work being recognised in such a way.x

  28. Many Congratulations Barbara and all at Clarity. You and your team deserve this recognition, and so pleased your blog was singled out for the amusing, thoughtful, inspirational daily dose of wonderfulness that it is !!

  29. I cannot remember if I left a comment on this great news, so I will do it again anyway. Those awards are well deserved for you and your wonderful team, and it could not have happened to a nicer person. They were so right about your blog being inspirational. Long may it continue. xxx Maggie

  30. Wow Barbara, what a belter, and your faces say it all. I've a huge smile on my face for you. Very much deserved by you, and your team. I'm glad you now have something to put on the other side of the scales of your sadness at Mark going back to the USA. I know it won't totally balance it out, nothing will, but hopefully it will go someway to. Now I know why I had to do two lots of voting – I had been wondering why I had to do it twice for the awards you've already told us about!!!!! Told you I'm a bit of a bawheid just now!!!!! 😉 Love Brenda xx

  31. The awards are so well deserved. Congratulations Barbara and Dave and the team at Clarity Towers, not forgetting the Clarity design team who provide such great samples for your shows.

  32. Congratulations! You and your crew certainly deserve it! Reading you blog is one of the highlights of my day. I love knowing that every day there will be something new. Even Dave's Witty Ditty! 😉
    …Raine Phoenix

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