Love love love these girls!

Love love love these girls!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by. 
Once again I am at the TV studios, getting revved up to do a live US Show.
So the blog is suffering again. I will get back on track by Wednesday, I really plan on it!
Have missed getting creative daily, and touching base with you.
But I did run into a couple of my favourite women at the NEC today:
You will recognise these two,
Leonie Pujol, A-Star supreme TV Presenter on Create & Craft. Also a very good friend.
Melanie Heaton, another very lovely and talented guest presenter and artist. And also a very good friend.
So here we are, posing and larking about with the Crafts Beautiful awards I collected for Clarity today! Honestly, pinch me! Thank you so so much for voting for us at Clarity! It has been quite a year – and it’s only halfway through February!!!!
Here’s another great pal, who I had the honour of presenting with an award last night:
Yep, Dean, my lovely TV Husband , won this year’s Best Presenter award! Well done Deano!
See you later! Got to go…..
Lots of love,
Barb xxx

48 thoughts on “Love love love these girls!

  1. Well done everyone! Be careful you don't overdo things until you are well over that flu!
    Does anyone know where we can find a full listing of the winners, please? I've Googled until I'm going round the bend with the wrong year!!! ~~~Deb

  2. Hi Barb,
    What a pick-me-up, just the tonic for a bad dose of the flu, I did congratulate you this morning on yesterday's post but you probably haven't had time to read all the well wishes.
    Deb, I know what you mean, I've been trying to find the list of winners but had no luck.

  3. Hi Barbara What lovely photos of you and your friends and of course your TV husband. You do look really happy and from the smiles your good friends are happy for you too which is so lovely. They all know how hard you have worked over the years and how extremely hard you work now! Can't believe you are doing us TV again! Do take care of yourself lovely lady and get as much rest as you can. Hope you get back to a normal routine soon and a chance to celebrate with your team. Take care and well done again. Love Diane xxx

  4. Hope TV show went well for you. Glad Dean won best presenter, he really is. Tomorrow you come back down to earth after some wonderfully exciting events. Just take things easy. So happy for you, just what the doctor ordered, you all well deserve your success.xx

  5. Hi Barb,
    Another night of celebrations! Brilliant, many congratulations! I have to say you look so happy in the photos, which after the time you've had lately, is brilliant to see. Hope TV show went well. Love Alisonxxx

  6. As far as I am concerned the blog has not suffered. I love to hear about your wonderful successes and the things that happen to you. It is good to see you having such a great time with crafting friends. Sleep well. xxx Maggie

  7. It looks like you are having so much fun. What a great couple of days. We can wait. Just get back to us when you can. Until then – keep giggling! xx Margaret Col.

  8. Nice to see you able to enjoy good company. I do enjoy watching you with Dean. He does such a good job. A doddle with you and Clarity but he's also an engaging support to other demonstrators with maybe less experience or, to me, less interesting products. Hope the US TV show went well.

  9. It's so lovely to see all of your hard work,talent and enthusiasm paying off. It just makes me smile to see these pictures, it's fab. What an amazing bunch of people! Congratulations all of you, very well deserved.Wxx

  10. I watched on line – great show Barbara – just a hint of a deep voice tail tell signs of the bug you have had – but nonetheless a great show – you in your element explaining and showing new and old crafters how to get the best from a flat piece of card – great stuff.
    So many congratulations on all the awards – you so well deserve them!!!
    Take care and don't worry about us – even your wordy blogs are great!!!
    Much love
    Kim xxx

  11. Hi Barb, great pics, well deserved awards. Doesn't Dean look posh in his suit and tie? Sorry I missed the US show, bet you are becoming a household name in the US. Hope you are feeling a lot better. Bx

  12. Lovely photos and good to see you having fun with friends. Congratulations on your many awards. You and the Clarity team sooooo deserve them.
    No need to apologise about the blog. It's just as much fun to have a nosey behind the scenes and see what you're up to.
    Love and best wishes
    Jeanette xx

  13. Fantastic Barbara and great catching up with C & C friends. So glad Dean got an award too as I always think you two work so well together! x

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