Get back in the Boat Barb!

Get back in the Boat Barb!

Hello there.
Thanks for stopping by.
It’s Saturday, 
and after an arduous flight home from Munich last night,
with frozen fog and all sorts,
it’s time to get back on the horse,
get back in the boat,
and get back to blogging as I like it.
I’ve had enough of moping around and feeling whimpy,
so let’s get this show on the road!!!
Have you ever heard of the expression 
You’ve got to fake it to make it ?
Well, that’s the name of the game here. 
I have to tell you the truth, too.
Apart from being really unwell, 
I have also had to deal with the fact that Mark, my lad, 
is going back to live in California a lot earlier than planned.
Young Love and all that.
Bitter pill to swallow.
But hey, we don’t have them to keep them, do we.
Just wish it wasn’t so very far away.
So I brought myself up to my little art room 
before the Italy V England rugby game, 
and gave myself a talking to 
whilst making some art for the blog.
All this tearfulness is just no good.
It won’t change a damned thing. 
It will just keep me stuck on this Pity Pot, 
which gets quite uncomfortable after a while!
So sod it. Let’s make some art, 
get out of the head and busy with the hands.
Thought this lovely stamp of a person being tossed around in the waves was quite appropriate.
Make a Post-It mask.

Cut it out.

Stamp the image into place on 7″x7″ Gelli Card 
with a Black Archival.
Dab a few ink colours onto the 6″x6″ Gelli Plate,
which is placed on one of our Megamounts.

Spritz with a little water.

Place a plastic polybag on top of the ink 
and mix it up a bit on the gelli Plate.

Remove the polybag,
Cover up the stamped image with the mask, then flip the Gelli Plate on the Mega Mount and set the ink surface down on the card.

This is where you are headed.
Another couple of layers doing the same thing, 
but with different colours.

Use the mask and a make-up sponge to add some depth around the outer edge of the image.
We want to make it look as if it is layered up.

Now use the outer cutout to mask off the surround, 
so that you can apply colour to the picture itself.

Make-up sponge with Tumbled Glass and 

 Antique Linen make a great base colour.

 Time to add a little shade with Distress Pens. 
This is the best way to add detail depth.

So, stepping away from the action for a moment, 
and considering your next move…

Could stop now, play it safe. 
Maybe just run a Scattered Straw Pen around the outer edge 
for added depth.

or fling caution to the wind 
and spritz some Distress Reinkers into the whole frame.

See how instantly looser and more interesting it it?
In for a penny ….

I want to make the edges tatty, too.
So I used large scissors to cut in.

Then I went round all 4 edges with the scissor blades, 
just rubbing back and forth to break up the edges.

The Gelli Card is great for this kind of rough treatment!

Curled up a couple of the corners between 2 fingers, too.

Then scissor cut a piece of mat black card 
just a little larger than the tattered artwork,

and then layered that up on some muted cream card, 
to make the piece stand out.

Do I need a verse?
There is a very cool one which was created specifically for this particular image, and comes with the set.
We can’t direct the wind,
but we can adjust the sails.

but I think I will leave it here.

Job done.
Mission accomplished.
Blog finished.
Washing machine head calmer.
It really works, doesn’t it. 
If you are looking for any of the things I have used here,
please go to
much love,

71 thoughts on “Get back in the Boat Barb!

  1. Wow Barbara what a wonderful colour mix ,you have so much going on in your life and it shows in this art work life is not easy don't we know it big crafting hugs hope it helps you through xxx

  2. Hi Barb,
    Glad you're feeling up to being creative but understand you must be upset about Mark. I love this card today and the stamp is on my wish list.hope you get back on an even keel soon. We are all here for you too. Love Alison xxx

  3. Great to see you're back to nearly your old self lovely lady. Your Mark is just adjusting his sails a bit but his mum will never be far from his thoughts!! Nor he or Grace from yours!! It must be lovely to see them following their own journeys but knowing they have a fab family in Uk to support them and to turn to. I love todays blog, round of applause for art and creativity. Lots of love. X

  4. Welcome home Barbara. This little work of art is amazing. The colours are perfect and I am loving the splodgy background ( lovely word "splodgy" This suits my style perfectly as I have lots of happy accidents whilst splodging, dabbing and swirling. So glad you are feeling better but try to still have a little time out if you can.
    Hugs from Chris x

  5. Know you will miss Mark, but we have to let them move on. My own son moves out in two weeks, will miss him, last one of four. I am lucky though, he is not going to California. Well done with the card, love the background, brilliant idea. Take care, not too much too quickly. xx

  6. Note to self must get the mega mount for my gelli plate. Love the build up colours for the background. I've been playing with my distress markers during my crafty arty, so many different techniques, and yes when your head is in a muddle it always feel better after a crafty play. Take care, don't do too much too soon and make yourself poorly again x

  7. Sending Big Hugs as I know what it is like to be all that way away ~ only I was the one going off to America and Iceland for years at a time ~ at least everyone had a good holiday with free accommodation and food when they came out to visit!
    Love the card, and glad it helped. Really must get me a Gelli plate and mount this year! Deb xo

  8. Welcome back, in more ways than one. Wonderful art work, as ever. Life has a way of biting you on the bottom when you least expect it, but, there is usually a silver lining to be found in most clouds. X

  9. I am not sure that crafting quite cures my washing machine head. I come back from a workshop with so many ideas sluicing around after a day with so many like-minded folk and great tutors. I need to carry a notebook and write them all down as they pop up.It does concentrate your mind on things that are less damaging to your health and temper. I hope you are not going to dive right into work straight away. You still need to take it easy for a little longer. I prescribe more fun in that lovely new room of yours, gentle walks with Dave and look at the beaut in the countryside. Go and watch the sea, or if you cannot manage that, watch the clouds in the sky. xxx Maggie

  10. So glad you home and feel better even if sad which is alright as a mum and her little boy moving a long way away is understandable so big hugs and lots love you will always be in marks heart I'm sure lots love Joy xxx

  11. Hi Barbara welcome home and I'm glad to hear you are starting to feel a bit better but what a shame Mark is leaving you again earlier than expected. It's only natural your upset, it's part of being a mum, but it sounds like his journey is going to be an exciting one. Have you explored candida much? That could be the flip side. Is Grace due home soon for a visit? Today's artwork is fab, love how it changed when you sprits it and the distressed edges are perfect. Hope you have a cosy romantic evening with your lovely Dave and you can forget about your worries for a while. Take care. Love Diane xxx

  12. Well,it's just a plane ride away and maybe more work for you here in the USA .,I facebook my son who lives in Montreal and that is wonderful . Didn't have that when my children were young .

  13. Welcome Back Barbara! Sorry about Mark, but I agree with your attitude towards the situation. Nowt else for it!
    Fab little piece of artwork. Loving the colours and the treatment of the card.

    Emma xx

  14. So glad you are feeling better enough to blog. Pity you are going to lose Mark to the big wide world, but that's the way the cookie sometimes crumbles. I chave two children. The eldest , my daughter, married a South African, and because of my son- in-law's job , have lived in both countries for extended periods. Although in England now they live too far away for comfort. My son married an Italian girl and has lived all his married life in Italy. I don't see my grandchildren (and great granddaughter)as often as I would like, but I do see them, which is great. And I always have my cards and golf to keep me busy.

    So glad you are on the road to recovery. xx

  15. Oh Barbara, you really are having a tough time of it just now. Glad you've managed to get back to doing your art, it really does help take me out of it for a bit too, one of the reasons I'm so desperate to get arty and back into crafting proper. It must be so tough to see your kids go off to live their life in such far away places. It's the amazing, loving mum who devoted her life to them while they were growing up that's resulted in 2 well grounded, successful, happy and confident adults setting out to live their dreams. That must also make you feel very proud too, and you should be :-). Hopefully now you are doing American craft TV you'll have a wee bit more chance of getting to visit them both, and you'll just have to tell Mark to bring home the love of his life with him :-).

    I love this artwork, and the colour combinations you've used, thank you. That's the way I distress stuff too, that or tearing so you get the inside of the card showing, and then inking /chalking those bits. I never thought of using my gelli plate for doing this kind of background. This might even make me get it out the packet at last!!! Although I'm going to need to for Jane's artwork! I used to cover the carpet with a big sheet of plastic, and do lots of spritzing and flicking etc. to achieve this kind of background. And then take longer to clean up the mess than it did to make them! Despite the plastic covering I still managed to get it up the skirting, up the radiator, on the carpet!!!! On the cat – only joking, but that one's only time as Daisy does like to be in the middle of everything!!! When she was little she did do the walking in paint one, and then it was like one of those cartoons, me chasing her round the house trying to catch her, which was obviously only making her run even more!!! Fortunately it was only acrylic paint and most of the house has wood flooring so it was easy to clean off!!! My main concern was to catch her asap to wash her feet before she ate the paint, she used to eat anything and everything that wasn't food when she was little!!!! She still does eat paper if she get's the chance!!!!

    Try to store up as many memories as you can in what time you have left before Mark goes back.
    Good to see you’re feeling better health wise but it’s still very important that you make an effort to rest and not overdo it, even if you think your body is fine, so you don’t relapse.
    Big bear hug from me 🙂
    love Brenda xx

    1. My cat chose my newly glittered card to lay on once! She had purple and yellow glitter in her fur and I had cat hair stuck on my flowers. Needless to say I now put my cards out of the way if they require drying time! Xx

    2. Ha, ha. (Donna didn't know you had a cat too 🙂 )
      Didn't you all know we spend all our time making crafty /arty things just for them to sit on, or eat, or sneeze over, it's a privilege they allow us!!!!!! And then I take them away and she watches where I put them, waits until I turn my back and is immediately on them again!!! Unfortunately I'm short of cupboards here so it's a case of who can outwit who!!!!
      Daisy is a short haired cat but has a very long haired tail, it's amazing what I find stuck to it!!! She runs around with her tail straight up, a wee curl on the end, one of her nick names is dodgem, after the cars, another is pepe le pew!!!! She is often seen running around, tail up, sporting something bright stuck to it, usually near the tip, often it's the wee stickers you get on fruit, she loves to steal and play with them. It's so funny, she's so funny, I love her to bits 🙂 xx

    3. Yes her name is Cleo. Long black hair, very fluffy tail, although she is turning tawny brown now she is getting older. She and Phoebe have a love hate relationship, sometimes they snuzzle and sometimes they annoy each other! I have had other craft/cat disasters usually when I have left the craft room door open just enough to tempt her, sometimes she suddenly jumps onto the table sending things everywhere. Then her name is not Cleo…………couldn't possibly tell you what it is on these 'special' occasions! XX

  16. Hello Barb, what beautiful artwork, love the background, and am going to try it, with another stamp. Sorry that Mark is leaving sooner than expected, but sometimes we have to let go, and no doubt he will be back for some home comfort. Please take care and just take some time to have some calm, quiet time. You so deserve it. Bx

  17. Love the artwork Barbara it's beautiful thank you for sharing I know how you feel my eldest son has started a new job and has to live in a hotel for six months after he will have to sell his home and move near the job he only gets home to his wife at weekend for a little visit then has to go back so we will have to wait a while to see him and I miss him so much. Get well soon Barbara love always June xxxxxxx

  18. Welcome home, there is nothing like a bit of art to forget the stress that in my case is mostly in my head! Nothing anyone can say that will make it better that Mark is going away but at least you can forget it for awhile in your art room and on your blog. It's amazing that you have this whole world of people around you, following what you do. I was talking to a friend yesterday who lost her husband two weeks ago following a long and painful illness. She was telling me about a woman she meet playing scrabble on the internet, based in Canada, who was also a widow. When she found out about my friend's husband, there and then she invited my friend to Canada to stay. Ain't it great, all that warmth and sympathy from around the world just from this little thing called the internet, joining lonely people together. For all the bad things, there's some fantastic ones too. Keep well, plenty of sympathy, tea and support for you here

  19. This is lovely. Really interesting background, will have to give this a go. Was making a background yesterday for a card but forgot to stamp the blue tit first and mask him off! So was happily going through the process of inking on the gelli plate, scrunching up paper for the background, layering the colours and then suddenly thought ………… Oh bugger, forgot the stamp! Oh well I now have a beautiful……..something to use on………well, something else! Glad you are getting over your recent virus, sorry to hear about Mark. Lots of trips to America in the future. XX

    1. That's what your scrap box is for!!!!! All these, what one day will be happy accidents!!!! My scrap box, well I have a box, just needing some scrap to put in it! Hopefully soonish, if I ever get well enough, got a tin of shaving foam at the ready, and my ideas for my Jane art of course, no doubt that will fill my empty scrap box, may be all it does!!!!! xx

    2. Thanks, keep saving me that seat please! I've got all the ideas in my head, a couple of ink pads ordered to try out different combinations, just need to wait until I'm well enough to get my head working and be up for long enough to have a try. That's Flower of Scotland, off to watch the rugby, we can but hope!!!!! xx

  20. Glad you are feeling better Barbara, loving today's blog, the artwork is great. I agree with your sentiments about children fleeing the nest (That does not mean it make it any easier to cope with!)
    Take it easy. x

  21. Greats rework a barbars and yes there is nothing like some creativity to take you away from the world even if only for a few minutes. It's hard when our children leave us but you are so right we don't have them to keep them as I know only too well. That said it doesn't make their going any easier to deal with.
    Take care
    Hugs Jackie x

  22. Hi Barbara,
    Life does throw some hurdles at us from time to time …especially we mums!! I have 3 grown up 'children ' 2 of whom live a distance away. I do sympathise with your separation it is always painful. My sister recently tragically lost both her grown up children within 2 years and has been going through the worst possible time.
    Always remember, Barbara , Mark will still be at the end of a phone or flight . You will have lots of lovely reunions.

  23. Beautiful artwork Barbara, and glad that you are feeling healthier and able to craft to sort out your head. It must be hard to see your kids fly the nest, but what you want for them is to be healthy, happy, successful and independent, so you must have done a good job in raising them. I'm sure my mum and dad were happy when I came back from living in the USA, and now I live in the far north of Scotland but they have always been supportive of my choices as I'm sure you have been to Mark and Grace – maybe you need to plan to spend some more time chilling in New Mexico!! x

  24. great way of adding colour to background. love the shabby/grungey look obtained. i have used it last week but obtained a different result.
    it is hard when kids leave for a different country, my parents know something about it, hugs xx

  25. Oh Barbara, it's so lovely to have you back with us and the art as ever is fantastic

    Distance is what we let it become, you have Skype and face time, emails and text , sure he's not with you but he's at the end of a bit of technology and we cannot let our offspring miss out on life's opportunities …. Deep down you want him to make the most of his life it's just you would prefer it was this side of the pond xxx

    Love conquers all, and he is with you as is Grace every day, you have your arts and crafts to help you through, which so many of use to help us through those dark days x. It's a plane ride away, a Skype or face time call away… You will feel that gap but you will cope … I promise xxx

    Much much love

    Kim xx

  26. Hi Barbara
    Glad your feeling a little better health wise but sorry your son's leaving so soon,I'm sure you'll speak often and no doubt you'll visit him soon enough.I lost my daughter eight years,to speak with her would be great right now.
    Glad your back blogging have missed your art work and inspiration.

  27. Love he sea. So sorry Mark is leaving the fold again, but my daughters and granddaughter live 200 and 300 miles away from me and honestly it gets easier especially with Skype. The chats are longer because it's all on WIFI and you're looking straight into their eyes somehow it feels more real. Fingers crossed your health keeps on improving -take are.X

  28. Hello Barbara

    Know where you are coming from. My youngest lived in Tokyo for six and a half years. Only saw him for two weeks a year.

    He has now come home (hopefully for good) but his girlfriend, dual nationality – American/Japanese, is still in Japan. We are hoping she will move to the UK.

    I love the artwork and glad you are feeling better. But you must still take care, recovery can be a bit slow.


  29. Hello Barbara

    Know where you are coming from. My youngest lived in Tokyo for six and a half years. Only saw him for two weeks a year.

    He has now come home (hopefully for good) but his girlfriend, dual nationality – American/Japanese, is still in Japan. We are hoping she will move to the UK.

    I love the artwork and glad you are feeling better. But you must still take care, recovery can be a bit slow.


  30. Lovely artwork. I do appreciate your reminder for using the gelli plate for inks and the background is just so apt for your boatman being tossed around in the waves.
    Sorry to hear about Mark going but as everyone has implied, you can take the credit for his independent spirit. After all, many of our generation did it to our parents. You too, I think, and look at your wonderful relationship with your parents. Chin, and stencil brushes, up. Where there's a stamp there's a way. Carol. x

  31. Hi Barb,
    I'm glad you're feeling much better, sorry that Mark is going back to the U.S. and pleased that you and Dave got back safe and sound,
    You know, funny thing, I can do this type of card no problem. Spill stuff on it, curl the edges and scrape down the sides of the card. I don't do it intentionally, you understand, it's just a knack I have lol!!!!!
    Maureen xxx

  32. Welcome back Barbara. Just love this card today. Have the stamp so must try to do the background bit. So sorry about Mark going back to U.S. so soon, but as you say we can't keep them, and as they say they are only on loan to us. We wanted them to be independent . . My daughter & son moved away when they married, admittedly only in England but still don't see the grandchildren as much as I'd like. It gets easier in time, but a lot to cope with at first. Keep crafting it does help to take your mind off of things, it's certainly helped me. Skype is a brilliant substitute and you and he can visit, so keep your chin up. Hope you've sent that lurgy packing. Used the wee people yesterday and heart & leaves stencil to make my hubby a Valentine's card he was really pleased with it. Thank you for all your inspiration.xx

  33. Brilliant design Barb, so love the colours. Sorry to hear Mark is going back early, I know how you feel, my Daughter lives miles away so I only get to see her twice a year and I know sometime in the future my Son will go away, we have to let them spread their wings though it is easier said than done.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  34. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    dein Werk ist wieder so genial geworden. Der Hintergrund absolut Klasse. Ich bin ganz begeistert von der Arbeit. Es sieht immer so einfach aus, wenn ich es dann versuche, wird es ganz anders als bei dir.
    Das du deinen Sohn vermissen wirst kann ich verstehen. Ich vermisse meine beiden Kinder auch sehr. Sie sind auch 600 km von mir entfernt und das kann man nicht einfach mal rasch fahren um sich gegenseitig zu besuchen. Aber wenn der Kontakt gut ist, kann man telefonieren und auch mailen. So bleibt man auch gut in Kontakt. Es freut mich das es dir wieder besser geht. Ich wünsche dir einen geruhsamen Sonntag und freue mich auf die nächste Inspiration von dir. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  35. Hi Barb, glad your feeling better health wise. Hope your Germany craft visit was a success. Sorry your blue about Mark. The hardest thing for a mum is when her child moves on but that is our job to raise strong healthy children and set them on a journey, sometimes far away, its hard! If he is anything like my children he will have boomerang in his blood, always come back and generally with friends in tow. Dry your eyes, its just au revoir not goodbye. love Joan x

  36. Hi Barbara,
    beautiful card… I like the little destroyed look very much on cards.
    And I like your trick with the polybag a lot. I use it often.
    Have a great sunday – hope the sun is shining like here in Germany.
    Rolf xxx

  37. Hi Barbara. I am glad that you are on the mend and felt up to making this lovely piece, that stamp is gorgeous. Sorry that Mark is off again, we want them to go and live full happy lives don't we, it would just be perfect if they did it closer to home! As others have said there is Skype etc which is great, but nothing beats that special big bear hug that only our boys give us. You will put the happy face on and cry once he has gone but be proud that you have raised such wonderful, confident children : ) Take care.

  38. Hi Barbara. Love the card. Glad you are feeling better but don't overdo it! Sorry to hear Mark is returning to California before you expected, but you should be proud of him and yourself that he has the confidence to make such a move. On the bright side, you will have an excuse to visit California as well as New York! (work permitting ,of course!)
    Love Gayle

  39. Hi Barbara

    What a lovely card today……….again!

    Hope you are feeling better now even if the lurgie has not completely left you.

    We bring our children up to be independent and so Mark is doing what you have encouraged him to do…………..venture away! I am sure he will be fine and so will you. Skype is the most useful site I know of and means we are not really apart from our loved ones.

    Keep your chin up and look forward to the next blog.

    Much love Barbara W x

  40. Fab artwork Barbara, the colours are lovely. I know how you feel about having one of your kids away from home, I had to deal with that too but now she is back in the area again & I'm over the moon. I'm sure you will see Mark regularly, especially as you will be making trips to the US for your new business over there. Pat x

  41. Welcome back to Blighty, Barbara, glad you are feeling better. I understand just how you feel about Mark moving away from home again. It is nearly 40 years since our eldest daughter went to college in Portsmouth, and decided to make her life down there. I miss her every day, her family as well, we have one grandson and a great grandaughter who will be 8 in May, and although we see them a few times during the year, it's not enough. I always say that you only realize what it feels like when you family does to you what you did to your own mother. Beverly was only ten months old when I told my mum that we were moving from Huddersfield to Portsmouth. All she said was, "I won't say don't go"!!! We did return to Huddersfield but it took eleven years, by which time we had another daughter, Dawn. She does live in Huddersfield and we see her a lot, she stays with us a couple of nights every week and we do our crafting together, so at least I still have one of my 'chicks' close by.
    Better stop now before the tears start flowing.

    Margaret xxx

  42. Glad you are feeling better Barbara. Love today's artwork and the detailed explanation; the Gelli plate makes a really interesting background. Sorry to hear that Mark is heading back to the States, I am sure you will miss him terribly. Just remember the old adage, adapted from Hodding Carter ..'Give your children these two things, one is roots, the other wings'. Anne x

  43. This is wonderful Barbara and love that GP background and the shading round the image which is beautifully coloured and and the scraped and generally distressed look which helped you to work off some stress of your own I think. I'm sad for you that Mark has decided to return to the US so soon and know how it feels as our son and only child lives in Australia and although I wanted him to do his own thing and live his own life it is still very hard and I miss him like mad! Glad you are feeling a lot better now. x

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