I concede.

I concede.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in. 
Sorry there’s no YouTube today.
I finally had to let go,
concede as it were.
It’s one thing shuffling around in your pyjamas, 
making a card and uploading a few photos;
entirely different ball of wax filming a full on VT and editing it.
And to be honest, I still feel dog rough.
I read all the lovely messages yesterday and today just had to accept that a YouTube can’t be done, and probably won’t get done next week either. 
The disadvantage of doing things one day at a time is that if one day, you can’t get your head off the pillow, then everything grinds to a halt.
The advantage of doing things one day at a time is that if one day, you can’t get your head off the pillow and everything grinds to a halt, that’s today. Not the end of the world. Just today.
So thanks for understanding.
As I said last week, it’s a virus – not cancer.
I hate being ill. But I guess it’s my turn. 
This too shall pass.
Lots of love,

On a positive note, I’ve shed 10lbs in a week!
See! Always be careful what you wish for!!!!

96 thoughts on “I concede.

  1. Get well soon Barb we are all here for when you are back to being 100% in the mean time we shall amuse ourselves with your you tube oldies and goodies and spend spend spend in the Clarity shop.
    Take care and rest easy xxx

  2. Barbara you have done so many great videos gives everybody a chance to check the back catalogue. The most important thing is that you take care of yourself and concentrate on getting better, the rest can wait.

  3. It's rotten to be dog rough! Especially at this time of the year. On a positive note it's a great reason to crank up the heat and snuggle up with warm drinks, good magazines and replenish the old batteries. Been busy taking things easy here in miserable, misty manchester. Have a friend over and we've been munching our way around a few museums, lots of shops, the odd bar and tonight we will be at the Lowry for a dance performance and some more good food. Keep those spirits up xx

    1. Richard went to Uni there too! Take care Barb, and don't lose too much weight, you don't have too much anyway. Enjoy the enforced R&R, and we shall see you when we see you …. when you are better! XXX Cj

  4. Poor you – you need lots of TLC and rest. We can easily wait for your You Tube goodies when you feel better.You can still see a weight loss silver lining in the gloomy clouds of your "lurgy" – hope you feel a bit better soon.

  5. I'm not bothered about a video, I'd rather that you are fit, well and happy. Although lose any more weight and you will slide down the nearest grid. Take care and have a restful recovery.

  6. Hello Barbara,
    take a timeout as long as you need it.
    Be happy that you have it now and not earlier at the CHA or on your holidays with Dave in New Mexico.
    Get well soon
    Rolf xxx

  7. Get well soon! Lovely that you can see the 'silver lining'. I'm sure we've all got plenty to be doing trying out all the things you've demonstrated so far. I certainly have a list of things to go back to! Take good care of yourself & make sure you rest xx

  8. Barbara So pleased you listened to your body and rested we your clarity followers want you to be well so take time out ,(one question ive tried to send my card for jane's inspiration day but it won't send can anyone give me the e mail address to send to please crafting hugs xxx

  9. Hi Barbara, just keep taking it easy, you have a fab team to carry the back load, take the time out now to get shut of the bug, then it will not come back later cos you got up too soon. I don't feel 'dog rough' but being a dog groomer, I get told often I 'look' dog rough, don't know if they are trying to be funny, or that I do, hee hee. Keep warm and drink plenty. Michelle XXXX

  10. Hi Barbara, totally with you on this one. I have an awful cold too and can promiss you it's not easy and fun to run a shop with a runny nose….. I feel "Dog rough" too, and really wish I could be in bed. But as I have just begin my new venture, I can't miss a day, so just do my best not to look too rough.
    Take care of yourself and keep in the warm. xxx

  11. Hello Barbara

    At last! Never mind you tube Tuesday, give the whole blog a miss until you start to feel better. We will miss our daily blog but we will get over it. As you say, it is not cancer.


  12. Hi Barb,
    We can do without a YouTube video for a couple of weeks, there are plenty of pre recorded ones that we can look at if we want too. I'm sure that each and every one of us would rather have you fit and well again. It's always lovely to lose weight but not in this way! Take care, keep warm, drink lots of fluids and have lots of rest. Love Alison xx

  13. Hello Barbara

    At last! Never mind you tube Tuesday, give the whole blog a miss until you start to feel better. We will miss our daily blog but we will get over it. As you say, it is not cancer.


  14. Glad you put you first we need you well so rest up. We have plenty YouTube videos and I have on hard drive all your classroom shows so plenty to watch infact may be we should be doing not watching the wean post what we have learnt from you over the years lots love you make sure you get well first love Joy xxx

  15. Hi Barbara, It's a relief to know that you are finally listening to your body (and to us!!), I was getting rather worried that you were going to end up permanently damaging your health. Please don't worry about not giving us any youtube today or next week, (and you blog record is still intact too). Like others say we can do some catch up on older youtubes or demos, some of us needing a lot more catch up time than others!!! Me probably being the biggest of those!!! If you or Dave can give us wee updates on how you are doing, that would be great, we do care about you and worry about you. As others have said too we can amuse ourselves on here while we wait for you to recover. I'll help keep everyone occupied asking questions on how to try to get my Jane art pictures from my head onto card!!!! 😉

    I'll start that with – can anyone suggest what colour/s of ink pads I need to get for making sand please? Thank you. I've only got butterscotch and sandal, don't think those in combo would work, was wondering if scattered straw might?

    Barbara I know how rubbish it is to be and feel so ill, try to remember even though it feels like it's forever, it is only going to be for a short time, and concentrate on thinking how good it is going to feel when the ill feelings start to go. I know it's really hard to do when you are such an active person, doing nothing is not in you. When I'm really ill and need just something that's not lying watching telly I sit propped up doing a little bit of simple craft things, then lie down again when it feels too much for me, and get through the days like that, don't know if this helps. You were talking about sewing recently, is there anything there, wee bits of crafty hand sewing Dave could set you up with that you could have a wee play around with your ideas, as you wanted /felt able to? And please try to eat, anything you fancy at all, doesn't matter what it is, your body needs the strength to help fight the virus.
    Take care, love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda, I have made a card that I needed sand for and I used antique linen or old paper for a base colour and then brushed over with mustard seed (very lightly as its very yellow!) I then used scattered straw distress marker to dot some texture and add ripples across the sand. That's how I will be doing it again for Jane's card. Hope that helps, I'm sure other people will have other ideas. XX

  16. Lie down woman and get some rest!! We will all understand perfectly, as all of us have been feeling cr…..well, poorly, at some time. We look forward to you feeling better, and firing off all cylinders. Xxx

  17. Hello Barb, any blog post from you is a joy to read! Hopefully you will feel better day by day, and you know with that weight loss you may be able to get into those jeans you have been hoarding in your closet? Lol if that was true I would be wearing the ones I wore when I was 14. I really do sympathise (had it for 2 weeks) but please rest, we need and want you back 100%. Take care. Bx

  18. Hi Barbara Glad you listened to us all and took our advice (I know you read all the comments on the blog, I meant it to read will you take our advice! I'm glad to see you did!). Yep Dave is right, chicken Soup will do the trick! Ha ha. Oh my goodness, can you imagin doing a you tube in your jim jams with a bright red nose and no make up! That wouldn't be one to look back on would it. Of course we don't mind you missing a couple of weeks, we would much rather you got yourself well again, so dose yourself up, find some trashy TV or a good book some of those soft balm tissues and perhaps a bell to summon drinks biscuits etc when you need them! Take care of yourself. Love Diane xxx

  19. Oh crumbs it took me two months at slimming world to get rid of 10lbs, but maybe that was a better way to do it. Glad you have finally given in, it takes time and there is no way you going to rush it. Keep warm, drink ( not alcohol ) and sleep. Thanks fro trying to keep going but we all understand. xx

  20. Glad you have given in, a few more days and you ll be feeling much better, demos and tubes can wait and we are all more concerned that you get over it properly. Stay warm and wrapped up. It's lovely to see the first signs of spring in the garden, hope you can see that from your window at least, does your heart good to see the snowdrops coming through. Take care x x

  21. I did suggest yesterday that Dave should post a bulletin on the gates of Clarity Towers Sanitarium each day with news of your condition instead of you dragging yourself out of bed to do your blog. If the Queen can do it, I am sure the Queen of Stamping (Dean's words) can follow suit. Relax and take care. xxx Maggie

  22. Your health is definitely more important than a couple of You Tube videos Barbara, so just sit tight, or should I say sleep tight and relax and let your body recover. Chicken soup sounds like an excellent idea. x

  23. Hope you feel better soon that's what important. Rest up and do as the doctor, Dave and all the Clarity fans have said. Take it easy and get better. Hopefully tomorrow you will be feeling a little better. Hugs.

  24. Always listen to what your body is telling you, and just think how fabulous it will be to get into those clothes at the back of your wardrobe with all that weight loss! Hope you feel better soon, and if your nose is getting sore try using baby wipes instead of tissues – it's fab! Susan x

  25. I don't know. You obviously need to take it easy or this will go on longer than necessary. Can I suggest you stop worrying about us and worry about you for a change!! We'll still be here when you're better and you'll still be a superstar in our eyes. Back to bed now and have a proper rest. xx Margaret Col.

  26. All we want is for,you to feel better, glad you didn't push and push, sometimes one day at a time means to take that day and breathe. Thanks so much for taking care of you today! Xx

  27. Just take it one day ata time – this thing is a you know what for knocking the stuffing out of you and then hanging around to add insult to injury. You just concentrate on getting better and try not to worry about what your 'not doing' – I bet it will all still be there or better still disappeared so not worth worrying about in the first place. Xxxxxxx

  28. So glad you listened and didn't do the utube Tuesday. Just worry about yourself for a change. We'll be here when you are better. Keep warm and stop worrying. Luv and hugs Pam xx

  29. Somehow lost my comment. You'll probably end up with two. Just get well and stop worrying about us. We'll be here waiting when you are back to normal. Rest, warmth, drink plenty and have some cuddles off Dave and you'll soon be back to A1. Luv and hugs. Pam xx

  30. Glad you are thinking of yourself for once. Don't worry about youtube will amuse myself ordering from the Clarity stencil sale instead! Stay in bed and follow Nurse Dave's orders. Get well soon.
    Gayle x
    PS Rather extreme way to lose weigh,t which you didn't look as if you needed to lose!!

  31. Wow – send me the virus if you lose that much weight! Sorry, I do not mean to be frivilous. (can't spell it tonight)Sorry you are still unwell – there is always another day, another blog. I stamped the squirrel today, stencilled around and managed to make a shadow – very pleased with myself after a very bad start to the day.
    Here's hoping tomorrow will find you on the mend.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  32. Barbara, glad that you have listened at last. Your good health is what matters, nothing else. We can all pop over to YouTube and have a catch up if we need to. Take care. And Dave too.xxx

  33. Hi Barbara I do hope you start to feel better soon. I to have something nasty and I have lost interest is lots of things. Take all the time you need to get better. I know it is frustrating for you as you are so busy. Hugs Jackie

  34. Hi Barb,
    That's my girl, stay in bed, keep warm, get Dave to supply a ready stream of hot drinks and get better. Don't come in tomorrow, you don't need a Doctor's note, we all understand!!!
    I don't know how you've managed to lose weight you lucky ??!!!***, I put weight on – could be all the hot chocolates I got through lol.
    Love Maureen xxx

  35. Oh please, please take good care of yourself Barbara and don't worry about anyone except yourself – You Tube and everything else can wait until you are well again. Take the opportunity to switch off for a wee while – Mike and I send you big hugs xx

  36. I'm so glad you've given in; very wise. I am envious of the weight loss but not the cause. We all look forward to your recovery but can wait.
    Carol x

  37. Hi Barbara! I'm so glad you've seen sense and conceded defeat to those pesky enemies Influ and Enza! They often creep up and get us especially when Wurka and Holick leave us alone for a couple of days!
    You must stay in bed and rest and let your body recover from the nasty virus!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  38. Hi Barbara
    You need rest. A nasty virus will leave you feeling weak. Thank you for keeping up your daily post. We do appreciate the time and effort you put into them but everyone deserves a day off sometimes.
    Get well hugs
    Chris x

  39. Oh Barbara, I'm so sorry that you are still so poorly but very relieved to hear that you are listening to your body and resting. We fully understand why there is no video either this or next week, (although I'm sure that you would still look delightful in your pyjamas!) Please take care of yourself and get fully fit before you start pushing yourself again.
    Hope you start to feel better soon. Love and hugs. Jeanette xx

  40. So sorry you are still suffering.. I think itcould be your very busy life catching up with you! Ironic you are struck down after a holiday, but then that so often happens doesn't it! Rest up and get well soon. Love Ann

  41. Adding my hugs to all those already left for you today. Well done in resting & doing what doesn't come easily – putting yourself and your health first.

    Thank you so much for your words about taking things one day at a time. Something in there I need to remember I think!

  42. Your body is telling you to rest so do as it tells you! I used to think I was invincible – I was wrong – I now have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) – haven't worked for over 8 years and it's only dabbling in crafting and my awesome husband, daughter, son, granddaughter and friends that keep me sane! Take it easy! xxx

  43. I'm sorry to hear you're still crook Barb, especially because I know it must be very bad to confine you to barracks! I hope the team at the office and Dave can handle everything fine so you can concentrate on getting better. Lots if love and paracetamol xxxx

  44. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich möchte dir weiterhin von Herzen gute Besserung wünschen.

    Nichts ist so wichtig, wie du selbst.

    Denn nur wenn es dir wieder gut geht, kann auch ich wieder lachen.

    Mach dir keine Sorgen um uns. Wir bleiben weiter deine treuen Leser.

    Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  45. I hope you are feeling a bit better today Barbara. Sometimes it is better to stop trying be be superwoman when you are feeling so low; just rest up, take the medicine and let others spoil you for a while! Anne x

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