Dave’s feeling generous!

Dave’s feeling generous!

Sorry Folks,


(this is where YOU come in)
Firstly, listen to Herman’s Hermits below, 
and sing the words above instead to the tune.
It really works!
It was the tune rolling around in my head when I wrote the verses.




76 thoughts on “Dave’s feeling generous!

  1. Oh Barbara, naughty girl,
    I would have rushed in a swirl
    to munich this night
    to do some demos right
    for you on TV
    live at HSE.
    Have a safe flight
    I order your stamps tonight
    Rolf xxx

  2. Well done Dave, song lyrics are a hoot! I think you deserve a medal, I bet Barbara does not make an easy patient!! Good luck for the show and get back to bed as soon as you can. XX

  3. Barbara I don't know if you read quick cards made easy as I know you do a project in cardmakingandpapercraft one of my cards was printed in the latest quick cards made easy first pass the post using the umbrella stencil , take care xxx

  4. Lovely to hear from you Dave, though sorry to hear that Barbara is still poorly. Love the rhyme too though can't think of an ending at the moment. I hope the trip to Germany goes okay. xx

  5. Brilliantly done, Dave. I have done the singing bit, I shall have to learn your words for future reference. Wrap her up nice and warm and make sure you both drink plenty of water on the plane to keep well hydrated. Good luck in Germany and get back home asap. Barb, remember to do everything Dave tells you and let him look after you properly. xxx Maggie

  6. Oh Dave, you've given me a smile with that! I *should* be too young to know the song …. But dad was a fan, so I blame him for my current affliction … I'll get to work orb a verse asap … Tho I never was any good at song lyrics 😉

    Glad you are taking good care of Barbara. She is a lucky lady to have you. But do please look after you too!

    Hugs to you both (())

  7. Well done, Dave!
    Feel better, Barb, I also have the nasty flu virus – keep drinking!!!!!
    No, NOT alcohol!!!!! Keep hydrated!!!!!
    Good luck in Germany!
    Margaret C

  8. Oh Top of the class Dave, all these hidden talents…love your ditty….oh sorry that could sound so rude!!!! Really hope Barbara feels better soon….have a safe journey both….hugs…Jo. x x

  9. So all that’s left is a room dark and lonely
    No Barbara around, it’s like a bride without a gown
    No blog, no art, shaving foam, blank space only
    No worries, a ditty instead coz Dave is down
    Man, good job he is your one and only
    Let’s get her all tucked up in an eiderdown

    Sorry best I can do at this time!

    Karen B

  10. Then . . . she'll be back, fit and well once more, a smile on her face,come bouncing through the door.
    Better watch out, , as stamps and stencils fly, there'll be no warning shout, when Barbara's up and about.

    The best I could do. Hope Germany goes well and does not exhaust you too much. Dave you're a star and I trust Barbara listens to your sage advise and rests up until she is properly recovered. xx

  11. Well done Dave! Yours is obviously a house full of talented poets!! Here goes (from a not so talented one)…
    No Barb today
    She's not on holiday
    She's dosing off the flu
    She's got a show to do

    No Barb today
    So Dave has got to play
    He's nursing her so well
    She'll soon be feeling swell!

    I do hope so anyway – rest as much as possible, Susan x

  12. Hello both of you. What would we do with out our "Dave"? Mine is the same taking care of me and my awful cold. I am improving a bit with the help of antibiotics…. May be a visit to "Mother land" will do Barbara good. So keep taking care of her Dave, and give her all our love on the top of yours.
    Laurence xx

  13. Hi Barbara and Dave, love this Dave, you're very clever too. Didn't think I remembered Herman's Hermits, I was only one year old!!! That still makes me feel ancient though!!!! I'm totally useless at poems and stuff so I'll just enjoy reading everyone else's instead :-).

    Oh Barbara, I'm very concerned to read what you are about to attempt to do while this ill. Even if you are feeling a little better, your body sure isn't. Please try to reconsider attempting to do this, it really isn't worth risking your long term health for, honestly. I've had chronic fatigue syndrome for almost 23 years now, almost half my life, and unless they find a cure /treatment I'm most probably going to be like this for the rest of my time alive too. This is what you are risking. I got it doing exactly like you – getting out my sick bed during a bad dose of flu, my body had already been run down, and trying to keep going as much as I could. Yes I make the most of what little I have and try to brush it aside, joke about it etc. but if you want the honest truth it's sooooo hard and sooooo miserable and soooo lonely being like this, and seeing /knowing what I could have had and could have been, I just have to do my best to not think of it. I'm sorry but this is what you're risking doing to yourself. If you are really going to go ahead with this then pleeeease do nothing more at all than sit on a chair and demo for as short a time as possible, no setting up, no walks down the counter, no hanging around, nothing. And Dave, I'm sure you'll be trying your best to make sure Barbara does as little as possible, but can you possibly just try that wee bit harder for Barbara's long term health. And Barbara, listen to Dave and please do what he tells you 🙂

    Sorry. I'll have everything crossed that you'll somehow come through this unscathed. I'll so much be thinking about you
    Love Brenda xx

  14. So no Barb today
    But Dave has had his say
    He's feeling rather witty
    And penned this little ditty!

    Sorry can't think what else to write in verse
    But I do send my love and hugs and hope that all goes well in Germany… Then as soon as you're home you must do as Dave says and stay put and really rest!
    Dave….tie her down if needed!!!
    Safe journey both of you!

  15. Hi Barbara and Dave
    Herman’s Hermits is before my time also but I know the tune.
    Sorry to here your still poorly but glad Dave's looking after you so well.Hope the show goes well and you get home quickly so you can resume resting.
    Cracking ditty Dave:)

  16. Although it is quite late
    I thought I'd take a peek
    I couldn't quite believe
    She would throw the blog to fate.
    And sure enough dear Dave
    Had taken up the reins!
    Make sure when you return
    Barb doesn't lose the gains
    She made before she went!

    Send her back to bed
    Until she is quite well.
    We want her back as soon as pos –
    But she might just give you hell!!

    Get well soon Barbara!

  17. Not sure how you managing this trip. Dave your poem is fantastic, not sure I can come up with lines to finish it but will have a little think. Take care both of you on your trip. xxx

  18. I'm no good at rhymes but I sang the poem in my head to that tune before I saw that's what you had done at the end 🙂 Barbara, I'm so sorry you are still poorly, it's taking ages isn't it. I hope your trip doesn't tire you out too much and you're back home soon, resting again xxxx

  19. Hello Barb & Dave,

    I'm so sorry that this trip to Germany is so necessary, but with you there hopefully things will go smoothly.
    Now Dave, here's my attempt to finish your ditty.

    Did you take her special pillow,
    you're such a wonderful fellow,
    with you she'll be back on form
    which for Barb is just the norm.

    But It's time to tie her to her bed
    and give her pills and drinks instead
    of crafting night and day
    even though she's Barbara Gray.

    We'll see her when she's fine
    and drinking tasty wine
    We'll all give a shout "hooray"
    For good old Barbara Gray!

    I hope all goes well in Germany, give her plenty of hugs and warm drinks.
    Love Maureen xx

  20. Hi Barbara & Dave
    I only hope the Germans appreciate you!
    How about this…

    No let up, it's no joke when you're famous
    So artistic, so clever you shame us – you're so good.
    Clarity masks I'll need to wear, so I won't look ill on air.

    No stamps today, no gelli-plate for you
    No inks nor brushes too, for Barbara has the Flu.

    Hope you feel much better soon and can take it easy when you're home

  21. David and Barbara what a team!!!! Sorry but my brain along with my body is far too tired to take part (son had me on 10 mile walk today in prep for Ben Nevis) . Wishing you a safe journey there and back again. Hugs to both of you. Emma. X X

    1. Wow Emma, best of luck on that one. The day before I was to climb Ben Nevis, when I was 18, I dislocated my hand by slipping while jumping over a stream with a heavy rucksack on my back!!! So I ended up in the hospital instead! I never got another chance to climb it before getting sick. So you climb Ben Nevis for me too please 🙂 I hope it's a clear day for you so you can see the view from the top. Please let us know how you get on and what it feels like to be standing on top of our Scottish world 🙂 Love Brenda xx

    2. Thank you very much Brenda. I had a great day, a bit tired and sore but worth it as I must have passed my son's test, he booked the trip up north this morning and I will think of you while I climb up Ben Nevis. Don't worry I am known for being snap happy with a camera. Take care. Hugs.
      Emma xx

  22. I'm hopeless at rhymes -terrible but I remember that Herman's Hermits song and Peter Noone, must have been in my mid to late teens. So no rhymes from me but good wishes for a speedy recovery and a safe journey home. Also please can we have another Dave blog, thank you.

  23. I sang it to that tune in on the bus as I read it on the way home, I didn't sing aloud you'll be pleased to know. didn't need the video 🙁

    Well done there Dave
    there are no words to say
    how well you have coped
    while Barbara has moped
    (sorry that just rhymed!)
    Carry on with the TLC at the HSE
    and now I just give up
    as I'm not as good as you!

    Have a great show and I hope Barbara gets through.

    I had to ring up Clarity today as my NDC stencil arrived and not the stamp, I guessed I'd got our of sync with my membership but a nice young man (I didn't get his name) sorted me out so I'll get the stamp and they I'll be synced again in May (why have I got that tune in my head as I I'm tying all this?!).


  24. Well done Dave, great ditty. Hope Barbara will be feeling better soon. We know you'll look after her. Trying my hand at finishing your ditty:

    Then Do not make a fuss
    She'll be doing what she loves
    For our Barb there's no let up
    Her fan numbers just go up

    Hope it does our Barb some good
    Enjoying demoing her goods
    So that then she may relax
    While making return tracks.

  25. I remember Hermans Hermits ( yes it's true )
    The song he sings ,will always cheer You ,
    Its not all that special, It's not all that Long ,
    I won't be the only Geek who sings this song x

  26. Hi Barb and a Dave.
    Firstly,my thanks Dave for doing this. Secondly, fantastic verse, I used to love Herman' Hermits when I was young – I think I was a little in love with Peter Noone! However, I'm really no good at attempting to write verses so I will enjoy reading everyone else's and marvel at their attempts. I'm really sorry that you have to go to Germany when you're so poorly and hope that you don't make yourself worse. Please take care and listen to what Dave tells you – I'm sure he will take good care of you. Love and hugs, Alison xx

  27. No Barb today
    She cannot come and play
    She's had to take a flight
    And she doesn't travel light

    It's German tv
    And demo's two or three
    A job has to be done
    And of Barb there's only one

    But Dave is 'The Man'
    He help her where he can
    And soon she'll be back home
    Laughing at this poem!!

    I hope it's not too tough for you Barbara, take it easy xx

  28. Hi Dave and Barbara
    Brilliant blog Dave, you are a star and what a great poem. Hermans hermits, wow, introduced my daughter to them last year, now they are on her spotify list ! I was my grand ads 'sunshine girl' so there's a blast from the past! Do as Dave tells you Barbara, just stand, smile, perform magic and get back to bed ASAP.
    Here goes with a verse or two

    Our Barb has gone away
    To Germany to play
    She shouldn't really go
    Her friends have told her so

    But magic she will try
    With birds up in the sky
    And clouds just floating by
    While animals they lie

    Hills will be a dream
    With brushed on sage green
    Worn lipstick she will see
    Then wipe her hands upon her knee

    But Dave will be there too
    There is so much to do
    And he will bring her home
    She won't be on her own

    We will be so glad
    We no longer will be mad
    That Barbara had to go
    But returned, we love her so

    In her jim jams she will blog
    Then sleep like a log
    And better she will be
    For next month when she's on TV.

    I think I'd better stop now and get some sleep! Hope you feel better soon and have lots of rest, fluid chocolate and a big cuddle from Dave.
    Take care
    Love Diane xxx

  29. No rest today she has to go away,
    she has to go you say
    We know she's on her way!
    No rest for the wicked she will say
    I have to work today
    She'll say that come what may
    I don't want to fly today!
    but while she's out and about
    She has to just do nowt
    Really I mean nowt!
    Absolutely Zilch!!
    But put a smile on her face for the TV
    And do a demo that she's found
    And in an hour it will all be over
    And she can just lie down!
    Really just lie down!
    But when your home you can make her put her feet up
    In your house in your Own home town
    And if she nags And say Dave I am OK
    You can tell her to lie down
    And say it with a frown!
    She back in her home town!!

    Ok I tried but that song is fast !!!! Lol Sam xx

  30. Dave you are doing a great job
    Writing a poem for Barb's blog,
    Whilst helping her get through
    This awful bout of Flu.

    Barb, lets hope the bugs will go
    As you travel to and fro
    And when you get home to Kent
    Your health will be one hundred %.

    Then when she's feeling well
    Of the German trip she'll tell
    And her blogging will be back
    'Cos ideas she doesn't lack.

    They've been chasing round her brain
    And there's more since she met Jane,
    Of exciting things to do
    For the likes of me and you!

    Take care both of you and best wishes for a speedy recovery Barbara x

  31. so sorry to hear that Barbaras sick ,
    and we wont get to see her trick
    but Dave you need to be a Herman
    so you can demonstrate in German
    A pinny you can don
    to show why Claritys number one

    Sorry not great at poems but good wishes to you both – jx

  32. So sniff and sneeze must go away
    Ive packed the tissues and lemsip too
    its off to Gatwick we must go
    Ill prop her up and make her smile
    then bring her back
    with love and flowers

    Feel better soon, well done Dave we all love you too

    Safe journeys both x
    Much love

  33. Hi Dave and Barb, absolutely brilliant. Well done for stepping into the breàch Dave. It is a pity that you have to go when you are not 100% Barb, hope it goes ok, we know Dave will take care of you. I love Hermans hermits, and this is one of my favourite numbers, but I am rubbish at verses, so will just read what the other clever blog followers come up with. There are some fabulous ones. Take care Barb and Dave, have a safe trip. Bx

  34. Lovely poem Dave, I hope Barbara takes it really easy and rests up when you both return xx

    Now listen to Dave
    Don't rant and rave
    When TV is done
    Take care of no 1
    Don't type a letter
    Until you're better


  35. Thank you for the update and reminding me of Hermans Hermits, I used to think my brother looked liked Peter Noone, think it was the haircut.. No good at thinking verses so will settle for reading the great efforts of others. Take care on your trip and get well soon x

  36. The date was set in stone
    But she won't be going alone
    With our German friends can't linger
    They've heard about the paintbrush finger

    Hope all goes well try some Liebfraumilch when your there my best after flu pick me up and the best white wine in the world take care..
    best white wine in the world after demo's only..take care..Dot

  37. Sorry I missed all this fun yesterday; was a bit busy having a special birthday. Enjoyed singing along to Herman this morning though. Dave you are very entertaining and I know that you will take good care of Barb when you're in Germany and stop her taking on too much (if she'll let you). Much love Jeanette xx

  38. Thanks, Dave, for the trip down memory lane; very far away place it was too. I enjoyed your lyrics and the video, but also the alternative YouTube version when Peter Moone (solo) is rather older. I hope you had a bearable trip to Deutschland and that the show goes well. But most of all I hope that Barbara recovers well and that you don't succumb! Carol

  39. off to Germany to wow the masses
    For goodness sake don't lose your glasses
    Before you know it you'll be back in ole Blighty
    Wrapped up warm in your dressing gown and nighty!

    Hope all goes well xx

  40. Hallo Barbara,
    danke für die TV Sendung, es war wieder großartig.
    Hoffentlich bekommst Du keinen Rückfall. Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin
    gute Besserung und nochmal danke, dass Du die Sendung trotz Allem gemacht hast.
    Liebe Grüße
    Ich freue mich schon auf den nächsten Blog.

  41. Well done Dave – brilliant ditty – I've added some verses too! A bit quickly as ive just looked at the blog!

    No craft today,
    cause Barb has gone away,
    Those bugs they are so bad,
    They're driving our Barb mad!

    But on the plane she goes,
    to do her fabby shows.
    She won't let people down,
    Barb she wears the crown.

    Barb is the queen of craft,
    She is loveable and daft.
    But doesn't know when to stop,
    But she must or she will drop!

    When Barbara does fly home,
    her professionalism shown.
    She must curl up in bed,
    and with love and soup be fed.

    Then better Barb will be,
    and back with you and me.
    And all of us will cheer,
    And shout – Yo! Barb is here!

  42. Dave, you are a star
    And with poetry will go far.
    I'll attempt a little ditty
    though it probably won't be pretty

    Barb fly home safe and sound
    Plant both feet on the ground
    With Dave your shining knight
    Who aims to see you right

    And in a week or two
    When you've shaken off the flu
    We shall be so pleased to see
    You back on the TV

    This poem's rather poor
    Made my head's a little sore,
    And for now I've had my say
    So will sign off for today

    Take care both! x

  43. Professional hat on and some German rabbit
    This stamps lark is getting to be an addictive habit
    I'll wrap her up warm, & help to weather this virus storm
    And spoil my Valentine back where we cohabit

    Get well x

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