Flowers and Truth

Flowers and Truth

Hello there.
Thanks for stopping by.
Monday’s blog flowers and trees, right?
Just for 10 minutes, let me forget how rough I feel, 
let me pretend everything is fine, 
and let me show you a little arty offering I made just now, using
a couple of stamps from the Floral Figures set.

Well, first of all, I dug out one of my 
Gelli Plate scrap backgrounds, 
which I made recently, using the Jo’s Bubbles Stencil.
Mmm…I thought, that floral circular stamp 
should fit in that circle a treat….
Told ya! I may be ill, but I can see still straight – ish!

So planted the large floral moon using Black Archival,
then used Distress Markers to colour in the delicate flowers.

It was going so well, 
I decided to plant a row of flowers along the blank side.
Coloured them in too.

Then added some Truth.
Been dealing with a taste of that today.
Bit bitter.
Maybe because I’m off colour.
The whole world looks better when we feel better, doesn’t it.

Trimmed the card back to a pleasant size,

added a black Sharpie Pen trim.

Sits quite well on the other half, don’t you think?

Very simple, very quick,
Back to bed for me I’m afraid.
This is really rubbish!
much love,

68 thoughts on “Flowers and Truth

    1. Oh Donna that's no good. It's hard for me being me and in the lot I've been given in life, but it must also be hard for you, and anyone else, having to do a job that isn't ok to go to. Just glad you have craft and on here to help you chill and get away from it for a bit. Hope it improves soon for you xx

  1. This is lovely, but why are you out of bed? Two or three days rest will avoid several weeks of trying to get on top of it. Hope you feel better soon, it's lousy when you have flu so take care of yourself x

  2. Sorry you are still feeling rough Barbara! The floral moon and row of flowers goes really well with the bubbles background and the bit of colouring on the flowers and the added sentiment and sharpie pen outline finish it off beautifully. Now, do rest up! x

  3. Hi Barbara, this is lovely, thank you. I'm amazed, that despite you being so poorly your arty head is still there, coming up with lovely Barbara originals. You are such an inspiring person. I haven't managed to start my Jane art yet, but I have looked out everything in my stamp and stencil stash that could be used for a sea theme. I even managed to think outside the box a wee bit, there's stuff in my wee basket that is totally unrelated to anything near the sea!!! I have 2 completely different ideas, turns out that was the easy part! My head is still trying to work out how I can attempt to get the pictures in my head onto card, and them still looking like what I see in my head!!!
    Take it easy and try to not let any gremlins creep in
    love Brenda xx

  4. Hello Barbara. What on earth are you doing out of bed! You may be feeling rubbish but your artwork never is! We are all thinking of you and hope you get better soon.
    Love and Hugs
    Emma xx

  5. Dear Barb, you are meant to be chillaxing!, I know we all look forward to your daily blog, but if you don't rest up, we will not be able to! Love the artwork, love my new word chain stamps – quite a few of which describe you, now go lay down! Please take care of yourself, and get better soon. Bx

  6. I would like to copy everything Emma Burns has just said. I could not say it better. Get yourself into bed and stay there, otherwise we will send Dave handcuffs etc to tie you down. I know you want to keep up your unbroken record, which is incredible, but just get Dave to put an update on your health each day, like they do with the Royals on Buckingham Palace gates. Give yourself time to recover properly. We do not want to hear of you ending up in hospital with pneumonia as so many have done with this flu bug. BED! NOW! and STAY THERE! You have been told.. Hot drinks, paracetamol, box sets and rubbishy tv – that is my prescription for you for the next two weeks at least. Beautiful card, by the way. xxxx Maggie

  7. Hello Barbara

    What a lovely offering today. I am sure all your followers appreciate your efforts whilst you are feeling so rough. Hope you soon start on the uphill journey to feeling better.


  8. Hello Barbara

    What a lovely offering today. I am sure all your followers appreciate your efforts whilst you are feeling so rough. Hope you soon start on the uphill journey to feeling better.


  9. Hi Barb,
    You didn't take any notice of what I wrote yesterday, did you. What does your mother say? Well you might think it's rubbish, but I don't. The only thing I would change is the word, and the moment I saw the finished work, I thought "Beauty", cos that's what it is, beautiful.
    Now stay in bed, and sleep xxx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Well if this is your idea of rubbish! I think it's really lovely. Clean and simple. I'm so sorry that you are still feeling poorly, but like others have said, why are you still blogging? You should be trying to get better. I like the idea of Dave doing an update of your health which is all important. Take good care of yourself – we don't want to hear of you being taken to hospital with pneumonia or the like?! Take car, love Alison xxx

  11. Amazing card seeing you still are poorly. I agree with all your followers you should stay in bed or lie on the sofa with a duvet and forget your blog until you are well. We'll miss it but better you get well please.xx

  12. Get better soon. Its amazing that you can be so creative even when your I'll, you must have creative juices running through your veins. Big hugs
    Sam xx

  13. Love this offering – the colours are so soft and the stamps are lovely! Can't believe you got out of bed just to do this tho – here's hoping that you feel much better very soon. X

  14. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich freue mich immer wenn ich etwas von dir sehe. Müll, nein so etwas schaffst du doch gar nicht. Egal ob es dir gut geht oder schlecht, es werden immer wunderschöne Werke.
    Aber auch ich möchte nicht das du im Krankenhaus landest. Also bitte, bitte schone dich und bleib in deinem Bett bis du richtig gesund bist.
    Die Gesundheit ist das höchst Gut und wir möchten dich gern noch lange gesund behalten um uns an deinen wundervollen Werken erfreuen zu können und von dir zu lernen.
    Ganz liebe Grüße Hugs Silvi

  15. Hi Barbara. This is lovely with the stamp fitting perfectly into the bubbles. Oh dear, looks like we are going to have to call you 'young lady' ….the shame of it. Go back to bed and do as you are told! A royal announcement from Dave will be perfect whilst you rest and recover. After all, if you were Grace, what would you be telling her? !! Look after yourself and get lots of rest. Love Diane xxx

  16. Nothing you do is ever rubbish, Barbara. And that's the truth 🙂 This is lovely. Great stencil — think I might have to add that one to my list, since there's a special offer on them! I hope you're feeling better soon. Kx

  17. Hello Barbara,
    I´ve just seen, that you are coming to Germany (HSE24) on thursday.
    Do you think you can fly with your flu? ("fly with flu" sounds a little funny but isn´t)
    If you are not feeling well cancel it and stay in bed.
    get well soon
    Rolf xxx

  18. Hi Barbara

    Thank you for leaving your sick bed and blogging a beautiful card. Maybe crafting is a good medicine!

    Hoping you feel better soon. I am on the tailend of whatever it is that is going around, so take loads of rest…..l did!

    Lol Barbara W

  19. Wishing you better. Lovely, pretty card. Thank you for your "stencil/ebosser" tip – it works.
    Must always talk to the organ grinder and not the monkey! Hope that raises a smile.
    Take care, rest and recover
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  20. Use it for this card as it's for a man but I'll,do it for another one. Thank you. Did wonder about putting an S in front of truth!! I'm sure it would be useful for another time lol ! Hope you feel better soon xxxx

  21. this is your body's way of telling you it needs rest and it is enforcing it.
    that background turned out really nicely. simple but so effective. please take care and look after yourself, hugs xx

  22. Now what are you doing out of bed getting arty? Did I say leave your blog for a few days? Yes.
    Did I say go vack to bed and stay there? Yes
    Did u listen? No!!!!
    Naughty girl!! Yes
    Look after yourself and get better soon.
    Great artwork by the way – love those bubbles. Xxx

  23. Crazy lady….stay in bed!! I agree with getting Dave to blog us a health update. Please don't make yourself worse by overdoing it. Do love the card, though.

  24. Hi Barbara. This is a beautiful piece, so simple but so effective, but please take a rest now. Vet Dave….whoops sorry, that should be Doc Dave can keep us informed. How are we going to stop you pushing your body too hard? MaggieC (Silvercrafter) had the idea of Dave handcuffing you to the bed. Not quite sure how you would take that!!!! Thinking of you, please rest. Take care.

  25. Have to put in my stencil order today and Jo's bubbles will certainly be on the list. It's a lovely piece of artwork Barbara, so effective. Hope you are feeling better. Anne x

  26. Hi Barbara, I really hope you are feeling a little better, I'm sending you get well hugs !!
    I adore this stencil and your colours, it is so ethereal and magical, I really have to have this stencil, and the stamps work perfectly with it, love it !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

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