Meet you at the Fountain for a pint…

Meet you at the Fountain for a pint…

Hi there! 

Thanks for stopping by. 
After yesterday’s busy TV Day here in Germany, 
Dave and I had a lazy day in Munich.
The sun was shining on the Marienplatz.
See the little figures which come out to play on the hour?
The Germans were out in force, soaking up the sun and the beer this morning. 
Well, it is Fasching !
Carnival Time!

Bit nippy for sitting outside for us, so we found an underground chocolate heaven:
The Milka Museum!
Dave nearly fell into the Lilac Cow Display, which was mildly amoooosing….

So back out into the bracing sunshine.
Couldn’t help but notice a little gathering around a fountain at the Viktualien Market square…
Puts a completely different spin on the expression, “see you down the Fountain for a pint”
Very literal, eh!
And you can’t miss me – I’ll be wearing Canary yellow tights!!

So there we are. A funny little insight into a sunny Friday in the centre of Munich. 
Now if they could just try to look as if they were having fun! 
See you on the flipside!
Barb xxxx

46 thoughts on “Meet you at the Fountain for a pint…

  1. So pleased that the sun is shining for you both. Hope you're feeling much better. Photos are lovely, gives us a glimpse of Munich also tempts us to go there, you should get commission from the tourist board for your blogs Barbara. Ha ha. xx

  2. Thank goodness you are a bit better and enjoying the trip. I expect it does not take much to make you tired though. Would have to be brave to wear those tights, certainly stand out. Thanks for sharing. Safe trip home. xx

  3. So glad you seem to be on the mend and able to enjoy Munich. Have safe journey home and don't go headlong back into work, we don't want you relapsing! Remember vitamins water pace yourself and rest! Well done on the caring front Dave, you did good! Vanessa

  4. Glad you didn't have to moo-ve too far to find a warm place. Looks like a tasty display, I hope there were some free samples! Well done Dave you have obviously been looking after Barbara well. I have plans for a quiet night in……… maybe I will watch a moo-vie, I love Despicable Me and I bet you can't guess what he steals???……………………….That's right the moo-n!!!!! 😉 XX

    1. I have a whole week off!!!! What bliss, I am watching 'Into The Storm' and eating chocolate at the moment. Although the weather outside is getting very wet and the wind is picking up so now I am planning where to hide in case of a tornado! Xx

    2. That's great, hope you've lots of happy and chill things planned for your week off.
      Hope the tornado /storm stayed inside the telly (we've not had rain for ages, that's not Scotland is it!!!!) xx

  5. Hi Barb,
    Glad you're feeling well enough to do some sightseeing, as well as work on the TV. Mind you, it takes a brave woman to wear tights of that particular shade of yellow. Dave wouldn't lose you, that's for sure haha.
    Safe journey back xxx

  6. Dear All, The patient has responded well to treatment, including a small dose of retail therapy ! However I will say that she may have over done it ! So tomorrow IS a day of rest … We have the Trade Show Sunday/Monday..We are not exhibiting, but have a bit of business to attend to !! Nearly time to fly, thanks for all your concern and kindness.. She'll be fine , if she listens to me ! La la la. xx

    1. I did wonder if a wee bit of retail therapy would help!!!
      Sounds like you're doing a really good job looking after Barbara, well done.
      Let us know if the patient isn't doing as she's told and we'll tell her for you!!!
      And let's all hope that you don't catch it! xx

    2. What a dull place the world would be if we all did as we were told! lol
      (Hope Barbara listened a little bit though to aid her recovery)
      Happy Valentine's Day everyone! xxx

  7. Happy to see you are feeling much better. And weather was really nice in Munich.
    As we say in german: When angels are travelling..
    You and Dave have a nice weekend
    Rolf xxx

  8. Bit of sunshine just what doctor ordered and a nice stroller around glad your on mend so take it slow no rushing back at hundred miles an hour relax slow pace lots love joy xxx

  9. Hi Barbara, glad you managed to enjoy Munich today and that your health is improving. Take it real easy though, and listen to nurse Dave please. Thanks for the photos and bit of fun. No moo jokes to reciprocate, but now you've put chocolate in my head I'm going to have to force myself to join in and have some!!!! love Brenda xx

  10. Look at the beautiful blue sky, was it as crisp as it looks? Am glad you've mixed a personal day with work, you both deserve it xx
    Waiting on the flip side

    Much love

    Kim xx

  11. Hi Barbara and Dave. I was really mooved by your blog and the lovely pictures of Moonic (sorry that's awful!) Glad to see you are looking a bit better Barbara and have managed to enjoy the sunshine and chocolate. Wow those tights, blast from the past there back to the 80's when I had brightly coloured tights and shoes! Thought we were the bees knees didn't we! Have a lovely weekend with lots of rest. Love Diane xxx

  12. Hello Barb, glad to see you had a nice day relaxing with Dave. And sunshine to boot. Please bring some back with you. Hope you are on the mend, but you still need to take care and recover properly. Bx

  13. Hi Barbara. Sorry I haven't commented all week but life has been a bit hectic, ending in our 3rd grandchild arriving yesterday, a gorgeous boy. Sorry, just want to share the miracle of a new life arriving safe and sound : )
    I am glad that you are feeling just a little better, you could have done without having to go to Germany etc though. Please rest up as much as you can.
    Dave, you are as talented as Barabra, I loved your poem, and the cow comments : )
    Please take good care of youselves, both of you. x

  14. Wonderful photos. Love the one of Dave with the old cow! (Sorry – really just trying to be funny…).
    So glad you look definitely human again. Be glad to see you back here again. xx Margaret Col.

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