Date with a Younger Man…

Date with a Younger Man…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Paul Church came round for coffee and croissants this morning.
Dropped off some fabulous artwork for the TV tomorrow.
He is such a good friend.
Knits hats too!
We had a chat about the new Spectrum Aqua Pens, because he used them in a couple of fairy pics, 
and I commented on how lovely his backgrounds were.
So then we had a play, so to speak,
and combined what he had worked out with what I had worked out, and the result was super! Thanks Paul !
Saturday’s blog a new technique.
Now this may be old hat to you, but for me and my set of new Aqua Pens, this was a breakthrough!
Quick, easy and arty.
And no! I’m not talking about Paul!
Here’s a quick, easy and arty technique you may enjoy.
I had to make a special card today anyway, so here goes…
This is the one we sell. Good quality, good price.

Cut a panel, spritz with water,
Spread the water over the card with a big brush.

Scribble a selection of colours into the wet paper.
If the pens get watery, 
run them on a piece of copy paper and carry on!
The colour comes straight back.
Get in close and spritz well with water.

The colour will bleed beautifully.
Use kitchen roll to mop up any puddling.

Speed dry with a heat gun, or leave to air dry.
I have to get a wriggle on, 
because I have an important date
with a hunk of a man!

These are the colours I used…

Time to make the card.
Thought and composition can’t be rushed.

Got it.
Starting at the base,
stamp the little boy from the Wee Folk 2 Set into place.
They’re on the TV tomorrow.
Black Archival ink is best.

Word Chains speak volumes.

Work upwards.
This little lad is great, 
because you can make it look as though he is placing the letters.
I love that. He is in control.

Space out the words as you go up.

He may be mine,
but he’s not mine to keep.

That said, wherever he goes,
he’ll always be my boy, won’t he.

That’s one thing which is indisputable. 
Needs a little grounding.
Needs to get his feet planted.

So he’s off to live in California, where the sun shines.
Lucky lad leaves Thursday.

But now I have an important date.
Time to go watch him play his last rugby game 
for Crowborough this year.
Wouldn’t miss it for the world.
See you tomorrow maybe!
much love,

55 thoughts on “Date with a Younger Man…

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  1. Good luck to Mark and I hope he scores! Lovely technique Barb, I don't have the pens but I do have the Aqua Tints, hopefully I can recreate this using them. Good luck to you and your fairies tomorrow, they look marvellous. I will be watching x

  2. Ahh Barbara, I can feel your sorrow. You have to let them live their lives though, and it's good that you've given him the confidence to fly so far from the nest. But I suppose California offers a better lifestyle than wet and miserable old Blighty. Fab card, thanks for the inspiration. I've had my SN aqua pens for a while but haven't used them yet. Same for word chains. I've also got both sets of see folk, again, still unused. I think tomorrow I will give this technique a go. Enjoy your rugby match, come on Crowborough!!! x

  3. Hi Barb,
    I've just bought 3 of the packs of these pens but not had a chance to play with them yet, so this is just the inspiration I needed. Love what you have done with the background and also the finished result – I'm sure Mark will treasure it. Hope he has a great game. I've set the recorder for tomorrow so I don't miss anything! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. – I'm sure it will all be brilliant! Love Alison xx

  4. Fab card and of course he will always be your boy. No matter where they go or how big they get he will always be that. Looking fwd to the show. Hope you are enjoying the rugby and hope they win. Xxx

  5. Hi Barbara, lovely artwork, I have the aqua markers but not used them much yet. Some thing you just said in your blog struck a chord with me, 'word chains speak volumes'. A young man has recently started to coming to the craft club I run. He is every enthusiastic and lives with his Grandma and Grandad, This week, I got out the word chain stamps for the class to use to finish off their card. He brought his to me and he had stamped the words 'Always Love Your Family', I commented what a lovely sentiment, and he simply replied 'well its true, you should always love your family'. It made me think how luck I am to have my Son at home with me. Wishing Mark lots of success in California, I know you will miss him, but he knows he can always come home to see his lovely mum. Looking forward to tomorrows show with all your fabulous demos and samples from your lovely design team. Craft Hugs Karen xxx

  6. He'll always be your boy, just as you are your mum and dad's girl! Enjoy the last rugby match, and thanks for sharing such a fab technique with us. I have some other watercolour pens and might have a go myself as I just got some wee folk from you last week. Good luck with the shows tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to them. Susan x

  7. What a lovley cute card no matter where your grown up children are they will always be with you in heart I love the wee folk they are fantastic to use got tomorrow's show on record don't want to miss anything xxx

  8. Hello Barb, what a fabulous card, and I am sure it will be treasured, they grow up, but never forget where Mum is. Hope his rugby went well, and so looking forward to tomorrows show, will definitely see you, can't wait to see what Churchie has produced. Bx

  9. Fabulous, really like the background, looks great the sentiments say it all! Wish Mark love and luck from us!cant wait to see you on TV tomorrow!Wxx

  10. I hope his last game was a good one. Kids come and go all the time if our family is anything to go buy, One of my nieces now actually is working in her office from her Mam's house – it used to be our Margaret's Sewing room!! Things change all the time. Keep yer pecker up lass. xxxxx LOL Sam

  11. Love that watercolour pen background Barbara and the sentiment is spot on! Mark might be flying the nest for the second time but with a great Mum like you he will always be back!. x

  12. Good afternoon Barbara, hope the rugby went well, and I know you are going to miss Mark.
    Well would you believe that Jane and me have just watched our Linda demonstrate the Spectrum Aquas…and yes we bought the set…really looking forward to playing with them…you have given me a starting place..just perfect…thanks….Jo. XX

  13. Lovely, lovely artwork. I have a brilliant boy too – he is a firefighter and a rugby player too! He is near but we still worry about him. Enjoy your brilliant boy. Looking forward to tomorrow. My colleagues at work, worked out your text speak – you are so naughty but funny!
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  14. H Barb,
    Just remember you are still your mam and dad's child, just as Mark is yours. Their ache when you left home is just the same as yours is now, and you came back, just a Mark and Grace will when the time is right. Or you will eventually go with Dave to them.
    I'm looking forward to tomorrow to see what treats you have in store. I've got all the equipment ready for the Granddaughters to make their Mother's Day cards and to draw while I'm watching you – clever, or what??!!
    Maureen xx

  15. This is such a poignant little tag and a great bookmark for your Mark to take with him. Distance from loved ones can be so heartbreaking. My son's baby is due in a few weeks and I won't be able to drive the 300 miles to visit because of my back surgery and i would dearly love to be there to give him a hug and say how proud I am of him. But his sister is nearby and he knows how proud I am that he is able to provide a little house for his new family and has risen to the challenge.
    I'm sure that you were the proudest mum on the touchline today and even though there'll be tears of sadness there'll also be tears of pride for your little boy is now a man. Sending hugs from one mum to another xx

  16. Just lost my comment to cyber space. Trying again. Great card & background. Haven't got the aqua markers have to put it on my list. Our 6 year old grand-daughter has come down today as her brother has to have day surgery at our hospital, so while they are away we've been making him a card using the wee people, love them. Hope you've enjoyed the rugby just saw the results, brilliant!!! He'll will always be your boy and he'll be back to visit his lovely mum.xx

  17. Lovley background Barbara. I've been thinking about these pens – I guess that's another thing on my wish list. So pleased Mark's team won today. I know you'll miss him and he'll be a long way from home, he will though, be forever in your heart. Have a safe trip to Peterborough. Hugs xx

  18. Beautiful composition. And yes, wherever they go, whatever they do, they will always be our little boys! And whats more,be assured, they always come back! Not for good maybe, but that old saying 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' is one of the truest I know!! xx

  19. Hi Barbara
    I'm sure you'll miss Mark but he will always be your boy and you his loving mother,he's a lucky boy.
    Lovely technique I don't have these markers may buy in the future haven't seen enough of them in use yet.Looking forward to tomorrows show and have seen the new stamps very nice.

  20. Oh Barbara…. Its like you've been using your sixth sense again and a bit of telepathy thrown in! Our Linda was demoing these today! Jo and I went up to see her and she did such a fab job that both of us came away with a bag full of goodies including the pens! I wasn't going to buy anything!!!! And here you are using them to make a fantastic background! I'll have to try that technique now!
    Glad Mark's team won on his final game with them! Good luck to him in the future…I'm sure it'll be a bright one! Love and hugs! Xxx

  21. Hi Barbara Love this background and the final picture with the little boy, it's so sweet. As others have said your son will always be your son no matter how far away and he will always know where mum and home are when he needs time out. I know how sad you must be that they are both so far away but I am sure you have a plan an a flight planned when he is settled. Glad rugby went well today, what a final treat. Lovely to see Paul Church too, hope he's keeping well. Looking forward to your demos tomorrow. Been to farnborough craft show today, I know you used to go many moons ago. I know you have so much on your plate now and the TV tomorrow too so you can't make all the shows – would you like me to run a Clarity stand for you next year 🙂 enjoy your evening and safe trip to Peterborough. Love Diane xxx

  22. Hello Barbara. What a fantastic card for your special boy. I don't have any special boys just amazing girls – four of them. They don't get quite so muddy but still have plenty of washing! Love the Aqua pens and the stamps. See you tomorrow. Have fun. xx Margaret Col.

  23. Love my Spectrum Aqua pens ~ love this background too ~ they do blend and work together so brilliantly. Best thing I bought so far this year, I think.
    Looking forward to the morning ~ will be ready and waiting with a Sunday breakfast of Stollen buns and cups of kwah~fee ~~~Deb

  24. Brilliant, great background. Lots of hugs then for Mark between now and Thursday. He will always be your boy and sure to be back to see his mum as often as he can. Hope match was good. xx

  25. As I love making my own backgrounds this is particularly interesting to me. I have 3 of the spectrum aqua sets, early birthday present from my mum and dad, lucky me. I definitely need the wee folk and more of the word sets. Looking forward to tomorrow x

  26. Well that was a dirty game of rugby! Good job you don't have to wash the lot…

    Thanks for another lovely blog. I'll be taping tomorrow as were off to London for the Fawlty Towers dining experience! Heaven knows what to expect but will know I have your show to look forward to later on!

  27. I shall be there, bright and early tomorrow, with breakfast and coffee ready to watch. Can't wait to see those wee fairies. That is a great card for Mark and I am sure he will be back soon. Have a great show tomorrow. xxxx Maggie

  28. Aww Barbara, I can feel you really hurting inside, I'm so sorry your boy is about to fly off so far away. Thank you for showing us his special card, it's lovely. Every time you demo something that's not like it is in real life it's helping chip away at my numpty brain that won't let me do artistic license! I like it when I see yours and other art that's not as it looks in real life, but for me to try, my brain is having none of it, so far! Good luck for tomorrow's show, just about to set the recorder so I don't forget. Let's see if I can beat last months record of seeing only a few minutes worth of you live before falling asleep again!!!!

    Glad mark's team won and by so much, a special memory for you all to keep in our hearts. Not so for us today :-(, but I guess you can never have enough wooden spoons, eh!!!! And next year we can't do any worse

    Take care Love Brenda xx

  29. Brilliant card for saying something individual and it fits so well because Mark won the game.
    You are a clairvoyant, Barbara.
    Good luck for the show today
    Rolf xxx

  30. Beautiful card card Barbara for your beautiful boy. Like you say he will always be your boy! Also it will give you somewhere nice to visit, always look on the bright side. Xx
    Looking forward to The show. Xx
    Amanda xx

  31. Stunning card Barb, hope the game goes well. I can feel your sadness that your son is going by this post, he will always be there even if its just a plane ride away. Its just so far away isn't it? If he is happy that's what matters and you have given him good grounding I am sure.
    Give him our love and look to the future, lots of holidays in sunny California, can't be bad lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  32. Liebe Barbara,
    Deine Sendung war umwerfend!!!!
    Wir haben bei Dir sofort bestellt. Das sind allerliebste Motive.
    Vielen Dank dafür.
    Schönen Sonntag.
    Liebe Grüße

  33. It's Sunday now Barb, but no post, though I understand why. Mist the first 15 mins of your show, but ordered the stamp with circular tulips yesterday, so not too worried. I don't think you would have had chance to demo before I switched on, so I'm going to look this afternoon just in case you demo them in that one. I loved them all, but under financial constraints!

  34. Hi Barb
    I am very late as well. The background is wow and not too challenging for me. I have a pile of watercolour paper at the ready. I have recorded your show for later. My special boy is off to work in Portugal and Spain. Not as far as California but far enough. I have just made his last Sunday roast for a while.
    X Chris

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