Away with the Fairies!

Away with the Fairies!

Hi there!
Thanks for dropping in!
Sunny Sunday here in Sussex; 
now yesterday, when we were watching Crowborough play Tunbridge Wells, 
it was dreadful weather.
Absolute mudbath!
Mark is the one down on one knee, getting ready for a scrum. 
See the lone lad below in the background here? That’s Gus. No. 8. 
He’s our newest Stamp maker at Clarity, 
and he is such a lovely lad. 
Huge !! Only 20 years old, and ever so quiet. 

At least they won. 17-0. 
It’s got to suck when you get that coated in mud, and lose! 
So I soaked the kit in the sink first, 
and now it’s on its first machine wash. Yummy!
One eye on the England – Ireland rugby game here just now. 
I can’t watch. The Irish are all over them. 
Anyway, this morning on the TV, I showcased some really excellent A5 Stencils. 4 Natural Accents.
I had prepared another demo with Grunge Paste, but then decided it was too complex to do on the box. 
So here it is:
I dragged some Grunge Paste through the leafy stencil. Just randomly, 
around the edge of a sheet of Designer Paper. 
Do you know, I paid £1.08 for this sheet! 
I must be mad! Especially because I bought about 10 of the same design! 
Long Live the Gelli Plate. Make your own!!
Let it dry and clean the stencil in war soapy water.
Once the Texture Paste has set, replace the stencil and add some Frayed Burlap with a Stencil Brush.
Iced Spruce (fab colour!) with a make up sponge next. 
Rub the colour into the texture paste.
Now this is where I threw caution to the wind and brushed Black Soot over the lot.
So what was the point of the other colours? I hear you ask.  
And do you know what? I asked myself the very same question. 
Wipe some of it off with a damp baby wipe…
Well let’s get a fairy out 
and perch her on the stencilwork for inspiration.
The Wee Folk Fairies and Elves flew out this morning!
If you’ve got a Squeezed Lemonade Distress Pad, bingo. 
Load a brush and dust back and forth over the Grunge Paste.
Add some flowers and bluebells with the Black Archival. 
Time to add a little hunky elfie! Makes you smile and gives you a chance to work out where you’re going with the leaves!
I’ve got it! 
Use a little fine sand paper to rub some of the darkness away, 
Then use a craft blade 
and scratch in highlights along the Grunge Paste edge.
Now that’s starting to look less spooky!
That Squeezed Lemonade is a great ink pad. 
I just ran it round the edges with a little blending sponge. 
It lifts a lot of the darkness from the Grunge Paste, 
but leaves the black in the cracks.
I mounted the artpiece on black card, then on white card, 
and then stepped away from it.
Liked it, but also decided that it was a bit too grungy for the TV, 
if you know what I mean.
So now it’s your turn. 
What’s his name? 
What’s her name? 
Do they know each other? 
What’s he saying to her??
I think he’s Irish. 
I think he’s saying, 
“I shall ask you one more time Molly. 
Where did you put the TV remote at Half-Time?”
And she’s saying, 
” I shall tell you as soon as you promise 
to put that shelf up. TODAY.”

Read it out loud with an Irish accent, go on!
I love these little people, these Wee Folk!
And judging be the way they’re whizzing round the country, you do too!
Tired now. 
Have a great Sunday, 
and thanks for spending this morning with me if you did xxxx
Much love,

66 thoughts on “Away with the Fairies!

  1. Hi Barbara
    Lovely card and it would have been a great demo on TV not to grungy at all.Enjoyed the show this morning and all the stamps and stencil are gorgeous but I do have a favourite,the birds.
    Enjoy your afternoon watching the rugby.

  2. Great show this morning and more inspiration for us all. Now I will have to decide which ones to buy. Just watched the England-Ireland match!! Better luck next time England. I remember washing rugby kits covered in mud!! Mmmm not easy to clean. Love your Blogs Barbara.

  3. Hello Barbara. I definitely think Ireland deserved to win this afternoon. Great show this morning and I've ordered the birds and the stencils and will have huge fun with both. Not used to putting people in my pictures, must give it a go as the wee folk are sitting here looking at me feeling quite neglected. Have a good rest now. Love Margaret Col.

  4. Great show Barbara. I love the new flower stamps. Missed the first half of the rugby as we were at our daughters house for lunch but saw most of second half. Good luck with the rugby kit, bet you won't miss that when Mark goes back to the States (although I'm sure you'd rather put up with the muddy kit and have him closer!)
    Gayle x

  5. Great stamps and fabulous show Barbara, loved playing with these sets xx

    I think Ernie the Elf is saying to his beloved Fairy, Francesca, "You know I always put you on a pedestal darling, now could you come down and get some food ready for dinner please?"

  6. Oh Barbara! That's Yasmin who wants everything yellow! And her friend is Eric!!!! Eric the Elf! Haha! Sorry! My year 9 think I'm mad too!!!

    Loved the show today and I'm not surprised these sold out!
    So now you can enjoy the rugby and a bit of me time!!!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  7. This is so very cool, at least her name isn't Mary and his Harry… These wee folks are amazing, what will be next? Your two hours were fantastic,good job! Love this card…xxx

  8. Well I missed the TV…but it's recorded for 'me ' time! Hope you enjoy your 'me' time.
    It's got to be Romeo and Juliet except Romeo is saying.." Go on Juliet, you can do it , give those wings a try!"

  9. You know, people pay a fortune to be covered in mud like that in a spa!
    Overall, a great weekend for the rugby ~ unless you follow poor old Scotland ~~~ that was traumatic for sure.
    Love the silhouettes, not something I'd ever considered until I saw how you use them. Brrrrrilliant!

  10. Great show today, loved it. What I want to know though is how you could tell who was who on the rugby pitch as they were all caked in mud – I can't even distinguish the different coloured club colours! Still I dare say it was good for their complexions if not the washing machines. xxx

  11. Too Grungy?? Nope I don't know what you mean!!! I love it. Been trying to upload photos to my blog all day, so am just about to unplug my laptop, Ipad's and IPhone because that's full and dead too after being charged up twice. So he is saying to her "do you want to play 50 shades"? and she says "yep you bag and tie em all up and I will get the hammer, or should that be a whip"??? Great show today Barbara, and good demoes too, especially the last one, loved. it. xxx Sam

  12. Hello Barbara

    Love your blog today. Don't usually do grunge but liked this. Will watch your show tomorrow with a very dear friend who always tapes the shows as I am at work.


  13. Hello Barbara

    Love your blog today. Don't usually do grunge but liked this. Will watch your show tomorrow with a very dear friend who always tapes the shows as I am at work.


  14. Hi Barbara I really enjoyed your show today and wasn't surprised the stamps flew out the door as they are fabulous – love these stencils too. Hope your toe is getting better – I was tempted to email in and say show us your footwear Barb, but thought I'd better not. There were lots of hints and tips in your show too which is always so useful so thank you. Yes how do you know who is who on the pitch when they all look the same mud colour.??? Your poor washing machine! I wouldn't know where to start getting that lot clean!!! Hope you enjoyed the rugby, even though the England result wasn't good. Have a lovely restful evening. Take care love Diane xxx
    Oh yes I think it's felicity fairy and enrol elf and he's saying'do you know where my rugby kit is? And she's saying' well did you take it out of your bag after the game last week!!!!'

  15. Great show today Barbara. Fab demos as always. Love this card too.

    I think she's asking if her wings make her bum look big and he's trying really hard to think of the correct answer! 🙂

  16. Watched the first part of the show and have taped the whole. Looking forward to seeing the demos. I always learn something new and/or am inspired to try a new technique. Some lovely goodies; hard to make a choice. Well done, and thank you. Jan x

  17. Liebe Barbara, wunderschön !
    Ich kann es gar nicht abwarten, diese tollen Stempel und
    Stencil zugeschickt zu bekommen.
    Vielen Dank.
    Liebe Grüße

  18. Twas a real fine show – you were making me laugh up and down to your boxes – so very you Barbara – I love the fairy folk and can't wait to get my sets of them – I already have the wee folk who can adapt to so many occasions so the fairies will be just the same!
    Now to names – I absolutely love the male fairy who stands so commanding with his arms folded – Oberon and Titania from Midsummer Nights Dream I think for me!!! and I am no real Shakespeare person but I do feel he is Oberon!!
    Hope young Marks kit is all nicely clean – did it pass the Persil test or was it Aerial ??? Do you remember that advert?
    Much much love
    Kim x

  19. Great show Barbara – I'm not surprised so many stamps flew out the door, they're all gorgeous!! I think the fairy is called Faith and the elf is Endeavour and he is saying "now you know I don't mind you borrowing my things, but what have you done with my shaving foam?" She replies with a tinkling laugh "it's created lots of fab backgrounds for my Claritystamps!" Enjoy your evening. Hugs xx

  20. Fantastic show again – enjoyed every second! Put my order in early as I knew there'd be a sell out.

    My fairy has attitude whilst my elf is a tad forward (and it's all said in broad Scots; Eck is a Scottish contraction of Alex/Alec and Mary-Doll as in Rab C Nesbitt)

    Elfin' Eck
    "Hiya fairy doll Mary-Doll,
    Hoo's aboot slippin' doon aff that leaf,
    Slippin' aff they wings an'
    Slippin intae somethin' a bit mair comfortable?"

    " See you, Elfin' Eck!
    Not on your Nellie
    Ony mair cheek
    Ye'll nae hae yer sorrows tae seek
    But a well-placed boot frae ma wellie!

    Well I had fun making this up!

  21. I'm just watching the shows from this morning dos I had to record them. Shame I missed out on the new stencils I will be checking out your website for them later.
    Jackie x

  22. Hi Barb,
    Great shows this morning and so pleased that everything Beas so well received with sell outs. I think my favourites were the tulip set and the row of birds. You had some fantastic samples and I think Andy was well impressed! Congratulations bto you and the Design a Team. I've already got some of the stencils and I love them. Looking at the rugby photos all I can say is thank goodness it's not me washing the kit!! Good luck on that one! Hope your toe is getting better. Love Alison xx

  23. Hi Barb
    The show was brilliant, you were brilliant and the samples were brilliant. Well done you and your design team. I must get over to the Clarity shop and choose my stamps, masks and card. I feel a big spend coming on. Lots of Spring projects in my head so all I have to do is get them out! My gremlins are called Layzee & Bonesy. The took up residence when I retired. There are two more waiting to move in called Unfinished & Projects. I am hoping that the Wee Fairies will help with the eviction.
    X Chris

  24. Love it and loved your show today. Well. esmeralda is saying to pickles !if you think I gonna wash that lot you got another think comming!!!xx

  25. Hi Barbara Shows were great as always loving the wee fairies and the birds held ma breath when the mangle went a bit iffy for a minute but turned out ok,,I think Mary is saying… What you looking at buster…..Eric replies .. Oh your so sexy when your grungy… xx

  26. Hi Barbara, I've managed to watch some of your show, glad to see you looking and sounding much better. Hope your toe wasn't too painful doing all that standing. Brilliant show, the new stamps and stencils and the 2 demos I've seen so far, as well as your design team samples, thank you. How on earth did the guys get that muddy in the space of 80 minutes? I used to do orienteering, a bit of caving, all sorts of outdoor stuff, got plenty wet, (especially when windsurfing, he,he ;-)) but never got that muddy, not even when it rained for a week at guide camp! Good luck getting that kit clean!!!

    The best scenario I can come up with for your fairies is that they are just starting out together, been looking for somewhere to build their home and the girl has just said to her guy "this is where you've to build my craft room" (Rubbish try, sorry, but my imagination is not much better than my poetry skills!!!)

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Caving! You are braver than me! I would hate the thought of getting lost in a cave system……… the dark………..underground…….giving me shivers just thinking about it! Hope you visit from Nicola went well. XX

    2. Hi Donna, the caving was with the school, and when it was the schools 25th birthday there was all sorts of sponsored stuff going on, so our senior outdoor group decided we'd go back to the caves and do a sponsored 25 hour cave-in, bearing in mind the batteries to our head lamps didn't last that long!!!! It was brilliant, loved it! Not so much the walking through the freezing flooded part (we did that at the very end) as I was too wee and had to swim instead of walk! But the lads were good, they let me hang on to them and helped pull me through :-). I did rock climbing and abseiling too, tied to rope, not free rock climbing, not brave enough for that!!! 🙂 Wish I still could do something, I'm soooo desperate to even just go back to Glen Affric, I loved it up there, and for years I was told that was very doable, and about 2-3 years ago it was meant to happen, but that was all part of the huge bad stuff that's gone on to do with my support service, that I started discovering what and the extent of a couple of years ago. It's the only time I ever felt proper free inside – windsurfing, up a munro, in the middle of nowhere and I'm soooo desperate just for that wee bit respite.

      I wasn't very well the day Nicola was here, but I got a wee bit done in the garden and I talked her through moving and dividing the plant I needed done, a proper bonus for Nicola as she's just learning for her own new garden. Nicola doesn't drink tea /coffee but I had made some of my own recipe banana flapjacks for her coming that she loooves so she tucked in to them to warm herself up 🙂 We talked a lot, or I should say I talked a lot, getting lots of stuff out, mostly insignificant stuff, but I never get the chance to do just normal talk. So we never got much else done from the lists of stuff which upset me, but Nicola was trying to reassure me it's important I get to talk about whatever is in my head too. She's off again this week – trying to make sure she doesn't lose holidays again this year! I'm supposed to be doing the garden again this Wednesday with the new worker, but we're forecast for snow, kind of hoping it does, don't feel much like it, she's been making mistakes (big stuff) that really shouldn't have happened that even Nicola is struggling to understand why they did, and I'm still feeling extra ill, so we'll see.

      I'm hoping to spend tomorrow afternoon having a play to see if I can work out how to make the first part of my Jane art, if I can get my chore done today there's nothing else I'll need to do tomorrow. Have you started your Jane art mark II yet?!!!

      hope things are ok with you, love Brenda xx

    3. Are such a shame you didn't feel 100% when Nicola came, I'm sure you still liked having a bit of company. No tea or coffee! How is that possible? I love a good cup of tea, and with a slice of homemade flapjack sounds like heaven! Brrrr very cold and windy here today but I don't think any snow is forecast. Hoping we miss it this year always makes travelling tricky. Hope you got your chores done so you have time to play with your arty project. Mine is still only looking good in my head as I have other things that I need to finish before I can get my head around starting anything new. Now, very important question…………….how well do you think banana flapjacks will travel down to Kent? ;). Xx

    4. In this weather, nae bother a taw!!!! 🙂
      Chore done, no excuse now for tomorrow, as long as I can get up – too messy to do in bed!!! I think even after my play it will still be only in my head that my artwork will be looking good!!!! xx

  27. fab shows today. great idea to jazz up paper especially ones that you don't really like. don't think i would do it to papers i love though.
    have a well earned rest, hugs xx

  28. All that mud! I bet it took a couple of washes to clean it all. Love the grungy look of this really shows the stencil off. I think Will the Elf is telling his daughter Eva to come down and clean her room, she isn't listening to him because she is dreaming of a far off land full of handsome Elves who will dance with her all night in a moonlit glade. Very whimsical! Great show today, couldn't watch live but recorded it so I could watch later, loved all the DT cards and the demos. XX

  29. Hi Barb,
    The Sunday's you are on C&C are sacrasant in our house and I told my Granddaughters when they came yesterday afternoon for a sleepover last night that I'd be watching you at 9 a.m. and would not be pestered for anything. I got all their (my) craft stuff out so they could make Mother's Day cards and would not bother me. Well George lay in bed and snored for England. I gave the girls their breakfast, made toast, peeled apples got their drinks and only missed the first 1hr 20mins. Then he got up so I scuttled upstairs to watch you in peace. Then my daughter and her husband arrived, so I saw you in total for 5 minutes.
    I've been in a hell of a mood all day BUT I did get the oldest gorgeous girl to record your show for me, so when she shows me how to play it back I'll be able to see what I've missed!!!
    I love the fairies, and your scenario, but I think she's saying "look here Buster, laze around again like that when Barb is on, and you'll be sorry" in a Geordie accent!!!
    Maureen xx

  30. Not sure how they managed to work out who was playing on which team, all that mud they looked the same. I did wonder where you were going with this card but hey looks great. We have had a lovely day, family meal this evening, celebrating our daughter's 40th Birthday. Oh dear poor girl., I keep telling people her age but she does not look it. Fab family time, xx

  31. These wee folk are so much fun and I love these new magical sets. I'll be putting in an order with Clarity so that should keep Gus busy for a wee bit longer. This morning's show was very entertaining!! Particularly when you had your derriere to camera asking "now where's my Shabby Shutters?" The DT samples were so beautiful and showed your wonderful new stamps off to perfection and your demos were packed with helpful tips and techniques.
    As to your lovely blog scene; well I think that little Miiss Twinkle Toes Barbs is sitting there admiring her nails and swinging her dainty ankles at handsome Elfin farmer Dave saying
    "Hey Gorgeous! Would you like to take a peak at my Shabby Shutters and maybe try my Picked Raspberry?"
    "No thank Twinkle" says Dave, "I'm still busy looking for that Elfin biro!"

    Lots of love
    Jeanette xx

  32. Awesome show, I was glued! I love the fairy wee folk, the big flowers and the line of birds! Ooh not forgetting all the stencils! You sure are spoiling us! xxx

  33. great show today ,enjoyed every minute.
    I think Phoebe is saying to Ernie
    "if you think I'm coming down to wash your kit, think again"
    or maybe "I'm not coming down until you give me my biro back"
    talk about a Fairy with attitude

  34. Another fabulous show Barbara. Just catching up with everything. Missed part of the show as poor sickly hubby needed attention…so glad for sky record…Fabulous Wee Fairies…sooo looking forward to my Clarity Happy Post. The A Team once again showing marvellous art work. Right bath and bed for me as some serious crafting to do tomorrow ( I have a couple of orders to do on the back of my Design Team piece) Sleep tight. xx

  35. Hello Barb, what a fab card, the wee folk fairies and elves are just stunning. Still have to finish catching up on the 2nd part of the show, everything I did see was great, the demos, and the fabulous art work from the design team. Rather you than me washing kit that is that muddy, at least they won, better than the England/Ireland travesty. Have a great day. Bx

  36. Great shows barb love the little people a must for me. I remember the kit washing well my son john would dump his at the back door along with his friends kit will you wash it mum his mum dosnt like muck brilliant !!!!!!i was glad when he became professional the club washed em love June horrocks xxxxx

  37. Great show yesterday as usual. Love the fairies, stencils and especially the flowers, tulips and birds. Made me laugh when you couldn't find a biro. Blog is brilliant, poor you having to get that kit clean. How on earth could you make out who was who with them all caked in mud. They looked like chocolate men. Ha! ha! Glad they won. Make the most of your time with your lad Mark. I think the fairy is Ethel and the elf is Ron, she says to him Ooh Ron, what have you done with myyy biro. He says: I haven't had it Ethel you must have lost it when you decided to leaf me. Oh well! Can you remember the Glums Barb.

  38. Very funny! Caught myself obeying you and reading out Molly's reply!! What a teacher from afar.The programme was absolutely fabulous – even the camera shots of your bum! (sorry)
    I then went to do some crafting, after having spent all my overtime pennies. Well I put things down, lost them and gave up and watched a rerun of you. Thank you for a great afternoon.
    Best wishes
    Anne (Reading)

  39. Brilliant two hours yesterday Barbara & I have them recorded so can watch all over again. Love today's artwork, really beautiful. Congratulations on being able to tell all the rugby players apart when they are all the same shade of brown (Vintage Photo??). Pat x

  40. Oh my – don't envy you washing that kit! You will miss Mark when he flies off, but I'm sure that's one less chore that won't be missed!!! Great shows today, despite those naughty fairies and elves making off with your ink pads, pencils and biro.
    I think Madame Bluebell is sitting on the leaf looking down her nose at Elfin Grumps – he does look very fed up with his arms crossed, and is saying "you'd best make up with worka and hollick if you're going to get this garden straight ready for the in-laws". Susan x

  41. Just caught up on a recording of the show, amazing. xxx. Hate washing all that gear, at least you did not have to do the whole team. It was a super match.

  42. Unfortunately I missed your show but will watch the repeat over at C & C. I love the leafy stencil and the paste and the inks make the leaves jump from the paper. Those elves and fairies are so cute too. It was just fantastic that Mark's team won for his last match but with all that mud how do they identify one another! Glad I didn't have to wash that kit. With the Ireland/England match in mind I think the fairy called Erin is saying to the elf George. "I know it seems unfair but I did win, so I will be staying up here until you redeem yourself!" well, that's the best I can do. x

  43. Here I am in Lanzarote, reading the 'Blog' and wanting to play Grunge! Still the sun is out and
    It's nice and warm. Crafting will wait till I get home.

  44. I can't believe how 3 D this looks – I keep going back to look! I think it's Dad saying I said the naughty step not the naughty stalk! Lovely paper, stamps and effect! Hope the kit cleaned up,eventually! Xxx

  45. LOL, I love the show, new wee folk fairies and elves and the beautiful flower stamps. . I have to admit I too had a bit of a giggle at the shabby shutters, the tv shots and the biro! You handle things so well. The fairy actually reminds me of my mother refusing to get down off her kitchen surfaces last night after mobilising half of Salford to deal with a very tiny mouse that her cat Pilchard had brought in! I believe I might well have had very broad shoulders and hands on my hips as I was trying to reason that she couldn't possbily sleep on those surfaces! Pichard came up trumps, recaptured the mouse and took it outside. Drama averted.

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