Advent Day No. 17 and some fresh snow…

Advent Day No. 17 and some fresh snow…

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Wednesday already ! Oh boy! Christmas Eve is looming fast here, and I haven’t written a card yet!!!
I am rubbish, I really am. 
What an ambassador for a stamp company!
But this evening I shall get my act together….

Here’s a little Christmas offering, in anticipation of this Big Freeze which is supposed to be descending on us in January. 
Hands up who believes it….

Used a Deckle-edged die, 
which is very unusual for me, 
but doesn’t it make for a good starting place!

Tore a piece of copy paper with a little recess in it –
she has a plan!

Loaded up a Clarity Stencil Brush with Denim Adirondack and brushed in a dark blue night sky. 

Used the same copy paper to bury the wheels of the Christmas car even deeper in the snow.

Isn’t this a super little stamp?
It was November’s New Design Club Stamp.
If you aren’t in the club, you may want to consider joining today. 
The subscription is reduced for the month of December.
You can back order issues, you know!

Very lightly pencil in the car tracks.
Dust the blue stencil brush over the whole picture now.

Magic ingredient: a white wax crayon.
Bring out the snow.

Use your finger to polish the wax and add more whiteness. 

 In the sky too.

Now add a little falling snow with a white fineline pen.
Sometimes I have to go over the same spot twice.

Mount on quality card.
Add a little colour to the car. I usedcolouring pencils.
Spectrum Noirs. They are waxy too.

Very easy. Quite Atmospheric. 

I hope you like it. 
The white wax crayon certainly works well!

59 thoughts on “Advent Day No. 17 and some fresh snow…

  1. Love it, Barbara!!! I wish I had a fraction of your talent! It's hard to believe you've done that with one inkpad and a white crayon. Hhhmmmm….maybe I should raid the grandchildrens' colouring box……. 😀 Have a good day xx

  2. Love the wax crayon effect! Promised myself I'd wrap presents after dinner last night but fell asleep on the sofa instead! What a waste of an evening! Oh well, there's always this evening instead!

  3. love that effect with the crayon. If only there easy enough time left. For the first year ever, i have had to buy Christmas cards s I haven't made enough due to working full time now. I will need to start making next years sooner!

  4. Hello Barbara,

    The end result is fabulous. I followed the technique in my head until the introduction of the white crayon. Then I lost it. Lol. I will have to try it to see how you do it.


  5. Hello Barb, this is absolutely amazing, what an incredible way to get such a great image. Your inspiration is just wonderful, thank you. I am also glad to see I am not the only "naughty" crafter having to buy Christmas cards, but the last 5/6 months has just been horrid with Mum in law being ill, and work being very pressurised. I am still hoping to make a couple of handmade ones. Take care all. Bx

  6. Live it in blue truly a beautiful stamp was so pleased with it . I just have few cards to write the new stamps made writing cards out so much better so glad o got them no scribbled writing x

  7. Hi Barbara Oh this is wonderful you really feel the car struggling up the track. I wasn't sure about the car when it came but now I've seen this I know what to do. Thank you for sharing this technique . One to play with next year. Have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  8. Hi Barbara. Playing catch up so haven't even watched the Christmas Jumper video yet. Will do later today while writing cards! You are certainly not the only one running late : )
    Wow, todays card is a real stunner, just one stamp, an ink pad and a white crayon! You can feel the crispness of the night….brilliant. I must have a go at this. Take care.

  9. Wow, I am going to have a go, it is stunning. Good luck with your cards, I hate writing them so I invested in one or your personalised stamps with all the family names on. Wonderful !!
    Have a lovely day xx
    Maria M x

  10. Hallo Barbara,

    das ist ja wirklich wieder traumhaft toll geworden.
    Vielen Dank für die Anleitung.

    Dir und deiner Familie wünsche ich eine schöne ruhige Weihnachtszeit und alles Gute und viel Kreativität für das nächste Jahr.

    Liebe Grüße
    Sabine aus Siegen

  11. Looks absolutely great, atmospheric and frosty, Barbara, and I thought immediately "Driving home for Christmas"… One of the Christmas songs I can hear often…
    Rolf xxx

  12. Wow! excellent. Will definitely have a go but I know I wont get mine to look like that !! I'm going to start next Christmas's cards in this break …….she says….. but after Ma

    Wow ! a great effect and technique which I'm going to have a try at but mine wont be that good I know that before I start! I'm going to see if I can start next Christmas's cards in this break! ha! ha!

  13. Wow, Tres Bien, Brilliant, Wunderbar. You just keep these tips and tricks coming. What would we do without you.
    I copied what you did for the Christmas Jumper set yesterday. Love that too. I did give you credit on my blog as it was your idea. Thank you for sharing. Hugs x
    Thank you for sharing

  14. What a lovley card, and as you say, very atmospheric. Think the car stamp will definitely be on our back order list after Christmas. Must try the effect you got using a white wax crayon, does it have to be a spectrum noir, or would any run of the mill wax crayon do?


  15. This is a great Christmas card, I love the idea of using the wax crayon. My cards are all done and posted for this year but I will have a go at this early next year when I start in my cards for 2015

    Jackie x

  16. Hi Barbara, this looks amazing, thank you.
    Is the white wax crayon just a kids crayon or is it something artists use, if so what is it's proper name so I buy the right thing? Thank you
    Love Brenda xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    This gives me the shivers just looking at it. It's wonderful and I'm going to start next year's Christmas cards in January. This is the one that I'll do for the family, unless I do the jumper one, oh decisions, decisions!! xx

  18. Absolutely magnificent. How ingenious. I could almost see myself trying to push the car out of the snow. I am simply stunned. Sorry, I shouldn't be your creativity is beyond words.
    I hope you received my offering of a card – now I think it is flat – your car is moving along. I will continue to move along with you in 2015
    Best wishes Anne

  19. This is my fave of the Advent series so far. I have thankfully made, written and posted all my cards ( the Peace and Noel stencil are brill) just have one or two stocking fillers to buy , tree and decorations up but my flat is completely, totally and utterly turned upside down! Even my pussycat doesn't know where to lay his weary head. Big cleanup starts tommorow!

  20. Hi Barbara – I caught up on two blogs in one loved them both – I have used the stamp of the car on almost all of my cards this year – and those that haven't got the car have the jumpers!!! – hopefully you have yours I sent you too!!
    I love the effect of the snow – will have to give this a go some time!!!

    Christmas is coming at us like a steam train – feeling very unorganised myself!!!
    Am also at the point if I don't have it – well thats it!!!

    Much love

  21. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    was für eine geniale Idee. Die Spuren im Schnee sind so genial gemacht. Ich bin absolut begeistert.
    Vielen lieben Dank für die immer wieder neuen Anregungen.
    Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  22. Wonderful card Barbara, snow looks so real and the car stamp is fantastic, if only mine would look as good as yours. Must get a white crayon and have a go. Be a good one for utube barbara for us to see your technique with the crayon, please, please, pretty please.xx

  23. This is a lovely stamp which I do have so will try this. I love the way you have made the car tracks and all the shading makes it so realistic. So clever Barbara. x

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