YouTube Tuesday Christmas Jumper. Knit your own!

YouTube Tuesday Christmas Jumper. Knit your own!

Ho Ho Ho!
Happy Advent Day No. 16!
Thanks for stopping by on You Tube Tuesday. 
I decided to get out my favourite Christmas Jumper today.
Believe it or not, this little Jumper set, designed by our Jim, 
was the biggest selling Christmas Stamp set of the season!
We were knitting them like crazy!!

The thing about Christmas Sweaters is you really can only wear them at Christmas, but this little number can be modified for all sorts of occasions! From football jerseys (short sleeves too!) to Boys’ birthday greetings and Father’s Day cards –
the possibilities are numerous.
Today though, we are having a little sale on the Christmas Set, so do check it out!
Items Used:
Until tomorrow;
happy knitting!
much love,

34 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday Christmas Jumper. Knit your own!

  1. Barbara thank you for you tubeing this jumper set as I bought this set ive used it on my Christmas cards looking forward to watching you demonstrate how you used it happy crafting xxx

  2. That's really lovely so enjoy are Tuesday's with you like having a private class in our home. Hope you had a good nights sleep is Dave up in loft getting those decs out. I have been good not buying thought what till after Christmas was tempted with the ink pad bundle now the jumper set offer have fallen and ordered both set well it is Christmas could refuse. Have a good day lots love joy xx

  3. Hi Barbara,
    that´s why I bought this set… because of it´s versatility!!!
    You are right you can´t use it for Christmas only. I will use it for my nephews birthday card for example or I will use it for a gift coupon for clothes.
    Or I only stamp one´s name with the letter box kit inside the jumper. The possibilities are immense…
    Best wishes
    Rolf xxx

  4. Hi Barbara,
    What a great kit (and you spoil us again with a great offer) I love this idea of stamping on fabric. Will have to try it out.

    I see you've been busy in your art room! I love the new backdrop for YouTube Tuesday tho I must admit the first time through I almost ignored what you were doing and concentrated on the backdrop! I'm a nosey so-and-so! Thanks to getting a super new (to me) bed I have just moved my crafting stash to a room of its own. Sadly it is not looking anything like organised, but there is time for that once Christmas is over. Until then I shall dream of having my own room organised like yours.
    Thanks so much for the inspiration

  5. I'm kicking myself for not getting this kit because I love it. And what did I do on Saturday? Go and buy (I'm so ashamed) cards with a very similar design on them. Will I never learn!

  6. Fabulous set and so much fun to use. Endless combinations so no chance of getting bored when batch making. I made most of my Chritmas cards with this lovely set and they have all been greatly admired. Can't wait till next Christmas to use them all over again!

  7. Hello Barb, this is just a really fun image, great video showing the masking of the various bits. Wish we could actually knit as fast. It does have endless possibilities, and would love to see what some of your talented followers do with it. Have a great day. Bx

  8. Such a fun kit, but I'm not sure I would have the patience! If only I could speed up the card making in real life I might be able to attempt something like this next year – still have another 10 cards to make this afternoon though! Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  9. Have had great fun making my Christmas cards with this set. Be warned though, it'd very addictive! I used linen effect card instead of fabric, which gave a similar effect and meant I didn't have to cut out the jumpers. I also used other motif stamps not just the ones in the mini set. I can see me using this set for all those difficult men's cards in the future.
    Thank you Barbara & Jim. x

  10. Hi Barb,
    Great video and nice to see you using your new art room. Great little set this, but not one that I've bought. Looks versatile, so might have to rethink! Love Alison xx

  11. Great demo. We have decided to venture into the Christmas jumper scene this year and have decided to wear them for Christmas dinner! This set would be fab for cards next year so I may well have to put an order in. XX

  12. I'm not surprised that this was the best selling Christmas stamp! It's a really versatile and fun stamp A great tutorial too, love the different colours and texture. Was it filmed in your new art room above the garage as I thought that I spotted your lovely fitted shelves? Your Clarity files look very smart on the shelves. Do they contain all your newly unmounted stamps? Think you've had a new hairdo too, looks nice! Gosh think I sound a bit stallkerish now so I'd better go…lol!
    Thanks and best wishes, Jeanette xxx

  13. Hi Barbara oh this is lovely. I resisted the stamp set but now I might be tempted for next year. I can see why people find it addictive. If only knitting were that quick! I have to confess I have just bought a snowman Christmas jumper in a garden centre for my daughter Emma. We went to have cake to celebrated her passing her driving test at last and we had a look around the Christmas section and there was the jumper just waiting for us! Had to be done. Love the new craft room for the filming Barbara. Just right. Have a relaxing evening. Love Diane xxx

  14. Hi Barbara. Lovely video. I love these stamps. I only managed to get round to using them this past week and I am so happy with them. I did a bit of masking with mine…but blimmin hell. Why oh why didn't I think to cut up the stencil instead of playing around with post-notes to cover the sleeves, must be because you are the expert! A lovely card and colour combination. I have some Hessian in my stash…back into craft room for me! Hugs x

  15. I watched this on the bus going home last night and I hope no-one was looking at me smile and chuckle when you cut up your mask – I wouldn't have thought of doing that! I'm saving my jumper set for next year when I have more time. I then saw Emma's blog this morning – haven't had chance to comment as that was on my phone too on the bus and it doesn't work if I comment on that. I saw her using her stickers and then wondered when she'd see your blog!!

  16. Hi Barbara,
    When I first saw this I dint think it was for me…how much would I use it etc…well, you've sold it to me know! It'll be dropping into my basket asap.
    Take care,
    Jackie, x

  17. This is a lovely technique Barbara and I love the colours you have used and it definitely has that Scadinavian feel. Thank you for the demo. x

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