Sorry to keep you in suspenders! 
So I have been chuckling away to myself all day.
Bagpipes, hair curlers, marvellous.
Let’s take another look at what you had to work with:

What you are actually looking at is:
The bottom half of this table’s legs!
Dave did the deed last night for me.

I bought this old kitchen table in Fürth, Germany, 
when I lived there back in the 80’s. 
It went to California with us,
came back to England with us,
and was the centre-stage of our family home for over 20 years.
The legs were wobbly, the top was tired, but it was always my special table. Every Christmas out would come the leaves at either end. It really did get used every day for 30 years. 
I felt terrible when we bought a larger dining table a couple of years ago, but this one was just way too small for the room.
I felt as if I had betrayed it….
so it came up in my new art room. Yep, the woman is mad. 
 But it was never going to get used properly, because I’ve just had an 8’x4′ island built in the centre!
Then it occurred to me: make it into a coffee table!
Drop the height, and give it a whole new life!
So when Paul Church came round for tea last night, 
I had him lugging the old Futon upstairs too, so that the new coffee table had a friend!
Haven’t had time to dress it with pillows and stuff yet, but you see what I mean now!
Bagpipes! Fondue Forks! Hair curlers! Jeese!!
I think what I am happiest about is that my dear old table, who has been right there every day for all those years, gets a whole new lease of life!
Jane had Dressing table legs – very very warm. But nope. It’s a dining table.
The winner has to be Emma Burns! Old Secret Squirrel had seen the table in the room in a previous picture!
Well done Emma. £25 Gift Voucher coming your way!!
Thank you very very much for joining in everybody!
I hope you enjoyed that; I did!
lots of love,


  1. Hi Barb,
    Well, I never guessed that! Well done to Emma. The table looks great in your new art room and yet again, Dave has done really well. I would hang onto him if I was you!!! Love Alison xx

  2. Well that's definitely not bobbins!!! It looks amazing!
    I could do with someone injecting new life into me at the moment!
    Well done Emma on guessing right and enjoy spending your voucher! X

  3. Hi Barb,
    Well thank the Lord you've told us what it is. I wouldn't have slept tonight wondering!
    I have to say that I would not have enjoyed putting those in my hair as curlers. And my mother was born in 1906 and I never saw her using anything like that in my childhood (although she would agree with me when I say that there were times when she was a right wooden top) ha ha.
    Well done Emma. x

  4. Hi Barbara. Congratulations Emma, well spotted, you certainly deserve the voucher : ) I have only just got home so never did get my guess in! I would have gone for chair legs so I wasn't miles away. What a great way to keep your family table in use. Thanks for a great post Barbara. Take care.

  5. Lol Barbara…OLD secret squirrel indeed! I love recycling old furniture especially if it is a good piece and I cannot count the amount of times I have sanded back painted table legs! Looks great as a coffee table! Thank you for the voucher. Hugs and enjoy your new afternoon. Xx

  6. Think I had if as everything but a table well done Emma and doesn't it look fantastic in it's new home makes me want your lift room more. What great fun today night xxxfun

  7. Hi Barbara wonderful! What a great way to use your family table, it looks lovely there – your room must be enormous! Now what are you going to do with the extra leg bits???? Fancy bit of artwork? Game of skittles? Fancy hair curlers or DIY bagpipes? Well done Emma, enjoy spending your voucher and thank you Barbara for an entertaining blog. Hope Paul enjoyed his dinner, you do like to use and abuse him don't you lol. Have a great weekend love Diane xxx

  8. Congratulations Emma! I love re-fashioned furniture and your coffee table looks just great. My old futon has repaired a garden bench and turned into some planters in my parents garden, and the cover has turned into sails for driftwood boats – my dad is also quite a crafter it seems!!! Susan x

  9. Looks fab Barbara! So pleased you could rejuvinate an old family friend…you can't say that often especially when you've just sown their legs off. Can't remember what I'd suggested now…its been a long stressful day. Looking forward to Sunday's show xx

  10. Congratulations Emma, well done. It is a lovely table, it looks great with the futon. Your craft room is looking ace Barbara, I wish Dave could do a make-over of my house! Michelle XXX

  11. Looks amazing, well done Emma! So does your art room, love that window and the floor, you do realise you won t be able to mess it up now! Don t know about you but I seem to manage to create chaos with very little effort I ve decided its card making in particular you always seem to need to get out something else! But I m not very organised. It's going to be amazing x

  12. Well done Emma, especially for having spotted it in an earlier picture. Barb, it is great to always have something old and treasured around, it makes it well comfortable. Your new room looks perfect. Bx

  13. Now I see the rest of the picture I should have known because my own dining room table has similar legs and is probably of the same age. When we married in 1968 it became our dining table and had 4 matching dining chairs, but it didn't start out that way. We acquired it from my father-in-law when he retired in early '68 and it had been his office desk and chairs from1958 and probably the desk/chairs of the person who inhabited that office before him! It hasn't got the travel history, but it started life in Saddleworth on the Yorkshire/Lancashire border, moved properly into Lancashire with Pete and I and again into North West Wales where we live now. If only it had a voice, the tales it could tell!

  14. Ha Ha glad to hear I was close with my dressing table legs guess, it was your hair clue (or rather red herring) which threw as all off except for Emma, well done you.
    Jane x

  15. Ha ha! You cheeky thing throwing all of us except Emma off the scent! Well spotted Emma It was fun though having a go and seeing what others came up with It's lovely to see an old much lived piece if furniture still being used You can almost feel all of the fingerprints that have caressed it

  16. excellent table!! Don;t know if anyone else is having the same problem barbara but every time I try to read your blog it is jumping up and down all the time. No other blog doing this. Has been like this the last 3 or 4 posts 🙁

  17. We'll now with the other half of those legs you can decorate one of Mr MDF man's boxes for your odds and ends and give it legs!! Or you could glue them onto a plinth and keep tape etc on them or the same Idea but do two high and you have a Kitchen roll holder or……!!!!

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