PART 1 of a Shaving Foam Session!

PART 1 of a Shaving Foam Session!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
had a bit of a scrambling day, so
Saturday’s blog is rather late – but nonetheless,
But I can’t stop to chat really, because there’s still the little question of what to wear tomorrow on the telly, pack and get up to Peterborough.
It’s a shaving foam background, using our castle mask
so let’s take a look.
I’m a lucky little chickpea, because I have a whole set of Distress Reinkers, and now they even have a home!
Well worth the investment, if you can swing it. 
So here’s what I tried:
Place the castle mask on a piece of the White square Gelli Card 

Squirt some cheap Tescos Shaving foam onto a baking tray 
or flat plate. 
I squirted it into a tray which was too small to start with; rubbish.

Drip some Ink reinkers onto the shaving foam,

and swoosh it around with a coffee spatula.
Look out Cosca!
Ooohhh!! I LIKE the shaving foam on the tip of the stick….

Anyway, back to the plan.
The first one is always a bit too severe, 
so just lay down a piece of spare card and pull it off.
Then mix the inky foam up again.
Lay the white card with the castle mask directly in the inky 
shaving foam,

and then pull it off.
I know! What a mess!
But when you wipe away the foam, 
you get the most delightful, arty sky!
Actually now you can pull several wonderful prints. 
When it looks like this, 
it just needs a tiny quirt of white foam again.

With a make-up sponge and Chipped Sapphire /Weathered Wood
darken the edge of the castle. 
Do this BEFORE you remove the mask.

A stencil brush may help tone the shading down too.
Time for the big reveal. 
You can use the mask many many times.
Dust around the white edge with Weathered Wood.
Look! Got a bit carried away…
Great stash for Ron though….

Stick to the plan!
Trim the card, 

stamp the Clean out a Corner Stamp in the sky 
using Cobalt Archival.

Colour in the verse with a yellow Spectrum Noir pencil.

Layer up on a complimentary blue, then white.

But before I fly off to Peterborough,
let’s check out that coffee stirrer again….
I randomly smeared it around on a piece of the white card.
Wiped it this way, stroked it that way.
This is what I got:
Now I may be going mad, but if this isn’t the start of
tomorrow’s blog –
My name’s not Barbara Gray!!!!
See you bright and early. 9-11 with Nigel xx
much love,

34 thoughts on “PART 1 of a Shaving Foam Session!

  1. Amazing Barbara – I finally got to play with some shaving foam a week or so ago, and love the effects you can get, but haven't tried it with a mask yet. Another one for the ever growing "must have a go" list!!! Drive safely, and hope the shows are as fabulous as they usually are, Susan x

  2. Hello Barb, all set to record. as have to do hospital visits. Really like these backgrounds! Need the re-inkers! Shaving foam I is my new love. it is amazing the results you get. Bx

  3. Hi Barb,
    I love creating with the shaving foam and yours today is gorgeous. Really like the one done with the stirrer – I thought you'd painted it! Looking forward to tomorrow. Have a safe journey. Love Alison xx

  4. Like the sky effect with the mask and shaving foam but I'm thinking that bright one looks like the Great Fire of London lol! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the coffee stirrer smudges as I'm liking the effect. Can't wait to see the new stamps on tomorrow's show. Have a safe journey xx

  5. Evening Barbara,

    Loving the picture and the ron bits too!!!! Safe travels to Peterbrough – my last few upwards trips there have on occasions been monumental journeys – but always so worth it!!!
    Regrettably I am working tomorrow – working the whole weekend due to Greenwich hosting the Tall Ships Regatta – so you are on record – but will have my iPad with me with the hope of dialling in on the app!!!! After all my name wouldn't be Kim Shaw if I didn't try and watch a little bit of you live would it!!!

    Much Love
    Kim xx

  6. What a great way of using the foam and inks. Will give this a go as I need to practise the foam technique! Hope you have a good journey to Peterborough. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to with the new stamps, and of course the DT's creations. xx

  7. Love love love this foam technique, fabulous artwork, great idea of placing the mask down first. Looking forward to the blog tomorrow and of course the show, it has come round so quickly. Can't wait for Catterick, next week x

  8. I've used 3 shaving foam backgrounds in the last week (2 today!), one was for grand daughters birthday card and she actually made the print herself and I kept it to use for her card – she was thrilled. That design on your stick is fantastic – you couldn't have got it like that if you'd tried! Your project for tomorrow looks like a boat to me!

    I'll be recording in the morning as we have to take the cats to the pussery before we go off to Minorca on Monday. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us. I now wait though and get things from Clarity instead of C&C !

    Love how you have the inks stored, mine are stored in the box them came in! I was lucky enough to be able to treat myself.

    Have a great show tomorrow!

  9. Hi Barbara what a lovely new home for your inks. This is superb today what a fantastic background for a castle to sit against, hadn't thought of using a mask and shaving foam, you are clever. Hope you have a great show tomorrow with Nigel and lots of sell outs. Got my club stamp today, great news about your America adventure, well done you. Safe journey. Love Diane xxx

  10. Didn't think of using it with mask can feel another shaving foam play day coming on. Well TV set alarm set see you in morning so looking forward to tomorrow's show night sleep well xxx

  11. If I had half your talent I would consider myself extremely lucky! Looks fab as usual and my family all know not to disturb me when I'm watching you on C&C I'll have my cup of tea and the box on record!

  12. Hi Barb,
    I'm late to your blog myself. I've been making cards all day for Breast Cancer charity and just come up for breath.
    Looking forward to 9 a.m. tomorrow and I've been playing with shaving foam this week.
    Love xx

  13. Will try something new with the shaving foam, don`t know if it works. But you´ll never know if you don´t try it…
    I wish you a very nice show with Nigel and will watch tomorrow. I can sleep a little longer. In Germany it starts at 10 a.m. ;-))
    Have a lot of fun at Create and Craft
    Rolf x

  14. Can anyone else see a penguin in the shaving foam after you stirred it round, Barbara? I can't wait to see part 2 of this. Have a great show this morning (I am writing this well after midnight, so I hope I will be up ready to watch). xx Maggie

  15. Wow I randomly see the royal crescent , Bath in that last piece where you smeared the inky foam on the stick around.
    Can't wait till later for my TV fix and to see on the blog where the Costa paint stick leads.
    Till tomorrow . ………………. X

  16. Hi Barbara. Love it! Shaving foam technique is brilliant. I can see the river and riverbank with trees and bushes in your coffee stirrer picture. I wonder where you will go with it? Take care.

  17. Thank you ever, ever so much. Have tried the technic but didn't wipe the foam…..And really couldn't understand what to do after. Am so pleased. And I really love the final card. Thanks again.
    Laurence x

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