IT’S GAME TIME and a chance to win a prize!

IT’S GAME TIME and a chance to win a prize!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Friday’s blog a private peak….
so today I thought we’d play a game of
Can you guess what it is!
I’m going to reveal part of something, 
and I want you to guess what it is.
Is it from a Victorian Shower Curtain Rail?
Are they from a set of Pre-war Austrian Skittles?
A Thai Back Massage aid that Mark picked up for me on his travels?
Antique Indian cricket bales?
Long John Silver’s spare parts?
All I will tell you is that this item has been in the family for a long time.
So here’s how it works:
You leave your guess below.
When we reach 100 messages from 100 individuals –
not Sam Crowe firing 100 ideas at me!!!
No family members allowed and not Paul Church either!!!
Then I will post the rest of the picture.
And the story behind it.
Oh. And if somebody gets it right, 
I will send them a gift voucher for £25.
But I must fly. My hair needs tending to!!
(mmmm….could that be a clue?)
have fun!
much love,

133 thoughts on “IT’S GAME TIME and a chance to win a prize!

  1. Could they be stair banister spindles and you play a game to see who can keep theirs balanced/standing up or spinning for the longest. Really, really hope that you are NOT about to have them wound into your hair. Have a good day x

  2. Hi Barb,
    When I first looked at them I thought they were lace making bobbins. I know my grandma used to have some and they were very similar to these. Love Alison xxx

  3. My guess is banister spindles. I'm a lacemaker, and while the shape is similar to some bobbins, the wear on them isn't right. Where the thread goes, it usually looks a lot cleaner. By the way, one of them has a bad case of woodworm.

  4. I cannot tell you exactly what they are ~ but they are wood, turned on a lathe, and you have woodworm holes {so I hope they are treated!} From your clue, I'd guess some sort of early wooden hair curlers? ~~~waving~~~

  5. Good morning, I think they are for making lace. when you weave them over each other, and separate the threads with pins they make hand made lace. ??
    Hope your feeling better.

    Maria Moloney

  6. Hi Barbara. What a great game, thank you for coming up with this one, I love it (probably won't be close but still love it : ) I will be back later with my guess when I have had a think. Take care.

  7. Good morning Barbara
    Just wanted to say thank you as my personalised stamp & replacement mount arrived this morning & it's fab! Housework done so now I can play with it. Can't wait for Sunday morning!
    Is it a spinning wheel?
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Love Lynne Lee xx

  8. Good Morning Barbara!

    My guess is wooden lace making bobbins xx

    They could be old fashioned hair rollers – but am favouring bobbins

    Can you get my hair done too!!!

    Much love

  9. Hi Barbara,
    these are definitely bobbins for lace-making (deutsch: Spitzenklöppel) – one with a woodworm. Your mother made sweet lacehats for little baby Barbara.
    Have a nice weekend
    Rolf x

  10. They do resemble lace bobbins but it say's 'this item' which suggests it's singular and goes together somehow. I am going to go with legs from a stool! Can't wait to see what it really is x

  11. I haven't read any of the other guesses, so if I am repeating a guess, I apologise. It think it is the family cot, and I hope you have sorted out the woodworm.

  12. Hi Barbara hmmm I don't think they are lace bobbins as they look a bit big and not quite right and guess what there's a set of bagpipes sat on my lounge floor at the moment that my daughter bought in Scotland to learn to play !!!! So similar shape but still not quite right. I think they might be the spindles at the back of a rocking chair which is going by your window in your new room. Have a great day love Diane xxx

  13. I guess dressing table legs, I've got an old one with legs just like that including old woodworm!
    This guess might sort of fit with the hair clue if that was really a clue as you'd use it to do your hair
    Jane x

  14. Hi Barbara,
    uummm – could be bagpipes but I'm wondering if it is some sort of German equivalent, either that or chair spindles that need repairing. This is good fun…
    Beverley W

  15. Mmm this is difficult, is that paint on I see on one? Something to do with hair? Well I would have to go with parts of a mirror stand….. Anyway look forward to finding out soon. Happy weekend everyone, looking forward to C&C from 9 am Sunday 'stamping with Clarity' more happy crafting with you Barbara, enjoy and don't work too hard.

  16. Hi Barb, with your background I am going with Pre war Austrian skittles, but reading some of the other answers I am not sure whether we have to guess at what it is or pick something from your suggestions Lol! Sorry, just confusing you as well as myself lol! My other guess would be old wooden curlers used for your hair? Sorry I am hopeless but look forward to seeing the full picture.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  17. Hi Barbara, well trust you to come up with something so out the box!!! I thought they were stair rods when I first saw them! As they've been in your family for years I now think they could be from a chair or a mirror. Can't wait to find out the answer and hear the story behind the pieces. Have a lovely day xx

  18. Well when I first saw the image – I thought curtain rails but then I realised the "bulge" was not at the end, so then like a few others above thought spindles but not being able to judge the size, I have no idea if they are stair/banister spindles size or baby/child high chair size.

  19. The obvious one would be old hair curlers/rollers for your hair. They kinda look like the poles on which you wrap scrolls like a legal proclamation. Anyway hope we find out soon!
    Cheers me dear. Karen

  20. Liebe Barbara, ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass es sich um Klöppel zum Spitzenklöppel handelt, den englischen Ausdruck dafür kenne ich nicht,
    Grüße aus Deutschland Karin

  21. Bobbins!!
    I'm not saying you're bobbins of course!!!
    For those of you not from Up Norf bobbins can be used to say something is not very good. It comes from the old cotton mills where the empty bobbins were discarded as useless!
    I was saying the items you have are old bobbins!
    Please put us out of our misery and tell us what they are!
    Love and hugs xxx

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