Thanks for stopping by.
Really happy to give you a warm-up demo of what’s to come on TV this coming Sunday morning!
We have got THE most delightful new collection of 
ClarityStamp and Stencil rounds.
There are 4 rounds with matching stencils, which all mix and match beautifully. 
Here is a neat step-by-step using one of them.
I used:
The new Christmas Lights Stencil
The new Christmas Stockings Round
Attach the 7″ x 7″ Lights Stencil to 7″ x 7″ black card.

Deposit Grunge paste around the apertures, as below,
and drag through with a spreader.
Carefully lift off the messy stencil and go wash it .

This looks excellent.
While they’re still wet, sprinkle Glamour Dust or glitter over the Grunge paste lights and cables.
Then let it sit and set.
Let’s do the centrepiece next.
Stamp the stockings on cream card with an Archival Black ink pad.
I did do this on white card first, but the Grunge Paste isn’t really white, so cream card fits much better.

and cut out leaving a cream border.

A very quick and easy solution:
Spray the round with Stick n Stay from Crafters Companion.
There are 2 different spray adhesives on our website:
Sprinkle the disc with Glamour Dust,
(I personally think this ultra-fine glitter dust is brilliant)
Tap off excess glitter and reload into pot.
Now you can either mount the round on small square cream cards.
We have a great little pack of 50 cards and envelopes, if you are going into mass production, or making sets of Christmas cards to sell (this is definitely the size to use)
Or you can attach it to the centre of our lovely sparkly lights.
Bigger card, more impact.
I really must invest in a compass…

I love how the wire on the lights stands out with the Grunge paste!

When you watch on Sunday, and I am doing a different trick or 2 with other Stencils and Rounds from the collection, bear in mind that, not only are the stamps and stencils interchangeable, but also the techniques!
And if you think it’s too early to start thinking about Christmas, 
I couldn’t agree more!
But I do know for sure that anybody serious about making their cards and presents, their advent calendars and tree decorations, is on the case already!

And here’s some good news!
After the very successful Clarity Open Days darn Sarf,
we have decided to replay the whole gig oop Norf!

Tickets (£5) are on sale for our Catterick Open Days in North Yorkshire
Saturday 13th September
Sunday 14th September

Hope you can make it! 

much love,

52 thoughts on “A CRAFTY WHAT’s ON TV PEEK….

  1. Oooo Barbara…. Loving the grunge paste through that stencil!!! The whole show will be wonderful as all the stamps and stencils are fab!!! Love and hugs…and I'll be getting my ticket in the morning! Xx

  2. I can see my list for the retreat getting longer by the day. Looking forward to Sunday's show. I love those light bulbs. Next year, please can we have Open Days somewhere in the Midlands pretty please. xx Maggie

  3. I love the older (Retro/ traditional) Christmas lights. My dad would check them and they would work fine and after him expertly draping them on the tree the fun would start as he would have to check every bulb because with out fail every year once them lights were on the tree they would stop working until every bulb had been tweaked – it entertained us for hours lol!
    Can we have a classic christmas light bulb stamp please – just the bulb so we can doodle our own cable and stamp on the bulbs ( pretty pretty please )????
    Roll on Sunday xxx

  4. Wow love it the stencil and stamps midlands East prehaps next retreat should be fantastic too 🙂 back to bed now see you in morning when hop on for another look xxx

  5. Morning Bar, loving the Christmas stamps and stencils – and whilst it does feel wrong to start as its on just July – you are right about the making of cards if you want to avoid the rush….now the question is will I act on that!!
    So glad open days were a success that you are replicating – Catterick though – a bit far for me I fear – will have a deep and meaningful think about it xx
    Much Love

  6. Hello Barb, love the new stencils and stamps, great with the grunge paste and glamour dust. I need to start thinking about Christmas cards, as much as it seems wrong in mid summer. Looking forward to the show. New open days are a bit far for me, but great for those up norf. Bx

  7. Hi Barbara. I am catching up so want to say how much I enjoyed yesterdays video and card. That is my favourite Maya Angelou saying, it funny but I taught the children to remember more or less the same words when they were younger. I didn't hear Maya Angelou's words until you introduced me to her!
    Loving the Christmas lights and stockings. And the Glamour Dust is beautiful, will have to have a look at that. I used to hate thinking about Christmas too early but since card making I love getting ideas, still don't start making them early enough in the year though : ) Must try this year.
    I am looking forward to Sundays show. I hope you aren't rushing round like a headless chicken getting ready for it.
    Can I put in a request for an Open Day nearer to Oxford or Swindon? We have a real shortage of craft shops in this area so between you, Clarity and being able to get quality goods it would be a total sell out I'm sure 🙂 Of course to keep everyone happy you would have to be on the road touring the whole country for most of the year so we are grateful that you do any Open Days, thank you.

    Take care.

  8. Already have Sunday on record as working, but don't want to miss the new stencils, stamps and techniques. and will definitely not be missing the open days at Catterick (will be seeing that one live too lol)

  9. Oh my G….. I am already in love with those stencils and stamps. Can't wait to see you on Sunday morning on TV. And you've nicely use French word for the stamps. The minute they are on the web site, I have to order them.
    Laurence x

  10. Morning Barbara, love this , dont get a compass get a circle scissor thing brilliant fir cutting circles and dead easy to use. Looking forward to seeing what's new thus Sunday and I have got my ticket for Cattrrick yay. Xx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Love these especially the stencil. I will echo the feelings of the Crafty Magpie as my dad used to do the same – happy memories of a bygone age! Looking forward to Sunday and thank you for coming to Catterick – will definitely be getting a ticket – can't wait!!! Love Alison xxx

  12. Hi Barbara love both the stencil and the stamp and the grunge paste wow ! You are spoiling us! I can't wait for Sunday but yes it's too early for Christmas even though I know we should be starting cards so it's not a rush…. Do we ever learn? Have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  13. Good Morning Barbara, really looking forward to Sunday's shows now, love the new stamp and stencil, eager to see what's new. Definitely more items I will 'need', hee hee. So happy you have arranged your next 'Open Days' in Yorkshire, something to look forward to, yay. Hope tomorrow shows another sneeky peeky. Michelle XX

  14. Love this idea of interchangeable stamps & stencils. This one is fab so can't wait to see the others. Thanks for coming to Catterick in Sept, it's just a hop over the Pennines on the A66 for me. Bought my ticket as wouldn't miss it for the world xx

  15. Hi Barb,
    I like this and the second card will be great for quick and easy for the charity cards, Off to sweet-talk George into taking me to Catterick. See you on Sunday, I bet you've got a plan!!!
    Hope everyone is well and that Teaselgirl's bones are knitting. xx

  16. Love the circle of lights and am really looking forward to the Sunday shows, although you will be on record, as I'll still be cooking breakfasts and dealing with those pesky guests at 9am! Susan x

  17. Hello Barb. These stencils and stamps will be a useful addition to all my xmas crafty stash. Where to put it all? So looking forward to seeing you on the tv again. OK so now it's time to come East! We are out on a limb, too far to go south, too far to get up north. Have a great day. xx Margaret Col.

  18. What about a day 'aht west'? Dublin is a fine city (or Belfast, if you insist) There might still be some stands available at the Knitting and Stitching Show in early Nov. in Dublin, or Craft Show in Belfast in April.

    I could top up on all the things I want, rather than paying all the shipping.

  19. Oh how exciting, new stamps and stencils for Christmas. I can't wait to see the others on Sunday, I hope they last long enough for you to demo!! The ones you've shared today are lovely and will no doubt 'fall' into my shopping basket soon, hope the bank manager isn't looking.

    Hope you're having a lovely day. xx

  20. Looking forward to the show on Sunday. The black card is dramatic. So pleased you've decided to come oop North. Unfortunately it's the wrong weekend for me but I appreciate the thought and hope all other Northerners take advantage of the idea!!! Thank you, Jan

  21. What have you started Barbara? Anyone who loves your goodies will be champing at the bit to have a retreat near to them (and I am no exception) this could keep you busy for months,sorry, no years!
    Love the nostalgic Christmas theme,simple and classic , so looking forwards to their outing on Sunday. (By the way, it really would be lovely we could have a retreat in the west midlands)

  22. Love this Barbara and really looking forward to your show on Sunday. Brilliant news about your trip to Catterick and one of the days is my birthday!! So I think I'll be tootlin' down the A1 to say hello! Pat x

  23. Lovely, never too early to start Christmas cards. Looking forward to seeing all new items on show. Great that you are doing some more Open Days, I was fortunate to be able to come South but lovely to give others a chance. xx

  24. Brilliant demo. Looking forward to Sunday tv. Got a bit excited when you said you were coming up north…only to be saddened when you finished with Yorkshire. Oh well I had better put in my request too. West coast of Scotland please. Pretty please. Hugs xx

  25. Barb that is just gorgeous and I cannot wait to see what else you have on Sunday and watching the demos I love. Have fun as you do. You have a lovely knack of talking to each viewer and not just the screen. I will be watching and learning as always.

    Love Denise x

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