Celebrating the 4th July!

Celebrating the 4th July!

Thanks for stopping by today, on July 3rd.
That makes tomorrow July 4th (there are no flies on this girl!)
Well, here at Clarity, we have decided to have a celebration for our American friends!
And why not kick off early? Get in the mood? 
Here are a couple of brand new stencils which Jim rustled up today, to commemorate:
My lovely daughter, Grace headed back to New York yesterday, so I buried myself in Grunge Paste, inks and paints for an hour when I got back from the airport. Worked a treat. 
And the card came out ok, too.
Here are the results…

Lay the 6″ x 6″ Gelli Plate on the new Mega Mount. 
Then on a white background, so you can see where you’re at.
Why the Megmount? 
Well, it not only serves as a cool positioner for your art-prints when you pull them, but it also stops the oils and minerals soaking out of the Gelli Plate into absorbent card. Before the Megamount, we were laying the plate onto a piece of the card, so that we could line up the prints, but I noticed that the plate was leaving an oily stain on the card – which told me the goodness was being sucked out of the plate! Not with the Megamount. If you have time, watch the demo on Sunday on TV, and I will clarify its purpose. 

Spread a small amount of Phthalo Blue System 3 Acrylic paint on the right of the plate with a brayer. 
(The Daler Rowney, not the Golden. We need fast-drying thick paint for this one)
We are going for a distressed look, so keep rolling with the brayer until it start to come off again!
Let it dry.
Do the same on the either side with Crimson.
Now let both dry thoroughly. 3 minutes tops.
You want these patchy areas.
Spread a layer of Buff Titanium over the lot.
Pull your background print on the Clarity Gelli Plate card. 
Cut to fit.
I did two, just in case…
Can’t get enough of this Grunge Paste!
Attach the Liberty Stencil with low-tack stencil tape
Load Grunge paste along the lower edge. This is so that you are dragging with the flow of the design, rather than against it.
Don’t worry if you miss a bit. It’s suppose to look grungy 
and Levi Jeansy!

BINGO!!!! I say, I say! BINGO!!
Notice how the blue and the red are on the correct sides of the flag….

Wash the stencil and wait for the paste to dry, You can help it along with a hair dryer or heat gun, but don’t get too close, or it will blister. Talking of blisters, man did I catch myself on Sunday with steam when I was doing the roast lamb! Hurties!!! 

Anyway, replace the stencil when the paste is dry, and add colour to the paste.
I used the following colours:

Red Geranium Archival (beautiful red)
Cobalt Archival (Beautiful blue)
Black Archival

You don’t have to use permanent inks on Grunge Paste; I just found these colours to be ideal.

Leave the stars alone.

Use the black to add depth and darkness to the Statue.
Add a little Bundled Sage Distress Ink to the rest of the Statue.
After all, she is quite green in the flesh!
I trimmed the art right back and mounted on black. 
Happy with that.
Really cool up close too, because the white of the grunge paste really lifts the stencilwork.
Remember the second background piece I did?
Well, while I was waiting for the paste to dry, I had a go with the stencil naked, so to speak.
I only dragged paste through the stars, because I couldn’t think of a better way to get the stars to come out white (well whitish)
I was delighted with the result, too.
I wanted to get a really weather-worn feel to the artwork.
I just sharpened up the black edges of the stencil with a black micron pen.
Happy Independence Day!
So to celebrate the 4th July, we have launched a 40% Sale on all things American in our range of stamps and stencils.
Take a look.

click here!
Starting NOW, and running through until midnight Sunday.
You don’t have to be American to appreciate these things!

I love America!

much love,

31 thoughts on “Celebrating the 4th July!

  1. Wow love these, fabulous as always Barbara, hope Grace is home safe and sound, and she gets the job she auditioned for. Looking forward to seeing all your other fantastic demos on Sunday, and thank you for the sale, going over to take a look now, take care, crafty hugs Karen xxx

  2. How wonderful! I used to love the 4th July on the Mall in DC – picnic and drink all day, then the fireworks!!! Didn't even bother me that they were celebrating being free of the Brits, as every American loves someone with an English accent…Really hope Grace gets her part, and that they loved the English audition best!!! Susan x

  3. Wow fantastic art work very therapeutic now your grace has gone back love the stencils looking forward to the show Sunday putting on record so don't miss any xx

  4. Hi Barb,
    These are fantastic. Am going now to look at the American Sale to see what drops into my hot little hands! Hope Grace is back safe and sound, and that it's not too long before Mark turns up with his dirty washing!
    Love xx

  5. Hi Barb,
    Love the artwork and the techniques, but the designs are not for me I'm afraid. Looking forward to the show at the weekend though! Love Alison xx

  6. Howdy Barb, Oh my giddy aunt, more stencils I need, Absolutely brilliant! Hopefully can order some stuff in the 40% off sale. I actually love the stencils, and as the day job is really for an American based company, would have been ideal, but maybe for next year right. Take care of the blistering 🙁 nothing worse! Hope Grace arrived safely, don't be too sad, she'll be back. Bx

  7. Fantastic Artwork Barbara…and at this rate I may need to fit a roof rack to my car for what I have to get at the retreat!!!! My list is growing by the day!

    Love and hugs to you! xx

  8. I have been to America a few times. San Francisco, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and other places on the west coast. Have also been to Georgia a couple of times (Atlanta airport was an experience like no other!) but have never been to New York. I will go one day though so have already got my Clarity goodies ordered…………….. well, now I NEED to go so I can use them! XX

  9. Hi Barbara certainly is a wow moment today you are so clever as is Jim for his quick work. Thank you. Now I really must try grunge paste! Hope Grace arrived safe and sound – dance around the kitchen to the happy song again is a must. Enjoy your evening. Love Diane xx

  10. You've only gone and done it again!!! – love them both!!!! Love America – love these stencils!!! Plus for me the 4th of July is the Birthday of …….ssssh …..wait for it….Parking Enforcement in London!!!…we are 20 years old tomorrow!!!! boy …where have those years gone!!! So I raise my bottle of Bud in salute and wish you Happy Independence Day – to one and all
    Much love

  11. Brilliant artwork. Love those new stencils-well done to you for getting them out in time! I also love Grungepaste-it's so easy to make it look good with your stencils. Wish my husband would get the idea that it's not supposed to look perfect when coloured up though! Thanks, Barbara. Jan

  12. My American pen pal sent me a few bits to remind me ( I did well as sent her a card I made and it had the statute of liberty onto !) Can we have some think like this for St.Georges day next year please as I am proud to be English but we don't celebrate it well enough ( the Irish have shown how it should be done for years as there is no way to miss St.Payricks day lol!)
    A stencil with English flag and rose with some reference to St.george ????

  13. Hi Barb I love your 4th of July sale 🙂 I shall have a pick after your show on Sunday to see what you make me buy lol. I will be buying the gelli plate mount as this is fabulous and I hated wasting paper and card under it. I love your new stencils and I think it is brilliant that you or one of the team get an idea and het presto there is a new stencil.

    Have fun

    Love Denise x

  14. Lovely new stencils Barbara, and just gorgeous results using the grunge paste, with that wonderful shading to finish the arty look and adore the gelli plate background. I know how you feel as it's difficult when kids live a long way away but crafting instantly lifts the spirits. Thanks for this great demo. x

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