YouTube Tuesday with Maya Angelou and a Gelli Plate

YouTube Tuesday with Maya Angelou and a Gelli Plate

Hello there,
Thanks for stopping by.
This week, I thought it would be cool to combine the Gelli Plate with some Claritystamps and stencils.
The Leafy Swirl Stencil and the Dotty Wave Stencil were 2 of our very first designs, and I have to say, they really hit the spot! Here, I  have used them together. See what you think…

Hope you enjoyed that!
Items Used:
Talcum Powder
Make-up Sponges

Next week, on YouTube Tuesday, we will be taking a look at another neat background technique; 
some of you will know it; many of you won’t.
Hope to see you then!
Otherwise, do pop in each day to support this Blogathon!
Do you know, I have been writing a daily blog since October last year? And just when I think I’m going to run out of steam and ideas, something cool turns up.
I shall just keep calm and wait (pray?) for a moment of Clarity 
for tomorrow…..

much love,

42 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday with Maya Angelou and a Gelli Plate

  1. Morning Barbara,
    I just love the swirly leaves stencil ( and the matching stamps both are my absolute favourite stamp/stencil ) and how you've used them in this beautiful piece of artwork, thanks for sharing.
    Love your ramblings and the blog.

  2. I think we will all be keeping calm and praying for your moment of Clarity , as your blog is so appreciated not just for the creativity you share and inspire but the words of wisdom , the life observations , the fun and humour and mostly you being you.
    So if you ever run out of steam or ideas that's okay we all have times that it's just not to be but hopefully that's when we can help and return a small fraction of what you give us every day.
    Another fab demo and already intrigued what will be next weeks offering !

  3. Hello Barb, simply beautiful and totally inspiring, great video with how to get the perfect aperture (I was wondering!) thank you for starting my day off just right, and if ever you run out of steam, I am sure some of your amazing blog followers will give you a push start. Thank you for everything your share with us daily. Must put this in my "must remember book". And as my mega mounts have arrived, I can try yesterdays idea too. Bx

  4. Hi Barbara! Simply stunning! You always make me want to get my Gelli plate out and play….I have to go to work first though! Have a super day.
    Love and hugs xxx

  5. Just loved that another perfect video I will have ago at that later have just got those stamps will post mine for you to see later hopefully have a good day xxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Another brilliant video tutorial. Certainly one that I will be having a go at and for once I have everything listed! My mega mount and Clarity characters arrived yesterday so perfect timing! Thanks Barb for everything. Love Alison xxxx

  7. Guten Morgen Barbara….absolut klasse…..ich bin begeistert….hoffentlich gibt es die GelliePlate und die Schablonen auch bald bei uns in Deutschland…. Liebe Grüße Gaby

  8. Beautiful work you achieve with a geli plate, must use my credit note (if still valid) and purchase one. I need to move on to another level with my card making and think this is the way, then an e bosser. Oh for a little lottery win would have no problem spending the winnings. haha

  9. Oh Barbara that is a fabulous demo – one of my very favourite YouTube Tuesdays yet! As you were working I was thinking of what I had in my stash that I could do this with, so later I'll have to have a play. I have to admit when you were taping the stencil in place I was telling you I could see a shadow … then having a chuckle wondering just how many of us today would be shouting at the TV/PC/tablet/phone telling you to move the stencil! Thanks Barbara.
    Hugs xxxxxx

  10. Hello Barbara. Thank you for a great video and tutorial, especially as you used one of my favourite stencils, image stamps and my favourite saying!!! Will definitely give this a go and will try some different colours too to see the effect. Have a lovely day. Crafty hugs to everyone xx

  11. Hi Barbara great you tube video today thank you. The leafy swirl stencil is my favourite and I'm proud to say mine is as messy as yours ! Lol I must wash it meet time! Thank you for extending our printing with the use of inks around and in the appature I must try that because it looks wonderful.. A friend came round on Friday to play with my geli plate and she was amazed by what she achieved. Hopefully she will br buying one. Have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  12. You run out of steam and creative mojo, never, you're every pore oozes it!. Thank you for this great demo. I have just tried out my new gelli plate with my distress inks as I don't have any acrylic paints at present, so please could you give us a few more ideas when using these as well as the acrylic paints. I will of course hope to get some acrylics but maybe not for a little while yet. I was quite pleased with the results I got with my first attempt, so onwards and upwards as they say. x

  13. Hi Barbara, what a gorgeous piece of artwork. So pleased you've chosen this for a You Tube Tuesday. You've made me want to get my Gelli out again, but first I have school reports to finish. but that doesn't matter as I know that this video is preserved for posterity and will always be ready when I am xx

  14. Love the demo, leafy swirl is my favourite stencil. Love the you tube Tuesdays. Just a question why does my comment disappear every time I try and post? I end up have to type it twice.. must have gremlins in my system. Best wishes Joan x

  15. Great video as ever, and another idea that I shall have to try! Hope you're not feeling too much pressure to come up with new ideas all the time – we don't want to wring you dry, just give you a little squeeze to keep those ideas popping out!!! Thanks for the ongoing inspiration – my new stamps arrived yesterday, and are calling my name… Susan x

  16. Hi Barb,
    That was sensational. I feel so inspired I may even get my gelli plate out for its baptism by acrylics!! The finished design is so beautiful and arty – I love it.
    Hope all are well xx

  17. this is a cool technique. i keep forgetting about talcum though. that is a lovely saying from Maya. it is my fave to. praying can help so use everything that does, hugs xx

  18. Post yesterday Hi Barb!!

    I started watching this last night on my iPad in bed – but fell asleep part way through and woke up later with iPad on my face! – now thats not because I was bored – just exhausted after a busy day at work – so I picked up where I could last remember and watched the rest this morning!
    Great YouTube VT – so really love them and love the design on this one
    Much love
    Kim xx

  19. Hi Barb wow wow wow, I love the talcum powder idea, you are amazing and the tricks you know are brilliant. I love it what a lovely piece of art and some lovely words by one of the most remembered Ladies x

    Love Denise

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