Saturday Open Day 2

Saturday Open Day 2

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
What a day we had at the Crowborough Rugby Club! I honestly don’t think it could have gone any better! Thank you so much to all who attended and all who helped make it simply superb. 

I will blog about the Open Days when I get time to enjoy it later in the week…

Dave and I had to shoot up to London to a business do in the evening, and received a Commendation of Excellence in the Family Business Place, which is a fancy way of saying a runner up award. Which is very lovely and flattering. Very posh gig indeed. 
And driving through London Friday rush hour was pretty hairy too!
But Dave got to wear cufflinks (why do I always have to hesitate before I say – cufflinks? It’s because I always go to say handcuffs !!!)
Well that would have put a different spin on the evening at Goldsmiths! Dave in handcuffs!!!

We were so busy yesterday, I completely forgot to tell you about a new and very clever addition to our Gelli Plate line!
The Clarity MegaMount
It was Dave’s idea, and I have to say, a damn fine one it is, too!
You know how we always lay the card on the Gelli Plate?
Well, Dave decided we needed something 
to enable us to take the Gelli Plate to the surface!
So basically, we have made a huge mount which the Gelli Plate simply clings to!
It’s 7″ x 7″
made of super quality thick acrylic, 
and has orientation lines etched into it.
Haha! See me posing with my Ipad in the reflection? X
So the Gelli Plate sits in the etched square,

and you can load it with paint and ink, 
just as you always would…

 then flip it over and place it your artwork on your surface.
We think it will be brilliant for journaling, scrapbookers, fabric, canvasses, quilters
wall-art, home decor and the list gets longer.
See how the Gelli clings?
So would all your XL stamps that
you don’t have a big enough mount for!

You can pull half-prints,

or diagonals.
And if you want to stain the etched lines, the grid, that’s easy too.
Add a little acrylic paint to the etched surface.

Wipe the paint into the grooves,
and buff.
Paint stays in the grooves.
So if you want to colour code for specific projects,
It’s easy peasy too…..
And do we make a Megamount for the larger 8″ x 10″ Gelli Plate?
 Yes, we do. Exactly the same, but 9″ x 11″
Which will also solve your mounting issue for 
ANY XL stamp you might have!
Are they for sale yes?
Oh yes!
Although we nearly sold out! 
We will make more on Monday!


That’s one thing I really love about working at Clarity: 
Have an idea, make it.

40 thoughts on “Saturday Open Day 2

  1. Hi Barb,
    Pleased yesterday was such a success and I'm convinced today will be as good if not better. Everyone looks really happy. Congratulations on your new award and doesn't Dave look very dapper! Pleased you didn't put him in handcuffs! Wow! What a very clever idea and so simple really – well done to Dave for that piece of inspiration. Definitely on my wish list. Have a great day , love Alison xxx

  2. Hello.Barbara,

    Glad yesterday was a success (never doubted it for a moment) and the gelli plate mount looks to be a great idea. I have just ordered my first gelli plate and am awaiting delivery.

    Dave looks gorgeous but I would have liked to see a picture of you both! Congratulations on your award. You have certainly earned it.

    Roz xx

  3. Blooming fantastic and doesn't Dave look good in his handcuffs (oops I mean cufflinks!) – looks like day 1 was a huge success – day 2 no doubt will be equally fantastic if not better!!! Wishing you and all the crew a fantastic day!!

    Much Love
    Kim xx

  4. Congratulations on your award, I am exhausted just thinking about your busy day. I hope that Sunday is a lovely day and you can chill with a big smile on your face. You are amazing. Much love Jillx

  5. Hi Barbara, congratulations on your award and Dave looks very Dashing. Love the Megamount will have to get one. So glad the 1st Open Day went fantastically, not surprised with you super team. Can't wait to see you in July xx.

  6. Good morning. Well, what a handsome fella you have. With handcuffs or cufflinks I bet you had a great time. What a happy bunch of ladies too! Hope you'll get some time to relax and take stock and recharge the batteries. xx Margaret Col.

  7. Hi Barb,
    Congrats on your award, and to Dave for his inspirational idea – clever man – and I think he would look even more fabulous in cufflinks!!! But where's a photo of you in all your finery?

    Only one thing wrong with your photographs of the Open Day, I'm not on them, hopefully maybe in the future I'll be able to get down there.

    Take it easy for the next few days to recover. I hope you manage to spend some quality time with Grace and that Steve is well on the mend

    Love to all xx

  8. Well done on the award Barbara, and also to Dave for coming up with the Mega Mount which I'm sure will be very popular. I also have just ordered my Gelli Plate and can't wait to try it out! Open Day 1 looked fantastic and I'm sure Day 2 will go equally as well. Hope you manage to relax tomorrow. x

  9. Looks like yesterday went really wel I'm sure today is fantastic to so wish was able to come hopefully another time, just love the plate for the geli plate need one of each of them will be brilliant x

  10. You look like you had a very successful day yesterday and a lovely and well deserved award in the evening, the venue looks very swish! Dave looks very posh in his evening attire. Pity we didn't see what you were wearing, I'm sure you looked lovely as always. Hope the weekend continues to be busy but rewarding. Joan x

  11. well done on the award and so glad the first day went well – hope today went well too – we've had our school fair which I help organise – it was fab xx

  12. Glad your first open day was such a success, and good luck for today!! Doesn't Dave scrub up well, and he's not just a pretty face either – great idea about the gelli mount – maybe next Christmas…..
    Susan x

  13. Congratulations on your latest award, you deserve it. I thought the mount was an excellent idea when you showed us yesterday, very versatile. Hope today is as successful as yesterday but sure it will be. I am going to spend some time using new stencils in a while. Hope you not too tired after today but I think you can be very pleased with yourself for the brilliant Open Days. xx

  14. Congratulations on your award and on the first day of 'Clarityfest'. I am so sad I couldn't make it but hopefully next year! What a dapper chap Dave is in his finery……….. but where is the photo of you??? Off to order a megamount what a smart idea. XX

  15. Hi Barbara, thanks for a fantastic day, to you, the members if the DT and the team from Clarity Towers. It was great to see all the different demos and I've learnt loads!!! And spent just as much!!,😊 Congratulations on your award last night. Forgot to ask how Steve was, I do hope all is going well for him. Hope you all get time for some R and R. xx

  16. What a clever idea. Will be ordering when I've been paid! Congratulations on the award. You all deserve it (but wonder who beat you to the top and how!?) Wish I could have been at the open day, but I'm sure I've saved a lot of money by living too far away! It all looks great. Thank you, Jan

  17. Glad your first day went well Barbara, everybody looks very happy in the photos. Congrats on winning yet another award, well done to you all. Dave looks great in his finery – what about a photo of you in your outfit? Good idea with the mounts, no wonder your company goes from strength to strength. Pat x

  18. Well, what can I say – brill day, brill idea, brill Dave BUT Barb, we know you are shy and retiring (lol) but we all want a pic of you in your finery! I just love clarity but also do live your dress sense too !!!

  19. Thank you for a wonderful day; it was lovely to meet the team and see the demonstrations. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I really hope that you are pleased with the open days because they certainly seem to have been a roaring success from my point of view. Now, I'm looking forward to the workshops in July – can't wait!! Many congratulations on your latest award

  20. It was indeed a great day and lots of fun was had by all who attended, i loved meeting your lovely Mum and brother Steve and have to say you all look so alike although Steve did say he was the Good Looking one of the family !! Oooops sorry I wasn't meant to tell you that !! Great day, company, Demo's and everyone who made it happen Thank You !! xx

  21. Sounds as if you are doing superbly all round.
    I'm not though, as I was reading your blog without my glasses, not normally a problem unless I'm tired. But it was only when I read that you could pull half-PINTS using the gelli mount that I realised how tired I must be – or desperate for a drink. Of course, half-PRINTS makes much more sense, but is not nearly so funny! Perhaps Dave could work on it………

  22. Morning Barb, only getting to read yesterdays blog post now. Congratulations on your award, you are so deserving of it, along with the team. Dave looks so dashing now where is a picture of you all dolled up. Lovely pics of openday 1. Looking at the comments, everyone had a fabulous time. Great idea for the gelli mounts. Will look at getting mine, hope to see some you tube demos with it. Bx

  23. Just manage to pop in here after a very long day yesterday. Am glad all went well at the opening doors and that you had a nice evening in London.
    What a brilliant man you have, not really surprised with his name (same than my man…..)….Lol!!! I love the idea and like others I hope a you tube demo one of those days.
    Laurence xx

  24. Hi Barbara just catching up as I missed your post yesterday. Really pleased to hear the day was a great success your teams hard work really paid off. Congratulations on the award but 'you was robbed' of first place. Doesn't Dave scrub up well! Would be great to see a photo of you too. Love the gelli holder idea well done Dave. Love Diane xxx

  25. Fave does look smart in his suit and handcuffs lol. What a busy weekend you both have had. But a fun one also and a stressful one I bet as there is always loads to worry about. After looking at the pics for the weekend I don't think I would have been too comfortable there in my wheelchair as it looked very busy. Well done on your successful open weekend.

    And a massive well done to Dave on the fab idea for the gelli plate. I will have to get one as it will save a load on copy paper lol.

    Time for some rest I bet Barb.

    Loads of love Denise x

  26. Hi Barb,
    I reckon you're all jiggered with the open days and having a bit of a rest. Well you certainly deserve it, along with all your team. I'm busy finishing off my Victorian costume for a school visit to Beamish Museum (open air museum up in Durham) with my 7 year old granddaughter's class tomorrow. Of course, I made sure her outfit was done a week ago. I just hope it's fine but not too sunny or I'll melt in a pokey bonnet and HUGE outfit!!
    Love to all and I hope your neck and back held up xx

  27. Somehow missed this blog yesterday. Looks like a fabulous event and I really wish I could have been there. The Gelli mounts look like they might be useful. I'm sure you're going to show us some demonstration ideas for how to use them. As you say, it must be wonderful to have an idea and be able to have it made by your own company. Well done to all of you for organising and hosting such a wonderful even. Maybe I could come down to the next one if it was during the school holidays. Now I'm counting the days to when I join you in August…can't wait xx

    1. Sorry, I meant to say Congratulations on your commendation and I think that Dave looked very smart. But where's the photo of you in your posh frock, or were you wearing a policeman's outfit to go with Dave's handcuffs? xx

  28. Congratulations on your award, Dave looks so smart. Been and bought the 'Mega' mat. Looked as though you had a really busy and good day at Crowborough. I would have loved to have driven the 3 hundred miles plus to go but unfortunately we had to drive 2 hundred miles to watch our granddaughter play her violin with the Ischea Linea Symphonia at The Celtic Manor Hotel in Newport. Mum, Auntie Liz, Nan and Grandad a bit shaky with nerves but Holly fantastic.

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