Hello there!
Well, it’s friday, and very, very early.
The First Clarity Open Day
Oh boy, do I hope it goes well!
We had a long day, getting the hall ready…
It always looks a bit daunting when you start,
with a huge empty space,
and a huge full van….
Jayne was feeling queezy after blowing up all the balloons, 
but always puts on a brave face.
Sam just propped her up.
Grace hauled tables around and jumped to it.
So Sam propped her up, too.
Suddenly there was so much gear in the clubhouse, 
even my Mum wondered where we intended to put the 
200 visitors each day….

In fact, there was quite a lot of head scratching and 
Oi Vay going on.
When I said,“I know what to do! Let’s make a camp, 
and put all the Demonstrators in the middle!”
there was definitely a sense of
“she’s finally lost it.” 

And for a moment, I thought Jayne was getting ready to throw something at me…
But hey ho!
I had a vision…
So they persevered,

We did a few stretching exercises, 
keeps the blood circulating;
Bunting, balloons,
and before you know it:
 we have lift-off.
And there’s Sam sitting down again.
Must have been all that propping us up…

But seriously though folks.
It was a blimming long day.
And we still have to do a load before our guests arrive!
But that’s it. We have done the best that we possibly can.
As a team, we have worked our socks off.
So we’ve put in the action…
and now we have to hand it over, 
and just enjoy the ride!
So wish us luck!
And I’ll tell you all about it later!
much love,


  1. I will be leaving in an hour to pick up a friend then heading up to Crowborough see you in a while, I am sure everything will be fine afterall … You have a plan ….xx

  2. I will be leaving in an hour to pick up a friend then heading up to Crowborough see you in a while, I am sure everything will be fine afterall … You have a plan ….xx

  3. Good luck. Hope the days goes well for you all. Wish I could be there but I will be crafting with a friend (Gelli plate) and with you in spirit.

  4. Barb, it looks like you all had a lot of work to do, but it ended up looking fabulous, wish I was going. Have a great day, I am sure it will be fab, to you and everyone that is going, have a great time, looking forward to hearing about it. Bx

  5. Barb, Dave, Grace and All the Crew —- looks bloody fantastic!!!!! All that hard work will come to fruition today and tomorrow!!! Have an absolute ball all of you – I am sure tonight you will all be dead on your feet but feeling very happy!
    Have a simply super day all of you
    So sorry I cannot visit 🙁
    Much love and good luck to you all
    Kim xx

  6. Good luck, have a great day meeting old friends and making new ones. I hope all the travellers have a safe journey and you are all filled with a glow of happiness at the end of the day. Much love Jillx

  7. I have a precious ticket for today and I have been looking forward to it for sooooo long, but after being poorly all day yesterday I'm just not going to make it so I'm beside myself with disappointment. The hall looks fabulous, so intriguing, and I just know that everyone is going to have a fabulous day. Have fun everyone, create and make art!!

  8. The hall looks fab, well done to you all, am leaving in half hour, hope my sat nav takes me the right way lol. Have got my list of things I want to get and no doubt will be returning with more than what is on my list lol. See you soon

  9. I was planning to come, but as it is a long way, and I didn't manage time of, I won't be with you. Anyway I would have had to cancel as my man is in hospital.
    It looks great and am sure you'll all have a stunning time. All my spare thoughts are with you….Lol!!! So just enjoy and tell us all about is after.
    Laurence xx

  10. The hall looks amazing Barbara you and the team have worked really hard. I hope you have a fantastic day hope it's not too warm and you have a wonderful time. Will be thinking of you all and will look forward to your post later (if you are still awake!) love Diane xxx

  11. I certainly do wish you all luck, although I don't think.luck is needed with all the planning and hard work you have all done. Looking forward to loads of great photos. xxx Maggie

  12. Wishing you all luck. I know it will be a successful couple of days. Don't forget though to rest and keep looking up at the ceiling! Well done on getting the ready it looks fab. XX

  13. Hi Barbara. Thanks for the great pics and comments : ) You have all done a fantastic job and I am sure that it will all go really well and will be so worth all of you and your teams hard work. I hope everyone visiting has a safe journey anda great time. Looking forward to seeing the pics : ) Take care.

  14. Hello Barbara,

    The hall looks great. Wish I could be there. Have a great two days and I am looking forward to hearing all about it.

    Take care of yourself and please say hello to Paul for me.

    Roz. Xx

  15. I'll be there today to see all your hard work Barbara (& team of course!) – I'll be bringing my bank manager with me! lol …..Will definitely be browsing through the new stock.
    Looking forward to hopefully meeting some more of the Clarity folk, and maybe some of the FB group too.
    Enjoy a nice strong coffee before the doors open! See you later, & good luck with the next two days, I'm sure it will go swimmingly – so "Keep calm & carry on"…..& if that doesn't work……… "DON'T PANIC MR MANNERING!!!"
    Carole x

  16. Everyone's hard work seems to have paid off as the hall looks fab and ready for action. I like your Plan! Lovely photo of your mum and noticed that Sam must have been a busy bee as she seems to be in nearly every photo…LOL!
    Think your plan to have the demonstrators in the middle is a good'un and I'm guessing that someone's gonna be demoing the GP judging by the size of that pile on the table.
    Wishing you every success and to everyone who's going …I'm very jealous
    PS Remember to breathe xxx

  17. Enjoy the day Barb and everyone else that has helped and is helping. It will be a fabulous day and I so wish I could have came down. I plan to get round the places I want to over the next year and hopefully you will hold another open day I can attend then.
    Lots of love Denise xx

  18. Sorry I can't be there, but I know it will be an amazing 2 days.Have a wonderful exhausting time. Don't forget to mind that back and neck. xxxxxxxxxxx for all.

  19. Woohoo!! have a fantastic day Barbara – I'm sure it will be worth all your hard work. I envy all the peeps that are going to get to see it – have a great time everyone. Pat x

  20. Looks Amazing all that heard work but I know you will all have a fabulous time I wish I could have been there enjoy the time look forward to updates and pics much love and hugs Pauline xxxxx

  21. Hi Barb,
    and Grace, and Dave, and all the Clarity team. I am sure that you will have an absobluminlovely great day. I am sooo jealous. I just wish I didn't live up in Newcastle upon Tyne, it's such a long way to come for just one day.
    Of course, I could have stayed overnight and bought tickets for two days but that may have caused a divorce! Although after 48 years together a change would be as good as a rest!!! Have a super day with all the Clarity crafters and post some more photo's. (I love the ones already posted and your mum looks fab, if a little puzzled at your "plan" ha ha.
    Love to all xx

  22. Hello Barb, I'm not jealous, really I'm not, not any at all! OK I am! You are all going to have such a wonderful day and it looks stunning. But you are going to be very tired so take lots of chances when you can for a sit down and a cuppa. Looking forward to the after piccies. xx Margaret Col.

  23. I couldn't get there as I live too far away here in Somerset, and I must say I am very envious of all the lucky people that will be there with all those lovely goodies and demos, and to be able to meet you all in person. Anyway I'm sure all your hard work will have payed off, so have a great day. x

  24. Good Luck Barbara and team! Hope it goes so well it will become an annual event and then I can get there next year. Good to see your mum looking so very well. Mickie x

  25. it looks like you and your team have worked really hard and I'm sure you'll have a fabulous day – don't be put off by the whiners – there's always 1! Enjoy and relax!!! If you can! Then do it all again tomorrow – you are such an inspiration Barb! Brilliant xx

  26. Just home after a wonderful 4hrs at the Open Day. A huge thank you to everyone involved as it was obvious how much hard work had gone into the organising and setting up not to mention all the fantastic demos. Everyone was so kind, helpful and cheerful, I hope tomorrow is as successful. Please, please, please do it again next year, many thanks Jane x

  27. It all looks great, I can't wait till tomorrow, been looking forward to this for so long!you have all worked really hard that is obvious, so I don't think you have anything to worry about. See you all tomorrow!Wendyx

  28. Well done Barbara and all your fab team, it has been a brilliant day. I learnt quite a lot from you all, looking forward to trying out all my new goodies. Spent too much really but my husband was encouraging me. He is very impressed with grunge paste think he wants to try it. Your venue worked well and your family is lovely. Thankyou so much to everyone. xx

    1. Hi Lynne – I didn't realise that you were standing two people along from me when we were watching Sam demoing – my other half was talking to your hubby about Windsor Castle!
      I think it would be a good idea next time if we all wore name badges! It was a great day and I just wish I was closer to where they hold the workshops – the Clarity guys & gals are all so informative and certainly bring out the creative side in us all 🙂 Have a lovely evening, Carole x

    2. I think that would be a good idea for those who want to wear name tags. Hope you enjoyed your day. I would love to do a workshop too and looks as if we are off to Windsor Castle as well in the future. I think my husband was quite pleased to find a few more men to chat to. Hope you had a good journey home. xx

  29. Just got back, BRILLIANT day, spent loads oops!!! Well done to ALL at Clarity you ALL did a brilliant job and pampered to all our needs including the coffee. Great idea about a south east craft club, great venue. All the best for tomorrow, enjoy the rest on Sunday. Much love xx

  30. Bet you ll have a great day! it looks amazing, wish I could be there but you are just a bit far away!

    maybe next time I'll plan a night away.

    have fun……. look forward to hearing all about it.

    Hilary x

  31. Looks as if you all had a great time setting everything up and by the comments from the people that actually went it sounds as if they all had a wonderful time. Please do one for next year Barb as I would love to come.
    God bless
    Jan xx

  32. Good morning Barbara from the photos on Facebook it looks like it was all a great success yesterday. I hope it all goes well today. I really wish I could be there. Have fun. Hugs Jackie

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