Monday’s Blog, and I found a fabulous old Palm Leaf!

Monday’s Blog, and I found a fabulous old Palm Leaf!

Hello there!
Thank you so much for stopping by!
Sorry I’m a little late this morning; blame the M25 up to Heathrow last night. At one point, there were 8 lanes, 4 in either direction, in total gridlock. And I was looking longingly at the homeward bound side, thinking, “Great, whenever I get to Terminal 3, and pick up my baby, I can turn around, and join the back of that lot!” The only consolation was that Virgin Atlantic were backed up from New York, so Grace was late, too! What a crazy world we live in.
But to the old frond I found! I had completely forgotten about this huge and fabulous palm frond or fern I drew many years ago, until Dave found it in our old garage which has just been demolished, 
(Didn’t need much pulling down!)
And Sunday being Sunday yesterday, I thought I would clear the island in the kitchen, prepare loads of blogs for this week, have a Gelli Plate play so that Grace and I had more time together!
So this week, my friends, you are getting various things served on Gelli Plate backgrounds – including tomorrow’s YouTube!
I used the large 8″ x 10″ one, too. This was due primarily to the fact that I left my little one at the office! But there you have it; work with what you’ve got – that’s my approach to most things!
So Monday’s blog is trees and flowers.
This is pretty cool…
For anybody who has just stumbled across this blog, the Gelli Plate is a brilliant piece of kit for creating mono-prints, for transferring ink, and loads more!
Let’s get cracking. 
I have worked with the Golden Open Acrylics here. 
We stock the colours I use. Be warned: they are expensive, but what can I tell you? They are fantastic, you don’t need much at all, a tube will last an age, and the way they work is brilliant. 
More like an oil than an acrylic, and very slow drying. 
What do I think? Well worth the investment.
Lay the Gelli Plate on a sheet of matching white Gelli card, 
to make positioning your prints easier.
Then add a little amount of Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold 
 Spread it out with your Speedball brayer,
Introducing the fab XL Palm Frond, which has been brought 
back out of retirement !
Lay it on the paint, wiggle it slightly, 
and lift!
Transfer the image to a clean piece of card.
It’s a brilliant paint impression! 
Not ink, PAINT. Think about that…
Do this several times. 
You can get a second and third faded print from the stamp, too.
You end up with your Gelli Plate full of leaves in relief:
Now look at the first print from the Gelli! 
Wouldn’t mind a wallpaper like this…. 
William Morris, here we come!
Pull a second one.
(This is going to be beautiful – have faith)
Right. Next colour Phthalo Blue. Do the same thing again.

Spread it out again.

Ink up the stamp,
add it to the white piece. ( I left a gap for one)
The Gelli Plate holds a perfect amount of paint for your stamp. 
There is no other way as efficient as this that I have found.
And you are creating a great print as you work!

 Start overlapping the colours with the second generation paint.

Start a couple of new pieces with the dark blue frond, 
the first generation of paint.

Stamp on the ghost print you pulled, too.
The blue in the background came when I pulled the second 
ghost print from the blue.
So you end up with several pieces from one little session:

the vibrant Gelli Print gold one,

the layered up, stamped with paint one, 

 and the ghost print.

 Let’s go with the ghost.
Lay out the Word Chain words,

Stamp them with a Stream Adirondack.

and trim back the piece, ready for mounting.

I’m going to use this piece as a background.
But let’s take a close look first…
How cool is this?

So there we are, a bright, refreshing piece 
for someone who has a big dream.

 They just need to keep the faith that it WILL happen.

Now I have a date with my little girl.
She has a magical dream; 
just sometimes dreams fade, or seem unreachable.
And then Mums like me come along,
 and help to clear the fog a little.

Gotta go!
But before I do,
how about a special offer and a list of ingredients
 linked to ye old Website!

So the 8″ x 10″ Gelli Plate.
For this week, and this week only, 
let’s adjust the price for you.
 £29.99 £24.99

Fab XL Palm Leaf Clarity Stamp
Special Offer: 
If you buy the large Leaf, 

we will send you the small one (worth £7.27) FREE.

Word Chains 5-8 + Mounts special Offer

Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold Open Paint
Phthalo Blue Open Paint
Stream Adirondack Ink Pad
Speedball brayer
Gelli Card large (8.5″ x 11″)

See you tomorrow, for another Gelli Session!
If you haven’t got one, get one! 

love from,

42 thoughts on “Monday’s Blog, and I found a fabulous old Palm Leaf!

  1. Fabulous Barb! Just what I needed, a week of big gelli inspiration 🙂 I havn't got to grips with mine yet, keeping doing research but not any printing, so am going to have a go every day until I feel confident with it. Have fun with Grace xx

  2. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!! It is so nice. Can't say which one I prefer. Have a nice time with your daughter and thanks for sharing and the offers.
    Laurence xx

  3. Glad you eventually go it Grace home have a wonderful two weeks with her blow everything else just spend time with Grace she is so important loved today's blog and the leaf looking forward to week of geli plate x

  4. Beautiful card and great technique. I must get some Golden Open Acrylics. That fern creates a lovely print. Looking forward to a Gelli week! Have a lovely time with Grace. x

  5. Really beautiful stamp and card creation! Enjoy your special time with Grace – it's amazing to have a mum who helps you to keep hold of your dreams and sometimes to achieve them – I know, as I have one!!! Really looking forward to the week of gelli-inspiration, Susan x

  6. This is just lovely Barbara and look forward to more printing this week. I so want to get a gelli plate, but have to keep my spending down so could only afford the small one, so I am going to be cheeky and ask if you could have an offer on the small one too please, well if you don't ask you don't get as they say. Anyway, have a lovely time with Grace, and I'm sure she thinks you are the best mum ever. I think every parent should encourage their kids to have hopes and dreams and goals which sometimes seem unattainable, but with time and effort and perhaps adjustments along the way can become reality. x

  7. Good afternoon. Bet you are having such fun with Grace at home. This is a lovely set of prints. I only have the little plate but could do something just as amazing. It's the paints I need now. Poor bank account says here we go again! See you tomorrow. xx Margaret Col.

  8. Hi Barbara have a wonderful time with Grace while she is home you've hot to make the most of your time together.
    I love your prints and what a great idea to use paint for stamping I'd not thought if that
    Take care
    Jackie x

  9. Beautiful art work nice calming colours I have the little geli plate it's brilliant have a fantastic time with grace crafting hugs to all xxx

  10. Lovely colours and great for background, think I'll have to have those stamps…. now what's in the box that has just arrived …… Have a lovely time with Grace! x

  11. OOh! what beautiful artwork. I love this palm frond, makes me dream of hot sunny beaches…. well that would be a magical dream if I found myself lying on one of those any time soon, I'm more likely to be found lying flat on my back on the living room floor with a cold ice pack stuffed down my trousers. Before you start thinking I'm into anything kinky, I have a dodgy disc! but hey hoe life goes on. Think I'll have to slap myself on the wrist because I know that I will be ordering the palm frond…it's too good an offer to miss and being a gold member I get free postage.. hmm wonder what else might jump into my basket though?
    Have a wonderful time with Grace. I love my mother daughter time, sometimes the separation makes the together times all that more special.
    Love Jeanette xxx

  12. Really beautiful Barbara who would have thought a year ago you would be doing this it's fantastic. Have a wonderful time with Grace it's good to hear you got home safe and sound. Love Diane xxx

  13. Love this, just beautiful. I am slowly getting Gelli plate sorted, have made a few good prints so look forward to a week of ideas. You are going to have a great couple of weeks with your precious daughter. Not looking forward to the M25 at end of week when we come down for Open Day, just hope it is a good day with no holdups, but I am looking forward to watching your demo's. xx

  14. Barbara – one of the things I love about crafting is that you're always learning. I would never of thought of using the Gelli plate as a paint pad – can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing. Jean.x

  15. Hi Barb,
    What a fabulous stamp, I love it! Really need to practise more with my Gelli plates. I just think I've cracked it and then next time everything goes wrong! Looking forward to tomorrow's video. Hope you're enjoying your time with Grace. My abstract stencils, tulip and vases and the filigraphy stamps with flower stencil arrived today and can I just say they are all fabulous – thank you so much. Alison xxx

  16. Hi Barb, I love it,, and I've got the gelli plate but no paints yet so I'm glad you recommended the Golden because I've put them on my wish list. I hope Grace is well and that you have a wonderful time together.
    I've had a brilliant day prancing around dressed as a Pirate at Hartlepool Marina with year 2 of a local school in which I volunteer. The children were great (6 & 7 years old) and so full of enthusiasm, it makes it all worthwhile!!
    Love to all, and I hope Steve is progressing well. xx

  17. Hello Barb and Grace, hoping you have had a lovely day together – time spent with Mum in the loving circle of her arms will always make any worries or doubts melt away xxx
    Loving the frond and the pictures – restful and serene!
    Enjoy the rest of the day

    Much Love
    Kim xx

  18. Hi Barb, what can a person say? Apart from totally awesome!. Love the palm frond stamp. Hope the trip home with Grace was less eventful. Take care. Bx

  19. Loving the frond it is great. And I totally agree the gelli plate is fabulous and I love it. I really want the big one though.

    I hope you have had a lovely day with Grace.

    Denise xx

  20. What a beautiful design and a glorious result. Have a wonderful time with Grace. Time with your family is more important than anything else. xx Maggie

  21. That is sooo cool! I am going to have to have another go with my gelli plates. I bought the big one and the small one ages ago and have only used the small one once. I think I might have to get those paints, my attempts weren't very good so I put it away.

  22. I love it! I can't wait to try this technique! But first I've got to get a jelli plate, which has been on my wishlist for a little while now. 🙂

  23. Fantabulous work. Just got the one which was I searching for many days. I'm very inspired with your job. I think Grace will enjoy a lot with this. The fern prints are giving me a lovely feel. You are the perfect example of all other mom. Kindly continue this work and be a good illustration forever. And this is the first time I see Geli plate as paint plate. Need to try it. Thanks for sharing

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