You Tube Tuesday

You Tube Tuesday

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
It’s YouTube Tuesday here at Clarity, 
and this week we are celebrating the Gelli Plate. 
In fact, every day here, on this little ol’ blog, 
I am serving you a little ol’ treat on a Gelli Plate. 
I want to show you how different paints and inks work. 
So yesterday, we dished up Golden Open Acrylics, a rare and rather special kind of slow-drying acrylic paint. 
Absolutely fantastic, if you ask me. 
The finished work is as smooth as silk. 
Now the Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic Paint I am using in the video is a completely different animal. It’s a fast-drying paint, and although you may think to yourself, “well, the slow-drying Golden paint has got to be better; surely it gives you more time,” 
I just want to show you here how this fast-drying, less expensive paint is brilliant, too.
Watch the trick here. 
The slow-drying open Acrylics would work for this!  
Never mind the magpies!
You could wait until the cows came home before the paint dried! 

Items used:

So let’s take a look. If you buy Magpies 1 and 2, 
we will send you No. 3 as a gift.
Since it’s Gelli Plate week here at Clarity, 
there’s a special offer on this size plate too!
Strips of Punchinella or equivalent 
Copy Paper
much love,

46 thoughts on “You Tube Tuesday

  1. Hello Barb, absolutely brilliant video, really have to have a play with my gelli plates, so much to try, so little time. Love the magpie stencils. Have a great day. Bx

  2. I m so glad to have this one on a video. It is just so effective. Thank you for sharing it with us. Now enjoy your time with Grace. xxx Maggie

  3. Love the video, could hear the music at the beginning but not your instructions- could hear some of the background noise! Am I the one one who has experienced this?
    It was fun putting my own commentary to your video! I am looking forward to getting my gelli plate out later for a wee play.
    Have a fabulous day!

    1. Me too Fiona – frustrating isn't it?!
      Usually watch YouTube via my TV but that can't find this one so resorted to my phone and can't hear Barbara after the intro music. Very strange eh? Maybe Barbara is trying to test our ingenuity 😉
      Think I'll give up till later.

    2. Alison and Fiona, I found the same. But if you look at the bottom left of the video windown after selecting play you will see a picture of a little speaker, just click on it and slide the volume up. Hope this helps.

    3. Thanks Naomi, I did some investigating both with the link above, or with the YouTube app on the phone. Sadly no speaker button to be found. However … In the time since I posted earlier the TV has found the magpies (or maybe I just typed the magic combo of words into the search box!) So I've now seen the magpies and they are fab! I never thought I'd like the bird as we were surrounded by then where we lived before and they don't half make a racket! But these look so good I may just have to get them. Thanks Barbara, and have a lovely time with Grace xxx

  4. Good morning Barb that is an absolutely stunning print. I love how that works. I so want to give it a try and the magpies are gorgeous stencils with such detail.
    Fabulous youtube vid also Barb as always I have learnt loads from it as I will be trying this technique x

    Thanks again Barb xx

    Love Denise xx

  5. Another brilliant tutorial Barbara, I do Love You Tube Tuesday…and I love your top ….it reminds me of those gorgeous palm stamps that you show cased yesterday….have a great day with your girl….hugs…Jo. X

  6. Cool – I love the gelly plate and I am very happy about the gelly plate week! Always wanted to buy one – now is the time 🙂 have a wonderful day xx

  7. Hi Barbara. Just caught up on yesterdays post, I love the palm frond, the finished piece is gorgeous. Sorry to hear that you were stuck in traffic on Sunday eve, so annoying isn't it!
    Todays Magpies are beautiful, I love the composition and the colour is perfect for them : ) Have a great day. Take care.

  8. Hi Barbara great demo today I love the magpie stencils and the colour is just right. For once it's good to see magpies that aren't chasing the little birds around my garden! I hope you managed to get the paint off of your favourite top you need a clarity apron on! Have a wonderful day with Grace love Diane xxx

  9. Hi Barbara

    love these stencils and the punchanella (don't know how to spell)!! makes all the difference.

    Thanks for the gelli demo's I learn best by watching so find it really does it for me.

    I'm still distracted by mosaics at the mo but will get back to the cards soon 🙂

    Enjoy the sunshine and your daughter's visit . x x x

  10. Love love loved the magpie video now need stencils to have a go another one to list could get sound on phoe but worked on iPad better not quiet as clear sound as usual not sue if signal but really enjoyed it. Sun shining today here enjoy your day with Grace what ever you end up doing be blessed x

  11. Beautiful, got the magpie stamp but not the stencils, will maybe have to put that right. Lovely clear instructions will try out with some of my other stencils. Keep telling my husband he is going to love Friday's Open Day, He is adamant he is coming I reckon he secretly wants to stamp. Hope you enjoying having Grace home. xx

  12. Beautiful! I have various colours in the system 3 range and I always enjoy using them. Leaving the print to dry and then adding good old buff titanium to pull it off is my favourite technique. I get itchy gelli fingers when I watch you do a demo 🙂 XX

  13. Hello Barbara,
    Now just when I was looking to buy some Golden open acrylics (you are right, they are expensive!), you come up with a gorgeous design with good old Daler Rowney System 3! Decisions, decisions – I think it will have to be the cheaper ones though.
    I am superstitious about birds (I think it's something to do with miners taking canaries down the pits to alert the men if there was a gas leak) and although I love to see them flying around, and have loads of feeders in the garden, I won't have one in the house, no picture, ornament, anything. Hey ho, I'll have to use different stencils!
    I do love your artwork though, and I think you should get some overalls on – your clothes are too nice to spoil – I should talk, mine have inks, paints, glues and goodness knows what else on them!
    Enjoy your break with Grace, I bet your mum and dad are enjoying seeing her, and I hope Steve is still on the mend. Oops, I also hope Dave is well.
    Love to all xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Great video and good to have a refresher on this one. I loved it the first time I saw you do it and lovedit even more when my own attempt worked! I would love to get some of the open acrylics but a bit too expensive at the moment so I'll have to make do with my system 3. Thanks again. Love Alison xxx

  15. Another great video tutorial – no idea if the sound worked or not, as I had to lipread you whilst the OH is watching the footie!!! Might have a go at this with my first club stencil, as I don't have the magpies – thanks, Susan x

  16. Fab demo today Barbara. Waiting on my gelli plate to arrive. Will definitely try this one out when it arrives. Hope you are having a good time with Grace along with some good weather. Xx

  17. i've watched this at nec as well. love the deepness of the blue when you add the paynes gray to it. i was playing with gelli plate today doing something similar but with 3 layers rather than 2, hugs xx

  18. Hi Barbara, what a great You Tube demo today. The saying goes 'three's a disappointment', but these three are certainly not that! The colours and the punchinella detail are wonderful. Thank you for reducing the price of the 6 x 6 Gelli Plate too, and now I am definitely going to get one, and I am so looking forward to trying it out. x

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