A New Peacock Stencil…

A New Peacock Stencil…

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Wednesday’s blog is something new, right?
So here’s a lovely new Peacock stencil :
7″ x 7″
Lay the stencil on a piece of our 7″ x 7″ Gelli Plate card.
Only because it’s the same size!
I ran it through an embossing machine, but this is optional.
I actually flipped the embossed image, 
so that the peacock was recessed.
Use low-tack stencil tape to hold it in place.
Apply a little Pumice Stone Distress ink 
with one of our stencil brushes.
Then Tumbled Glass

When you remove the stencil, it looks really lovely.

 Just for the hell of it, I flipped the artwork, 
to see what it would look like with the Peacock standing out.
I also used a darker blue, Chipped Sapphire

bit more Worn Lipstick…
ink pad that is! Don’t you be kissing the bird all over!
People will start to talk!

 Flick a little water at the artwork and blot it with kitchen roll.

I like this, too.
Which one do you like best?
The darker, water-splatted one?
or the lighter, pastel one?
(I added a little shade with a Promarker, too.)
Pray tell!
much love,

71 thoughts on “A New Peacock Stencil…

  1. Hi Barbara
    What a great stencil . I love peacocks they are so elegant and the colours are amazing – do you do a peacock stamp or is it on the way?. It's hard to decide between light and dark but I think I am slightly edging towards the dark it reflects peacock colours being so vibrant. You do make me laugh I have got an image now of everyone kissing their work for worn lipstick lol. What a thought!!!
    Have a great day.
    Love Diane xxx

  2. Both beautiful, Barbara! I think it would depend on your mood 😀 I could have fun playing with that stencil….hmmmm…I feel a spending spree coming on….. LOL Jo x

  3. Good morning,
    This is fantastic, I played with the peacock stencil yesterday and it was not so good, however I can see how to make it pop. Jo did a fun thing with shaving cream that was terrified, so many options for this beautiful stencil, thanks

  4. I think they are both gorgeous, I'd be hard pushed to choose a "better" one!!perhaps 51-49 the dark side!!! Just thought I'd say, when I started making cards, found a stamp of lips which I used to put on the back of my cards as my 'signature' however on special cards I put on really red lipstick and kissed them myself!! Mad I know! Have a good day…..

  5. Morning Barbara – I like them equally as much as each other!!! I think they are fitting for different recipients so cannot choose between them!!!
    Im still in awe of so many stencils – I cannot keep up!!!
    Love them

    Much love
    Kim xx

  6. Really like them both but if I had to choose one I would go for the dark one. I saw this stencil while browsing a few days ago and added it to my basket so it is already winging its way to me, along with a few other new designs! This would look really cool guilded……………. XX

  7. Can't decide but if I had to choose it would be the dark by a narrow smidge. I might have tried Peacock feathers distress ink too as that's my fav colour or stream adi, a green like Bottle might be good. ..here I go again. Love the stencil & love peacocks although I wouldn't want to live near one with the noise they make. Have a good day xx

  8. Great stencil. I had seen it earlier on Jo Rice's blog and loved it. Prefer the darker version, but I also like the recessed look.

  9. Hi Barbara. Love the stencil . Can't decide between dark or light, think it will depend on on what mood you are in. At first glance I thought you had used gilding flakes, they would look great too. Take care.

  10. I can't wait for my stencil to arrive to get playing. I have so many ideas for it. It is beautiful and I love both versions, for different occasions. xxx Maggie

  11. I love it and I seen it on Jo's blog also and she did a fabulous job as always. It is beautiful as a Peacock is, I shall have to buy it 🙂 a beautiful peacock stamp would be wonderful too x

    Barb I like both the light and the dark and cannot decide, the dark looks more purplely and I can never resist a little purple, but the lighter one is so soft looking if that makes sense, these both are very pleasing to my eye therefore I cannot decide, not much help sorry.

    I will be ordering later today 🙂

    Love Denise xx

  12. Good morning Barbara, I have to say I like them both but the darker one gets my vote. I love the colours and the water splat is a great tip . Must try this ! X

  13. Hello Barbara, beautiful stencil which I picked up on Saturday! I like both colour ways, though am leaning towards the darker one. Hopefully will get time to play soon. xx

  14. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    ich bin begeistert von der Schablone und auch von den Farbkompositionen. Beide gefallen mir sehr gut da sie je nach Geschmack und Stimmung verwendet werden können. Vielen Dank für die tolle Inspiration. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  15. We bought this one at Crowborough on Saturday Barbara – and will have a go at that today as I have set aside some crafting hours. Loving the dark one so will try that first. Thanks again for such inspiration 🙂

  16. Morning Barbara, love them both and this stencil is just brilliant……but if I had to decide …..you know me…..Pale and interesting !!! lol….have a great day…hugs…Jo. X

  17. Hi Barb,
    The lighter one gets my vote, but I also like the dark, Hmmmmm. It's academic anyway, it's a bird stencil so not on my list BUT I'll try this technique on another of your lovely stencils, maybe the hearts!
    Enjoy your day with Grace and Dave xx

  18. I love the stencil, whichever way he is done, but if forced, I think the darker one appeals a bit more. Probably because I don't associate Peacocks with pastel colours.

  19. So hard to decide, but I think I prefer the dark vibrant one. I daren't go shopping again, but when I return from the 'girlie' week away with my elder daughter I'll be shopping for this stencil, it's so beautiful.

  20. Love them both! But I think the darker one grabs my attention more. Thank you so much for all the inspiration. You always bring a little light into each day. You always make me smile. Xx

  21. Hi Barbara,
    Loving this stencil, but I go for the darker side of life, so dark for me! But I do like the pale too, great artwork as usual, thanks for sharing on the blog. x

  22. Hi Barbara – noticed this stencil when I was browsing the other day and it didn't make it into my basket, but now I can really see it's potential! Love both versions, but I think the darker version is the one for me – sometimes more is more! Susan x

  23. Think I am in the minority as I really like the paler version, so delicate. I love peacocks but my husband cannot stand them not sure why. I bought so many stencils on Friday that I need to use some of them first before reaching for the bank card again. Beautiful though and I know it will be on my desk soon. xx

  24. I love them both, but if I had to choose, it would be the darker more dramatic look, but I think the pastel one if mounted on a nice dark blue card would look good too. A lovely peacock stencil Barbara, and I have added it to my ever growing list. x

  25. I was tempted by this stencil when I saw it on the website last night. I like the darker one best; it's really dramatic!
    Must sort out my finances! Thank you, Jan

  26. Hi Barb,
    Both of these are absolutely fabulous. I like them equally as much as each other. I think it might depend on who/ what I was doing it for if that makes sense! Peacocks are beautiful birds and so vibrant but I do think the pastel one would be good on occasions too. I feel a purchase coming on! Thanks again for the inspiration. Bet it would look good done in grunge paste/ texture paste and then inked up. Might have to give that a try ( after I've bought the stencil obviously!) love Alison xxx

  27. Love the stencil and like both version, just dépends of my spirit on the day. Just waiting for my payday and have to have it with a few others….
    Laurence xx

  28. Normally I would say that it depends on who or what it's for but this is a definite choice – The Darker every time . I love it and wish I could convince my manager to pay me more and give me more holiday time so I could afford all the Clarity Delights and have time to play more with them . Alas I fear I just landed myself more work for my cheekiness lol! I must add my boss is lovely and although more pay would be fab I am luck and have a job I love ( not so keen on the politics and red tape but my actual job I love , and I know how lucky I am to be able to say that !)
    Now may be this darker stencilled image with some glitter to ????

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