You Tube Tuesday – Gild it!

You Tube Tuesday – Gild it!

Hello there!
Thanking you for stopping by on YouTube Tuesday 
here at Clarity.
I thought it would be good to let the Gelli Plate have a rest, 
and get the Gilding Flakes out.
This is quick, simle
and very effective.
Now I know it’s June, and Christmas is many months away, but if you do make your own cards, or you are thinking about going for it this year, then this gilding flake trick on an adhesive sheet is really brilliant. And quick!
The trees used here are also super versatile, and certainly have a life beyond 25th December!

Items used:

Let’s have a special offer:
and we will send you the 10 A6 sheets of acetate FREE.
Hope you enjoyed that one!
much love,

43 thoughts on “You Tube Tuesday – Gild it!

  1. H Barbara. Lovely gilding, the finished pic is beautiful with the gorgeous mix of colours in with the golds. I agree it would be great to use for Christmas cards : ) Take care.

  2. Love today's project. I have never used the flakes but having watched the demonstrators at the Clarity Open Day and now watching you I may just have a go. Thank you for not getting fed up with giving us lots of inspiration.

  3. Good morning. Unfortunately after the lovely folksy music at the beginning of the tutorial the rest of it becomes a silent movie. I'm not too sure where the gremlins originate, but, if the music is audible I presume there is a naughty imp at your end.
    Hopefully, this will resolve itself in time, as I would like to hear the destructions.
    Have a lovely rest of day,x

  4. No gremlins my end, great demo Barbara, will try this later,and as you would make lovely Christmas card so will also try to put the right words in, will let you know. This make a beautiful, easy card to do thank you

  5. Hello Barb, love it, great video, and as you say it would make a great Christmas card, I love my gilding flakes, and your words of wisdom about a fan, should include open window, sneezing and/or breathing too hard while concentrating 🙂 Have a great day. Bx

  6. Love the effect when have tried before had trouble with stamping will have another go if first don't succeed try try again so will. Had trouble with sound so went on iPad was still not so good so went on YouTube was better sound but didn't spoil anything sure problem will be resolved as was ex lent before have a good day a lovely day again xx

  7. Hi Barbara lovely I really like this technique . I have still got a piece you demoed for me at the nec using noël it's fab isn't it. You came a day too late with the advice though I was using gilding flakes in front of an open window yesterday ! Interesting to say the least! Thank you for the video though I was wondering how to use that stamp and now I know. Hope you have a good day. Love Diane xxx

  8. Morning Barbara, no problems with the video on my iPad. I love this technique, though have managed to slice the acetate as well as the backing sheet in the past!!! As you say would make a lovely Christmas card. Have a lovely day. xx

  9. Just wTched the vidio music at the beginning no sound from you Barbara then music at the end even though you were silent Barbara I still know how to do the project Love again June xxxx

  10. Hi Barbara. Love the gilding flakes. What has happened to the sound in the last couple of weeks? I gave to have complete silence and the sound on maximum volume to be able to hear you. X

  11. Hi Barb,
    The gilding flakes always look fab, and there was no sound problem on my laptop. However, when you said don't do this in front of a fan I had to laugh, what about all the fans (the ladies who follow you) at your shows!
    Again, my twisted warped sense of humour.
    Had a fab day at Beamish yesterday. I was taken as an employee and asked for instructions to the toilets, and a friend (another volunteer who bought her outfit on e-b*y got staff discount when buying the coffees!!!) I wanted to send her back to get us all our lunches! ha ha.
    Have a good day, don't work too hard and love to all on the blog xx

  12. Great video. I haven't used my gilding flakes yet. I watched Maria doing the gilding flakes demos at the NEC back in March. Good to see this done again. I will probably cut right through, but practice makes perfect! I couldn't hear anything after the music, so had to turn the sound right up to hear you talking. Of course I then had very loud music at the end! Good tip about no fans! x

  13. Great video – love the NDC stamp and now I have another inspiration for using it! Must try to get over my fear of the mess from guilding flakes – maybe the big tub is the way to go…. Thanks, Susan x

  14. Brilliant demo Barb. I forget that I have loads of gilding flakes! Where did I put them. Oh, and thank you for the club stamp. I thought that if you turned it upside down it would look like a string of fairy likes. Thanks Elaine x

  15. Lovely demo, no problems with sound for me could hear you clearly. I have all the items to have a go at this. You need one of your mum's spectacle chains so you not looking for glasses. Please tell her mine is lovely and several people have commented how nice it is. xx

    1. That has just reminded me, I could do with a spectacle chain. Have you still got any of those your Mum made? If so, please can I pick one up at the Retreat, Barbara. xx Maggie

  16. Hi Barbara, Jo Rice showed me this technique at one of her workshops and I think it is great…simple but very effective. The tip on how to get the acetate on without air bubbles etc made all the difference as this was the one thing that was spoiling my work. Thank you for your demonstration and helpful advice.
    I too had trouble with the sound again when I watched you on my android phone, even when I watched straight from You Tube. However, on my laptop you are loud and clear. I imagined your voice in my head and made up my own commentary and then compared it with the original later. Not sure whether it's the mobile app that we are all having trouble with. Maybe you could get your nice young man at the Clarity Offices to have a look? Is he called Jim?
    Love You Tube Tuesdays!
    best wishes
    Jeanette xx

  17. Loved the demo. Have not used gilding flakes before but this has given me the inspiration to have a go. No problem with the sound on my PC. Shame I couldn't make either of the open days but will definitely look out for the next ones. well done Barbara and all your team. Lynda xx

  18. I LOVE guilding flakes, can never go wrong with a bit of bling! The only trouble I have is I don't have any of the acetate sheets so I have a feeling they will be on my next order. I saw you do this type of technique on your latest DVD and tried it out, but cut right through the acetate! Oh well will have to give it another go. Thanks for the demo XX

  19. Good evening Barbara – loved this demo – you made me laugh – I talked amongst myself and must learn to work magic with my fingers!!!
    Much love
    Kim xx

  20. Thank you for all your lovely comments. So sorry that the sound is bad for some of you! It is frustrating for me too, after all this work!!!! We will see what is wrong and try to correct the problem xx

  21. What an opulent design! Love the effect of using two different gilding flakes, I really must have a go myself, thank you for the great ideas. x

  22. I love the idea of using the gilding flakes with this stamp, and using two different ones works really well. Now I get the opposite problem on my Android tablet, I get great sound but no picture, but everything is fine on the main computer. Anyway, thank you for another great demo. x

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