Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by today.
You may recall (I will never forget)
that last week, we launched You Tube Tuesday.

There was some hilarity and a mild meltdown, whilst I struggled to  get revved up, but I would say that this week is much improved!

Amazing what a couple of new cameras and personal focus can do!
The video is longer, too. We decided to keep it in real time, and not speed it up. Half the magic here is how quickly one can actually arrive at one’s creative destination.  
I used 3 brilliant Clarity Masks:
Castle & Bunting Mask

Rooftops & Bunting Mask

Moon Mask

They actually come in a very good 

(So you get the Clouds and Hills, too!)
Also used:
Ruler & Sharpie

Hope you enjoyed that one. I have to say, our Landscape and Skyline Masks are pretty cool. 
It’s quite amazing what can be achieved with a Clarity mask, 
a couple of ink pads and 
a make-up sponge.
much love,


  1. Very effective. Great video Barbara. So happy that you've decided to make these You Tube videos. Now I can watch you whenever I want or need you. You're a star. Must get to sleep now x

  2. I loved it Barbara. The new cameras are really good, they make it look like you are watching real TV, I loved your demo too, and you look really chilled out and at home. I must say I do like the setting. All in all I think its great and exciting. xxx

  3. Wow that was fabulous, and for once I have everything, I can copy and then I can go and do other things as my confidence grows. I know now what I am doing in the morning πŸ™‚

    What a difference and the cameras give outstanding quality.. And the Teacher she is just brilliant.. You are looking great, although I missed the bloopers this week.

    Thank you as always for the help and inspiration you give to me and many others x.

  4. At the moment I'm eight hours behind you. Watching the Tuesday video on Monday on the i pad after a day on the mountain in Canada. It was brilliant. I look forward to more when I get home.

  5. I bought these last year when you were at the craft event in Exeter at Westpoint – I went back and forward goodness knows how many times 'Umming And Ahhing' over weather to buy them and eventually my friend told me to just get them and stop Faffing – they have been worth the spend ( I had already spent a bit on two previous visits to your stall and been tempted more each time lol!)
    They have helped me find new uses for some of my older not so well used collection of other peoples stamps as now I can make my own back ground setting to add them to.
    As to This weeks filming – class act and so clearly done , well one all , and again Thank-you x

  6. Another great tutorial Barbara. Fantastic demo of how easy it is to build a picture with very few ingredients….I'm sitting at the kitchen table now with lots of crafty bits in front of me ready to finish my entry for this month's challenge……& blue is also my theme πŸ™‚ Have a great day. Take care, Carole x

  7. Good morning,
    What a great way to start Tuesday, this was fantastic, well done, love the two cameras. Would you cut the top white part or just leave it? Would you back this onto a mat? Some things are just left to the card maker. I look forward to Tuesday mornings now. Xxx

  8. Hello Barb, what a great start to Tuesday, love the video, and the detailed part showing the shading, pleased to think that I have most of the masks, and this is like you say a great idea for a mans card. Looking forward to more you tube Tuesdays. Great camera work. Bx

  9. Barbara Gray!!!… You've only gone and put your excellent plan in to action!!! I have watched this twice this morning – excellent!!!! Watching you – being able to pause you, watch again – damn good plan Barb!!! The art work is absolutely fab – you have inspired me – but I have to go to work! Brilliant, cool,…..and so many more words! – Now my head is saying 'STOP KIM' enough – I think Barb will get the message!! Heres to many more ?Tuesdays! xxxx

  10. Wonderful . The you tube Tuesday is a great addition to the blog, your tutorials, DVDs and TV shows for those of us who can't get enough of barbara and clarity. Will have to make myself watch it in the evening in future – dog wondering why I'm late taking him for a walk!

  11. Loved it was just like on TV but very relaxed. I use those masks a lot but have never done shawiing so hopefully I will be able to use the better as always done them quiet dark so have to have a go so looking forward to next Tuesday. Barbara some of mine are not very sticky now can I just rinse them in water to get the bits go back to revive them??? Thanks again xxx

  12. Fantastic ! These videos on a Tuesday are a great idea. I can stop, pause & play just as much as I like….. it's as if you're sitting in my craft room with me. Fancy a cuppa ?

  13. Great video Barbara, Tuesdays are going to be extra special now. I can watch these and craft along wherever I may be, so accessible. Anne x

  14. Yet another fantastic demo! Love the idea of Tube Tuesday….. especially as there won't be anymore classrooms. Can even take you into my craft shed now. πŸ™‚

  15. Morning Barbara,
    What a fabbie video and demo. I have the city skyline masks and have only used them once so I will be trying them again. Thank you so much.
    Lorna D

  16. You are so so clever! And you make it look so easy! Thank you for sharing. I am off to have a little playtime now myself! Love and Hugs xxx

  17. I love Tuesday … Love you tube Tuesday so much more! Barbara I wad glum last week learning that there were no more classrooms, but you have found a way to give us do much more! Craggy along with Barbara in real time with no shortcuts or jumps forward, no unnecessary chatter, just relaxed, enjoyable and informative crafting to watch and to learn from. Thanks Barbara and team. Heat work much appreciated. (but please don't be too polished and composed when you record … We love the bloopers too!)

  18. Blimey what a difference a week makes – you'll be up for a Brit award by the end of the year if you and the team keep improving at that rate! Still loving the "vase of tulips" aka stencil brushes in the foreground, and I see your gallery wallspace has extended too. Brilliant production, tuition and finished project. Thank you, x

  19. Great video Barbara-so clear and nice and relaxed for folk like me who don't pick everything up if it goes too fast!
    Shame no more in the classroom but to be honest this is better-no background noise and just very inspirational.thank you Barbara-brilliant!
    P.s can't help but miss the bloopers but I guess there just weren't any -you were "in the zone" !!

  20. thanks so much barb for doing this – i saw you do this on telly i think and at a show – and bought the masks then have never tried it – it will give me the nudge to have the courage to have a go xx

  21. What a great video – and fantastically professional on only your second one. What a great start to a day off for me and now I've got all day to play. Thank you. Lx

  22. I love the idea of a new video each Tuesday. I love this one. Just shows what you can do with a couple of Clarity masks, make up sponges and Clarity brushes (if you are Barbara Gray) with a bit of practice. A really inspirational piece of artwork. So looking forward to Tuesdays now!

  23. I have to agree with everyone else, this is a fantastic video. I have the moon masks but to be honest I didn't think I 'needed' the other masks as I couldn't see how I would use them, how wrong was I, they are now on my next order list (I've already spent up this month) so I will just have to be wait until I get them to give this wonderful technique a go. Thank you for all the hard work that everyone at Clarity do for us crafter's. WELL DONE!!!.

  24. Wow Barbara how fantastic I have this mask set I often use the moon how wonderful to have a tutorial to use the other masks what a stunning piece of art work love the video better than classroom peaceful to watch thank you for taking the time
    Sheila xx

  25. Amazing !! Our "own" video every week, it's great. Don't have the moon mask, but always using a post it and my 5 cents € to do it. I have the mountains and hills mask and am ever so pleased with it. xxxx

  26. Fabulous video Barbara, so professional and you look so relaxed and unhurried. I love your Sunday shows, but sometimes I think you are talked over too much and it seems to make you anxious. Keep 'em coming please. xxx

  27. Trouble viewing the video at the beginning due to the poor internet connection at work, but once it got going was very educational and I feel that I will learn alot from these videos. I have the moons masks but I do not have the others so more items to add to my wish list.

    Is there anyway of having a wish list facility on the Clarity website, please?

  28. Brilliant video. I need more masks now! I managed to catch up with last Tuesdays videos yesterday afternoon. They were great too. Will have to watch all of them a few more times! Now I need to master holding a make-up sponge. I never seem to manage to get it right! x

  29. Ever so professionally done! It's brilliant to see you Demo with no interruptions from other presenters. I am sat here in my craft room, chilling with a cuppa and watching you! So now I have to make a new sign for my door for Tuesdays ( DO NOT DISTURB…if you want me to continue loving you!!!!! ).
    I think it is brilliant of you to give up so much of your time for us all, the least we can do is to watch, listen, read and give you our undivided attention. Oh and brilliant NDC stamp this month. Love it to bits!! Hugs xxx

  30. A lovely video and so good you did it in real time so we saw every step. Those masks are amazing and you are so clever with the shading as this is the key to a good result. The word chains are fabulous too. I will have to be saving my pennies and making a list. x

  31. You're definitely getting better at this video lark. I hope you enjoy making these videos as I do enjoy watching your tips and techniques. And there are no b*** presenters interrupting your flow.Your blog really brightens my day. Keep up the good work for the sake of all your admirers.

  32. Great, wonderful, brilliant, not enough words to describe this one
    Barbara our star lady, what is the Sharpie pen for on the list, is it to make an edge around?, sorry to be a wally.
    Now got to wait another week, but will try this tomorrow as been out all day today so could not play. Take care of yourself.

  33. Well who needs the classroom, we are much better off, watch whenever we like and you certainly look more relaxed. That is a fantastic card so clever. Oh to have your talent. Really enjoyed that demo. Lynne xx

  34. Hollywood beckons I think – as the previous lady says "who needs the classroom", these are great and can be watched over and over again, Brilliant!!
    God bless Jan x

  35. Oh Barbara you really do spoil us. Thank you so much for these wonderful YouTube Tuesdays, great demo and good cameras (the overhead one is really excellent) – this will really help make up for the reduced hours on C&C.
    I really can't thank you enough for all your inspiration.

  36. Hi Barbara
    I've just crafted along with you, it's taken a bit longer than 19 minutes as I had to stop it every few seconds to catch up with you! I have a result and can see where I need to improve but have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you x

  37. Hi Barbara. What a great video, love the overhead camera, and the Top Tips. You looked much more relaxed this week, no bloopers though, which is a shame in one way-they are so funny to watch, but good if there weren't any, in that you won't have taken so long to do the filming. Wonderful piece of art, I love the stencils, and you showed beautifully that we don't need loads of kit to produce lovely work : ) Take care.

  38. Great video Barbara, really easy to follow. I'm very excited as I actually have these masks but have never used them except the moon. Easter hols next week so I shall definitely give this a go. Thanks for sharing. X

  39. Excellent, Barbara. I was sad to learn that you'll be doing less on Create & Craft but I think that this format will more than make up for it. More under your control, less selling and interruption and more concentrated teaching, tips and techniques. Most welcome. M x

  40. Hi Barbara
    I agree with all of the above re the classes, this is so much better and I like to have my iPad in front of me and then I can stop and start as I go along. You are such a clear teacher, I loved these. I ve been wanting to make something with buildings and the washing line didn't quite have the right inspiration but now I have! Posh background for washing but has worked Ok and I was delighted to finish something that has mostly worked"

  41. Amazing, I can't wait until next Tuesday. Take care of yourself, methinks you work too hard although I know you enjoy every minute. You are such an inspiration to us all. Jx

  42. Absolutely love this I prefer watching these videos to the telly it feels more personal and it's better because it's close up and I can have my I pad next to me. Brilliant thank you x

  43. I absolutely love it! I have learnt so much in just this one video that I feel my mojo is finally coming back after quite a lengthy absence!!! If it wasn't so late I'd climb those stairs to my craft room right now πŸ™‚
    Thank you SO much Barbara!

  44. I've just caught up with this tutorial and can't wait to have a go (had the masks for ages but not used them!). I've got all the bits except the ink pads but, spookily, yesterday, I ordered all the ink pads you've used for this one……. I've already got the rest so can't wait for them to arrive now! A great tutorial, thank you.

    p.s. did you wear grey deliberately! πŸ™‚ xx

  45. I love your blog Barbara you are such an artist but the videos really make it possible to follow you step by step and achieve a similar masterpiece. Thank you for all your amazing inspiration .

    Alice xx

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