Fly away Peter…

Fly away Peter…

Hello there!
Thank you so much for stopping by 
on this rainy Monday morning here in lovely England!
I have to tell you. 
Every so often, a piece of artwork will cross my path which inspires me to want to copy it, to try it, to have a go.
Sound familiar?
Well, my friend Paul Church sent in a sample this week which just blew me away. It was created using torn strips of masking tape to make fields. Absolutely stunning. Now I have done this trick to create water in the past, but never fields. So, as soon as I got back from the studios after the show, I rustled up what I needed and here  is my take. I didn’t look at Paul’s card again; I tried to create it from memory. So many, many thanks for the inspiration Mr Church; I would say it is one of your BEST.
Butterscotch Adirondack
Which type of Masking Tape? 
In the past I have used the rubbish stuff with takes half your card with it when you use it – the sort you will find in your garage, or the tutt you have bought and then never used because its rubbish.
But this time, I had to use the good, Low-tack stuff I had with me.
To be honest, I think the old stuff is better; it tears better.
But I had to make do….
I used a white square card 7″ x 7″as the base.

Then I tore loads of strips of masking tape down the middle and started laying the strips across the white card, where fields should be – torn side showing.

right down to the bottom of the card.
Let’s get in close….

At this point I must apologise for the light quality. Since I am working from home here, I have to improvise. 
Believe it or not, our home is 
a stamp free zone.
So no green ink pad! Only what I used on the telly.
Ahhh, hang on… Yellow + Blue = Green
Using a Stencil brush and make-up sponges, 
I started adding Butterscotch Adirondack,

then Denim over the top.
Bingo. Green fields.

On Paul’s, I particularly like the way the sky peeped over the hills.
So a make-up sponge and Stonewashed Adirondack did the job.

Added a moon mask.
Dusted some Stonewashed over the sky with a large stencil brush

Trimmed the edges with our C-Thru Ruler with the steel inlay 
(this month’s Product of the month)

Starting to look realistic….
Time to add some shadows with the blue pad, and some 
rapeseed fields with the yellow pad.
A torn piece of copy paper helps cover up areas you want 
to leave alone.

Real dark blue and yellow mix down the bottom edge…

Also trimmed with a blade.

Now for the Boy and the Birds Stamp. 
One of the most beautiful images we have ever come up with. 

 I used a black Archival to stamp him into place. 

Then trimmed the top of the card by an inch.

Worked a little blue Stonewashed around the edges 
using the blending mat and the blending tool.
I had all this in the TV Box!!

 Now we just need a little foliage…

And then the little voice said STOP. 
And I did.
For once, I listened.

Pretty happy with this one.
Thanks Paul!

So now, it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!
Back in January, 
I said that when we reached 1,000 followers on this little ol’ blog, 
I would randomly pick a lucky winner, 
to receive a £100 Clarity Gift Voucher.
Well, this weekend, we topped 1,000!! How fantastic is that?!
That makes me soooo happy! 
So, let me go get Dave to close his eyes, and point….
Congratulations! Well Done! Brilliant.
£100 Gift Voucher on its way to you 
So let’s set another target….
When we hit 1,500 followers, how about we give away another £100 Gift Voucher? Sounds pretty straight forward. 
Just keep leaving an uplifting comment, and watch this space….
much love,

108 thoughts on “Fly away Peter…

  1. Really love this technique and so simple when you think for such an effective result. Thanks Paul and Barbara. Trying to be creative in my head now and think of other ways I can use it


  2. This is absolutely beautiful, who would have thought you could use masking tape for card making! I'll be sneaking into the old boys workshop later for to pinch some! Better wait till he's busy though, congratulations to Joy, have loads of fun with whatever you choose x I also like the stamp very much x

  3. Really like this technique will give it a go. ….. am looking forward to watching the show as couldn't see it live but sky+ it. .. It will be my treat tonight…..x Well done to the winner. …

  4. Congrats Joy so many cool things to purchase. This is lovely card love it and look forward to getting these new stamps. Thanks for the inspiration today… Cheers

  5. Hello Barb, love this card, have not ordered the stamps yet, but I am sure it will not be long. Paul is so creative, and I am sure your take on his card has done it justice. Well done Joy. Bx

  6. Loved the shows yesterday and all the samples were great but this is such a clever idea and looks like a great technique for creating wonderful landscapes. And your stamps are beautiful, great design

  7. Super card can't wait to have a go congratulations joy have fun spending the voucher. Great programme yesterday Barb lots of demos I am disappointed that you won't be doing the classroom again but I am looking forward to you tube Tuesdays.
    Thankyou for sharing your inspiration.

  8. Loved the show yesterday ,Barbara. Thanks for this tutorial this morning. Will have a try later.Is it true there will bot be anymore Classrooms on C&C ?

  9. What a great effect with the masking tape… this is yet another one I'm going to have to try. Congratulations to Joy on her voucher win…. enjoy the spending spree

  10. This looks amazing. I didn't think I needed these stamps, but I have to have them now! Thank you for showing this and thanks to Paul for the inspiration. Congratulations Joy! x

  11. Many congrats Joy, couldn't think of a nicer person to win the voucher, enjoy lovely lady.

    Love this technique with the masking tape, Paul Church's card looked fab on tv and this looks fab too, I really really need the boy and birds stamp and the girl too x

  12. Paul's card was one of my faves yesterday and I love yours too Barb. I'm going to have to have a go. It looks so effective.
    Congratulations Joy. x

  13. Oh beautiful – but first I must congratulate Joy Steels – as you know Barb – a lady who has faced some really tough months so this will be an absolute 'joy' for her – brilliant.
    I will have to buy this stamp as it is just great and give the masking tape fields a go – Pauls idea was catching!!!
    Looking forward to tomorrows YouTube episode 2 xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Love this! Saw Paul's card on the show and thought it was fantastic and I have to say you have done a brilliant job with your version today. Will have to give this technique a go as it just makes authentic looking fields. Played yesterday with the Chinese lantern and seed stencils with texture paste and a coarse texture & then coloured with inks did the Chinese lantern one with similar colours to those you used on the blog the other day & the other one in pinks & purples. Have to say ,I was so pleased with how they turned out – even hubby was impresses ! So thank you for giving me the inspiration. Well done to Joy – you are a lucky lady! Love Alison xx

  15. Wow Barbara I am so surprised had a lay in looked on phone to see message from Amanda to say I had won hundred pound clarity stash , thought how then rembered what would said on here yesterday. So all those lovely things I see yesterday and loved can have what a wonderful early birthday present thank you dave for picking me. And love today's technic will try that. Thank you again better pick myself up of floor now xxx

  16. Can I ask a question? This morning when you used the blending tool I noticed you used the foam pad that comes with it, not the felt pads, is there a reason for this. You only get the one foam pad so can you buy more?

  17. Good morning Barbara, I've just discovered your lovely blog and must say its full of the must wonderful inspiration, tips and ideas. I often watch you on C & C and am amazed at the wonderful techniques that you demonstrate. Your card today is beautiful, such a simple idea but so effective.
    Chris xx

  18. Hi Barbara. I am playing catch up so want to say that the Chinese lantern post is brilliant, I love the colours and the scratched lines are the finishing touch 🙂
    My dream is to get proper RESPECTFUL care for the eldery in this country. Until we start paying good money for properly trained carers it isn't going to happen sadly. There are many fantastic carers but sadly many think that minimum pay means minimum care and effort is needed! Sorry for the rant but it is a cause close to my heart. One day my dream will come true.
    I enjoyed the show yesterday, what a shame C&C have cancelled the Classroom shows, that is where I first saw you in action. Todays piece is gorgeous, love the masking tape fields, what a great effect : ) Take care.

    1. Not a rant in my book but a cause we should all stop and think about ( if we are lucky we will all get old !) and once we thought we should take action – so well said and what a fab dream , one that I hope becomes a reality – soon!
      All best wishes x

  19. I thought Paul's card was incredible yesterday. Your version today is beautiful. I've been wanting to give this technique a go for a while now and you and Paul have given me another nudge! Thanks to you both for the inspiration. Congratulations Joy on your win! xx

  20. I have never seen that technic before yesterday, and I admit I am very impressed. Your card is lovely Barbara, full of sun, as we have here in France today.
    Well done to Joy, enjoy your winning. xx

  21. Thanks for showing how to do the masking tape look as was not sure and it is so effective .
    I have done it using strips of torn old book pages glued down but then you have to wait for the glue to dry before the colouring ( used mums old mills and boon books as lovely rough paper texture and nicely Porous so took ink well ) but I was thinking the masking tape was used like you do the copy paper edge so not stuck on in layers – now I know no more waiting for glue to dry lol!
    Thanks Barbara and Mr. Church .
    Hope you all have a fab day as when it rains best to stay in for crafting play lol!

  22. Thought Paul's card was great but you have done a fantastic job too. Well done to Joy, hope you have fun spending your cash. Loved the show yesterday. Thank you for being so generous with your time and talent. Joan x

    1. Didn't realise that they have cancelled your classroom, how short sighted!!!!! Thank god for your blog. Hope you can find a positive from this I'm sure there is one! Joan x

  23. Morning Barb,, yes I have seen you do this with water but never fields and when I saw Paul's on Sunday I was very impressed and here you have re-created it beautifully. And well done Joy she is going to have a great time spending that , lucky lady x

  24. Thanks for showing this technique in detail Barbara, it is always difficult to visualise when you are told but so much easier when you see it done! Thanks to Paul for yet another fantastic design, both his card and yours are amazing. Congratulations to Joy.

  25. Good morning Barbara, I saw Paul's card on tv and thought how wonderful it was and so is your's. The tape makes a very effective fieldscape and the stamp is beautiful. Really must have a go at this myself. Congratulations to Joy, she'll have great fun spending her prize! x

  26. What a lovely simple card even I can try it when my stamps arrive. Really enjoyed the show. Just need to let you know Dad loved his Birthday card, so thanks to you and your inspiration, as always
    Have a good day and don't work too hard.

  27. Today's post is so inspiring and the result is absolutely beautiful – just had to put it on my Pinterest board to replicate one day, even before I posted a comment! Thank you Paul and Barbara! Many congratulations to Joy on winning the voucher, and to you Barbara for getting over 1000 followers and making the time to share with all of us every day. Off to my craft room to get inky fingers….

  28. Loved the shows yesterday they were amazing. Just debating whether to order those lovely brushes you are using. Great idea with the masking tape, you & paul are so talented ( and the rest of the DT ). Have a good day x

    1. I have these brushes and they are wonderful! I use them all the time and they are great for inking through stencils. I also use them for backgrounds when I'm not brave enough to get my brayer out. XX

    2. I have these brushes also they are the very best I use them all the time with my stencils treat yourself you won't be disappointed xx

    3. I have to agree, they are great brushes. I had some slightly cheaper ones, but these are much better quality and much nicer and easier to use. x

  29. Morning Barbara, great show yesterday and what brilliant inspiration from Mr. Churchy…..I agree with you it is fab Paul. …I do love the way that we can all take inspiration and learn from each other, such a Big Happy Clarity Family….oh and well done to Joy enjoy your prize……Jo. X

  30. Well done Paul Church and well done Barbara for replicating this card so beautifully. Great technique to try.
    Congratulations to Joy Steel. What a fabulous time she is going to have this week choosing all her Clarity goodies.
    Beryl xx

  31. Morning Barbara,
    Loved your tv show yesterday and all the new stamps especially the word chains so useful and Paul's card was stunning so glad that you demonstrated it this morning again I will definitely be trying this.

    Lorna D

  32. Missed the show yesterday 🙁 at a family baptism 🙂 hoping that our temperamental DVD recorder behaved so I can catch up in a bit 🙂 Barbara will all the goodies you brought to us in the show be available on the Clarity site; I expect they sold out on C+C? I love the crafting community for their pleasure in sharing ideas and techniques and providing a wealth of free inspiration. This card is so effective, just love it. Thank you Clarity team and Barbara for sharing 🙂

  33. Congrats to Joy! Enjoy! Well jel really! Love this card and will attempt it myself later , maybe in a few years I will do a reasonable job! I seem to be obsessed with Clarity products…but they are so good can't help myself! I shall keep,on keeping on because I just love it all!

    So Thank You……love Shirley xxxxx

  34. what a stunning card Barb – no wonder Pauls card inspired you – I love this to bits and will have to have a go. Very well done to Joy too – what a lucky lady! Hugs rachel xx

  35. So sad that there will be no more Classroom on c&c, really looked forward to 1st Saturday in month, but onward and upward. Now really looking forward to YouTube Tuesdays, can see this being a huge hit.

  36. this card looked spectacular on tv and again here. really need to give this technique a try. i have the stamps on the way from you not c&c so i will be able to replicate….yay hugs xx

  37. Thanks Paul for inspiring Barbara to do a tutorial on this one, loved it yesterday and love Barbara's too. Congratulations Joy have fun spending it.

  38. I loved this when you showed Paul's card on the telly yesterday so having a tutorial for how to do this is just fantastic, thank you so much for sharing. Just watching the recording of the second hour from yesterday…brilliant
    Jackie x

  39. Congrats to Joy, some lovely Clarity goodies for you ! Loved this card sample Paul and st some point will have a go myself. I will be buying the stamps this weekend so watch this space ! Great show as always Barbara and this blog is too and will serve as a reminder of the technique too … Thank You xx

  40. Congratulations to Joy! Wow this is a very uplifting card! Absolutely gorgeous and what a fab technique! It won't be long before you reach 1500 followers I am sure! I watched some of your show yesterday, brilliant as always! Recorded the rest and will watch it later xx

  41. It never fails to amaze me that you can like a technique done one way but just by changing the colours it suddenly makes you think OMG that is so beautiful! I will be digging out my masking tape later and trying this………… Don't think it will look quite the same over my low tack purple stuff!! May well be getting the boy and girl at Ally Pally this Saturday. XX

  42. Firstly a big congratulations to Joy, you lucky lady x
    Secondly I agree Barb I loved Paul's card yesterday, I paused the tv and took a pic of it. I have to wait until my girl love comes through the post. I haven't bought the boy yet, but don't worry he is on my list as they are both gorgeous. But as I have a little girl (well she is 9), but my little girl nonetheless. I had to get this one first. I am looking forward to recreating it also, I just hope that it turns out. Fingers crossed. Denise x

  43. I saw Paul's card yesterday and was absolutely amazed at how realistic the fields looked. Love your card too Barbara – all I can say is, your memory is a lot better than mine! Congrats to Joy. Pat x

  44. This is a lovely card as was Paul Church's yesterday. Really enjoyed the show and sorry to hear you won't be doing the Classrooms anymore. How lucky though to have your daily blog giving us demos and inspiration. Thank you Barbara,

  45. Hi Barbara great Blog as usual, I love this card its gorgeous. I fancy having a go myself but a Gelli version, I loved Paul's card too it really did look like a photo on TV. I have used this method once in a Clarity Class but we did a snow scene I think?

  46. Oh I FORGOT to mention it – congratulations on having 1.000 followers on your Blog I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU?? I actually have 81 people now so things are looking up, do you think Dave would follow me and maybe your window cleaner??? xxx

  47. Watched the show yesterday and loved all the samples from the Design Team and hope you all have a good time in France when you go.

    This is a great technique and I like the way you have used Paul's artwork for you inspiration.

    Congratulations Joy on your win and enjoy spending the voucher.

  48. Lovely card as always, this is a very clever technique to add texture to the landscape.
    So sorry that the classroom has been discontinued, will they keep the old ones up on the website? As I often revisit them for a technique or inspiration.
    Loved the show xx

  49. My first comment on your blog, have watched your shows for such a long time, and have learnt so much. I too loved Paul's card, I saw you do this technique many moons ago, I tried it myself but it was rubbish, may have another go. Thank you for the help and inspiration you give so freely.

  50. Love this and will definitely be giving it a go, will miss the classroom shows but every thing moves on and I love that we have the blog and now you tube lessons and of course Clarity will still be on every month. X

  51. Congrats on reaching your 1000 followers….and congrats to Joy. I'm loving this tutorial and think I might just try it out as I've found loads of 'old tatty tape'…. wish me luck.

  52. Congratulations to Joy, what a lovely start to a day. Fantastic card Barbara, think I am going to have to give this a go. Oh gosh so many ideas to try from Clarity. Well done on reaching 1000 followers, I suspect with your YOU TUBE videos it will not take you long to reach the next target. Lynne xx

  53. Loved the show yesterday another stunning card today on your blog .very disappointed that the lessons have stopped c&c don't know what they have lost but what every you have next to replace them will be good too .looking forward too what that will be xxx

  54. I've seen a few good looking techniques using masking tape recently, however I think this is the MOST effective use I've seen. Nice one Paul and perfectly executed Barbara! Now… where's that tape?

  55. Another fantastic tutorial. I loved this when I saw Paul's sample. Your blog is my first port of call each day Barbara. Clarity has a very talented design team too. I attend workshops with Maria now and really enjoy them. I'm of to try the masking tape technique now.

    Oh, congratulations Joy, you lucky lady. Enjoy choosing your new Clarity goodies.

  56. Congratulations to you Joy. Have fun spending that lovely voucher. Barbara, I love the way you and Paul did those fields. So far I have only seen the middle bit of Sunday's show but that is the treat for tonight, if I can keep awake after driving back up the motorway. I think your fields are what I should have been able to see as I went over the Dorset hills down to West Bay. Sadly, I struggled to see the road in front of me through the clouds sitting on the top, and I could barely see the grey, dismal sea when I got there. Still the weather did not spoil the weekend. By the way, your outfit really suited you on Sunday, and the Chinese Lanterns reflected it too – a perfect match. xxx

  57. Same technique two different cards,really love this so bought the stamps and also the new word chain stamps.Wish I was able to come to Ally Pally and watch all the demo's by everyone there.Looking forward to tomorrows you tube Tuesday.

  58. Congrats to Joy – what a spending spree she is going to have. Awesome card too Barb – I loved the water one you did and this one is fabulous too. Loved the show yesterday – always think Nigel is so enthusiastic. Dean has to be my fave co-presenter as you always have such a laugh together. Such a shame there are no more classrooms – I loved those. Still their loss is You Tube's gain and I am really looking fwd to those.
    whatever you do will be a success so roll on Tuesday!! 🙂
    Dawn xx

  59. Absolutely stunning card from Paul in the show yesterday and so good to get a blow by blow account of how to replicate it. Just received my new Clarity Club stamp and I love it! I love a tree and this is going to be so useful – thank you. Always enjoy the newsletter and there was some mixed emotions with this one. You made me laugh – you always do – with your musings. Very sorry to hear about the In the Classroom but you've got to move forward and do what's important to you and the business. But, on the positives it's much easier for me to watch YouTube on my iPad and I can't wait to tune in every Tuesday! I hope you are doing everything you can to take care of that neck – some physio massage too perhaps? I'm off to have a go at this month's challenge blog card. Got some ideas in my mind. Been a few months since I've managed to put anything in – so much going on, which I know you know all about. Thanks again, Barbara and congratulations Joy! xx

  60. Really love the effect that the masking tape makes. An inspirational card. Well done.
    Can't believe there'll be no more "In the Classroom" Saturday mornings. I'm devastated but like the look of the new You Tube on you daily blog. ( Especially the Bloomers!!!!)

  61. Well done Joy, enjoy choosing your goodies. Love the card will definitely give this a go. Sorry there will be be no more classrooms but looking forward to Youtube Tuesdays. Thanks Jx

  62. what a lovely card this is! I was amazed when I saw Pauls yesterday and said out loud to whoever was listening that " I need these stamp" ….. on another subject I too like everyone else that has said it before me, are upset about in the classroom being axe but on the other side there is your you tube which I enjoyed and so looking forward to tomorrow and every Tuesday from now on.
    Barbara I don't think that you are truly aware of just how much, knowledge, inspiration confidence, courage and strength to carry on day after day for some of your followers? I being just one of them.
    when I read your little notes and your newsletters, I laugh, cry and rejoice with you. so from the bottom of my heart I thank you and long my you continue xx

  63. This is a lovely effect – simply done, but wonderful scene-building technique – genius Paul 🙂
    For my Clarity Challenge entry this month (still a work in progress), I've used torn paper that I've already stamped on, then layered it in a similar way. I really hope the finished article turns out looking as good…..only difference is, mines a beach, not rapeseed fields….Time will tell 🙂 Looking forward to having a laugh tomorrow Barbara…I'm going to view your Youtube before I set off to work as I've got a busy day and a laugh a day always helps! Carole x

  64. It is nice to know that you get inspired by other people's work just the same as we get inspired by yours. This is a truly beautiful piece of work well done to both you and Paul xx

  65. Fabulous technique, well done Mr Church for giving you the inspiration. If it wasn't so late and if I didn't have school in the morning, I'd be straight up to my studio to have a go. Will have to wait till tomorrow, just need to remember. Looking forward to you tube Tuesday tomorrow, lol xx

  66. This is a most unusual idea and works superbly. Unfortunately I must have missed that bit of the show but well done to both of you. Congratulations to Joy, I'm sure she will have a great time choosing her goodies. Looking forward to You Tube Tuesday. x

  67. Lovely card Barbara, thx to Paul for planting the idea. What a Beautiful picture it makes.
    I've had no internet for bit so sadly not been to visit as regularly but enjoyed the catch up with my cuppa. I watched your show with great pleasure, my husband thinks you are so talented-as do I. Yes, it certainly is a shame there is no more classroom but if it means you get to rest your neck for a bit I for one wont mind,theres always youtube tuesdays eh. I know what its like to be in constant pain so I sincerely hope you find some relief for your "pain in the neck" soon (sorry, couldnt resist!)
    Wishing you all well, Theresa.
    P.S, many congrats to Joy for being the lucky winner

  68. I've just watched this weekend's show Barbara, it's a great way to spend the time when those sleepless nights are bothering me. What a marvellous couple of hours! Apart from the sheer entertainment value from yourself and Nigel, the cards from the design time just get better and better. What an array of talent, and by watching the programme on my recorder,
    I could pause whenever I wanted to and study the artworks in detail….wonderful. One of the best things about the classroom shows was seeing the homework from the viewers and how you captured so many imaginations. I shall really miss that, but I'm a great believer in one door closing before another door opens, so I know that with all your talents Barbara, something better will take it's place, maybe the youtubes, possibly something as yet unknown. I for one, can't wait to see what the future holds for all you lovely Clarity people. By the way, many thanks to Paul and yourself for the reminder of the masking tape technique. I can remember being taught this by the lovely Kim Reygate at a craft show 'make and take' many years ago. We covered a tag in the masking tape and inked it up in sepia/brown colours to make a nice background for a stamp to sit on. I must give the fields a go though, both you and Paul made such lovely pictures. You have such a great team Barbara, you must love it when the postman brings all their goodies to your home. You are going to have such an amazing time in France and there are at least a thousand followers on this blog who would be only too pleased to come along to cut up the Brie and baguettes for lunch each day! I had the feeling that cheeky little Nigel was trying to bag himself a place there too yesterday! See what happiness you bring us all? Thank you so much for all the many hours you devote to sharing yourself with everyone. It must be so hard at times, and there cannot be quite enough hours in any day, so I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you. Now I have rattled on for quite long enough, but I just felt I needed to say all these things today. Now I must try and hone my shopping list for the Clarity shop before I pop over to treat myself, mmmm…..stamps……stencils…….more stamps…how is a girl supposed to choose for goodness sake???

  69. Hi there Barbara.
    Shirley-Anne here from Australia . I am not lucky enough to see your shows .Can you share with me the link ?
    Thank you for sharing the creating of this awesome card . Love the fields , and the image .
    The perfect touch for me was the final addition of the foliage .
    nice work/play? LOL

    warm wishes Shirley-Anne

  70. I loved the way the masking tape makes the fields pop out and the way how the stamped boy has just a fine line where his jumper rises when he stretches. Sooo realistic. I love it. It's magical.

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