A Wheelie Happy Day!

A Wheelie Happy Day!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by!
Wednesday’s Blog is something new, right? 
Well, we are so, so very close to launching something brand and brilliantly new!
The wheels are in motion, 
the cogs are whirring; 
we are spinning on the spot,
running round in circles;
but rotate as we might, 
and we are wheelie, wheelie sorry, 
we’ll not have it ready for your approval 
before this afternoon.
But I’ve got to say, you’ll be impressed.
Bowled over.
I KNOW it!
So can you check back at around 4?

In the meantime, here’s a cool card which was set to be shown on TV on Sunday, but we never got to it. A Dee-lightful card. 
As you know, with all this Blogging, 
and You Tubing, 
and whatever else I get up to when you’re not watching, 
I have called in the Cavalry on TV prepping, 
and Dee Paramour was in the saddle on this one!
It’s wheelie lovely.
Not much used:
Manila Cardstock
So, using Black Archival,
 stamp a meadow with the flowers first. 
Plant them all along the base.
Then stamp the bike and the large Trees.
Make hills with the Wheelie lovely Birthday Stamp.

Using a Scoreboard and a bone folder, score down the middle of the card.
Then score down the quarterway line at the front, 
but DON’T score through the trees.

Using a craftknife, like this one, cut out the parts of the trees and bike which go beyond the quarterway line.

Punch out a Black Moon and cut out a few little flowers. 
Highlight them with a white fineline pen.

In fact, highlight the whole card with your white pen!
 It will make the card pop!

Less is certainly more here.

You can add the little flowers, too.
Now, if you were feeling wheelie wheelie adventurous, you could even bring in a flap from the right and add my favourite stamp of all time, the little boy in flight.

 What a fantastic Birthday Card for a young lad!
Says it all really….

Just remembered that old joke, 
when the lad went in the chemists and asked for a packet of 
Tampax (other brands may be available!) 
When the assistant asked him why he wanted them, he responded
“I want to fly, I want to swim, ride a bike, climb mountains!”
But of course, unless you remember those cheesy commercials from the 70’s, that will mean absollootlynuffink to you!

Sorry about that….
Just remembered sending my younger brother down the road for some. He had no idea what they were for. Watched him walking back up the road, throwing the box up in the air and catching it, pretending to be Gordon Banks! Sucker!!!

 Anyway, hope you like the artwork!

 Do pop back later! 
Just when you thought it had all been invented….
much love,
P.S. FREE P&P throughout the month of April, 
on all orders over £10….

89 thoughts on “A Wheelie Happy Day!

  1. Brilliant cards. The more I see of the boy in flight, the more I want that stamp. The highlighting is brilliant too. Your poor brother! :-). Looking forward to returning at 4pm! x

  2. I really love this – what a clever Dee you have at your fingertips!!! Yep hands up I can remember the adverts – mind you our adverts for such things are still quite tame compared to other countries – the states for example – they know no bounds on the sort of things they advertise !!! Anyway back to the card in hand and what you are taunting us with!!! I will be back just after 4 as travelling to Sheffield this afternoon ready for a meeting tomorrow – so as soon as I get in the hotel I shall fire up my dongle and check back because I will not be able to wait !!!

  3. At 4pm I will have finally broken up for the Easter hols so will be celebrating by reading your news. Can't wait! Card reminds me if summer days long gone…very nostalgic. Made me laugh reading about your prank on your brother. What fun! See you later xx

  4. Love the card, and the boy stamp is on my list for the future. I'll be back at 4 to check out whats new, something to look forward to, see you all later. Jx

  5. Love the card, and the boy stamp is on my list for the future. I'll be back at 4 to check out whats new, something to look forward to, see you all later. Jx

  6. Hi Barbara. How exciting! What have you got for us this time? I'm sure that you have given us a clue with so many mentions of wheelies, but will be back at 4pm to see what it is : ) Fabulous card, I love kraft card and the black on it. Once again by using white highlights it makes everything pop, brilliant. Yes I remember the ads, has your brother ever forgiven you? : ) Will be back at 4pm. Take care.

  7. Be back at 4 (5pm here) must remember when I wake up from my siesta to turn the computer on. Think I might use a post it for what it should be used for!

  8. Absolutely LOVE it, super card. Even more I want at Ally Pally now. Looking forward to 4 but have to wait even longer as won't get home til much later tonight. Oh the suspense!!!

  9. Brilliant Card Dee and Brilliantly executed here Barbara. I remember those adds lol. Be back at 4. p. s. I left comment on yesterdays blog about having to make a new sign for my craft room door, made it and showed it to my son…he just laughed…oh well! xxx

  10. Stunning card, very effective. Thanks to you and Dee. Will pop in later after a trip to Angers for a coffee with my daughter and friends. Thanks for sharing. xx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Well I am Wheelie,Wheelie intrigued as to what you have to show us at 4 ( sorry I just couldn't resist!) love today's card, it is really very clever and effective. Well done to you and Dee. I also remember those ads many years ago – your poor brother! Looking forward to 4 pm. Love Alison xx

  12. Did that ever come back to bite you on the bum when your brother found out what they were Barbara? What a brilliant card design this is and well done to Dee for coming up with such great ideas. You are such a tease. I don't like to wish my life away but 4-o-clock seems so far off at the moment.
    Beryl xx

  13. These stamps make me hear the "Murder She Wrote" theme in my head, and I see Angela Lansbury riding along on her bike. 🙂 Gorgeous feel to these! Beautiful card and great post!

  14. Fab card, really effective! You are such a tease Barbara! We will come and say hello on Saturday!i can't wait, it's been ages since I've been to a show!Wx

  15. Wow, Barbara, love the bicycle stamp set – and just noticed that you are offering free postage, so I might be tempted, but I'm holding off to see what 4 pm brings!

  16. Oh Barbara you are such a tease-your poor brother!!! Love the card and effect created by the addition of the white pen and careful cutting, beautiful! x

  17. Love this card and for once I've got all the 'bits and pieces even the card! Going to take our dog to the 'doggie swimming pool' and then give it a go! Love it.

  18. I wheelie wheelie love this card (sorry I just couldn't resist the pun lol) on a serious note though this is definitely another stamp that is going onto my ever growing list, and now I am very excited and I can't wait till 4pm to find out what new thing is going to be revealed, did I tell you that I am very excited??? xxx

  19. Great card today, you can always rely on Dee. When I first started card making she was the person I always tried to follow in magazines to gain experience. Spent last night working on the video card, will have another go today! Looking forward to 4 what can you possibly have dreamt up now that I'm sure will become a 'need'?
    Vanessa x

  20. Brilliant card form Dee there Barbara.
    See you later…I am totally intrigued! And you've cheered me up So thanks for that too!
    Love and hugs xx

  21. What a beautiful card Dee came up with, and a great tutorial by you Barbara. The white highlight really brings the card to life. I've been resisting the bicycle set of stamps…….up until now!!! Soooo intrigued about the 4:00 reveal! xx

  22. What a great inventive card. Thanks to Dee and you Barbara for showing us the technique. Unfortunately I don't think my scalpel skills are up to this at present, but it does look lovely. I am very intrigued by your 4pm reveal though. x

  23. What a great card ! Love the look of this and another one on my list of things to try
    Thank you again for another great blog and for the humour too. Lol your poor brother xx

  24. You are a tease Barbara, Will have to wait until I am on the bus before I can find out what you have up your sleeve. This is such a geat card and I love the way you have used the white highlights. Just trying to think which of the stamps I do have tha I could do something similar.

  25. Soooo clever! I've marked it in my diary, may have to have my afternoon hot chocolate break at 4! Any excuse to distract myself from the year end accounts 🙂

  26. wonderful work Barbbara – I'm intrigued about whats coming at 4 lol! Got my old classroom stamps through yesterday from the march madness offer – they're wonderful – love them to bits!!!! Thanks for doing such a great offer! Big hugs rachel xx

  27. Love this card Barbara. Must try it for my Dutch friend who has a similar bike! Thanks to all for the inspiration.Roll on 4 pm 🙂 My 2nd attempt at leaving a comment -the first disappeared into cyberspace never to be seen again 🙁 best wishes, Veronica

  28. Love this card Barbara. Must try it for my Dutch friend who has a similar bike! Thanks to all for the inspiration.Roll on 4 pm 🙂 My 2nd attempt at leaving a comment -the first disappeared into cyberspace never to be seen again 🙁 best wishes, Veronica

  29. OK third attempt,, on my Lap Top now so should work – so as I was trying to say I think this is a great card, and its great that you and Dee can bounce ideas of each other. Am looking forward to 4pm to see what you are up to. xx

  30. What a lovely card clever ideas as usual and the new product is wheelie fabulous. What will you think of next I wonder. My husband said how much he liked the boy and girl stamps on Sunday, think he might be inviting me to spend some money. I remember those ads but I actually met my husband in the factory that made the product, he was in Research and I was in the Lab. Wow that seems a long long time ago.
    Now I think I need to go look at the website. Lynne xx

  31. Lovely card idea and I think the new stencils will wheelie catch on, off for a better peak in a minute or two. You tube Tuesday brilliant, but would it be possible to have a piccie of the finished artwork on your blog on Tuesdays as well? Looking forward to the next one already. Jacqui

  32. What a clever card. Love it!
    Barbara, are you sure it was in the seventies that those adverts were on? It surely can't be so long ago!!!??
    Thank you, Jan

  33. Fabulous card, and yes I too remember the adverts! Unluckily my brothers are both older than me and wouldn't have fallen for that trick!! Hahaha – Susan

  34. I really love this, Barb – very different style for you but still FAB! Liking those new "wheelie" stencils, too…..I can feel a purchase coming on 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you at Ally Pally on Sunday – I may bring some Lemon Drizzle cake for the "troops", too!
    see you soon, Liz xxx

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