Pergamano Show with Jane

Pergamano Show with Jane

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s TV time tomorrow, with Jane. The Pergamano Show with Jane Telford is on Create & Craft at 11am & 3pm, so I hope you can join her.

She’s starting a series of monthly shows, centred around some of our most popular Christmas designs ever! Remember those Christmas Treasures, by Linda Williams? Well, what a treat to be enjoying them again. Jane will start, at the start – with Set 1, Silent Night.

The A4 Christmas Sampler will also be on the show. Just perfect for making quick and classy Christmas cards.

Jane is also going to dive into the Pergamano Handbook for Multi-Needle Tools – Volume One. It takes you through 7 Pergamano Tools, which are also available to buy. So if you were thinking of honing your parching skills, then this may be the perfect starting place.

Contains: 3 Needle Tool, 5 Needle Tool, 5 in a Circle Tool, Flower Tool, Semi Circle Tool, Semi Circle Mini Tool and the Swirl Tool.

How about some inspiration from Linda and the design team. Many of these masterpieces are by Linda, and are covered in step by step projects in the book.

Here is a formidable collection of artwork, created by Linda and our talented Design team, using the Silent Night plates and the A4 Sampler

It will be good to see what Jane comes up with tomorrow! I remember so well launching these beauties on Create & craft. They encapsulate the essence of Christmas, don’t they.

Now it’s time for a Chinese take away and the football at 8pm. Treat night! Grace is home too, and while she may not be the biggest soccer fan in the world, she does love a Chinese take away! I’m delighted that the team has made it this far. If it goes to penalties, I’m leaving the room though. Can’t handle the pressure!

Love always

Barb x x x

11 thoughts on “Pergamano Show with Jane

  1. looking forward to seeing Jane’s shows tomorrow! Hope you all enjoy the footie oh and the Chinese takeaway!!!!x

  2. Fingers crossed for the footie. Love these plates and a show that saves me money as I’ve got them even better ! Just done anther little bee card, so good for something quick. Enjoy the takeaway. X

  3. I love the way that you bring back previous items. Sometimes people can’t afford to get a whole set of things at once. Absolutely love your shows on Create and Craft and Paul’s Groovi Tuesdays. Love from the US.

  4. Can’t wait for the shows . Love this set of Linda’s plates.
    Aldi looking forward to the craft along, got the stamps!
    Enjoy your evening. X

  5. Looking forward to seeing what Jane has lined up for us tomorrow although I will have to catch up later as it’s our day to meet at Bromsgrove. Will record them to watch after the SHAC tomorrow night . It’s nice for all the samples to get another airing xx

  6. I must remember to record Jane’s shows, these are my favourite plates, but I’m off babysitting again. Can’t wait for a little down time to do some Groovi!

  7. All my Christmas cards this year are being created with Linda’s plates. I have the shows set to record and look forward to a relaxing couple of hours with Jane.
    I’m not a football fan but did cheer when I heard the result of today’s match and hope the team do England proud in the final. I remember England winning in 1966. I might even watch this time.
    Stay safe.

  8. All set to record Jane. as you say these plates are the essence of Christmas.
    Like Grace, not a football fan but so pleased for all those who are this morning.

  9. Hello Barb, what beautiful samples from the design team, I am sure the shows were a great success. I am not a great football fan either, but am pleased that the team got through, so good luck to them on Sunday. Bx

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