A jam-packed Show tomorrow!

A jam-packed Show tomorrow!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s here, in readiness for tomorrow’s TV show. So much to show you !! When and where is it? Sunday 3pm-5pm on Create & Craft.

And what are we showcasing? A whole load of goodness!

First up, our Hippie Chicks A4 Stamp Set

and the Hippie Chicks A5 Groovi Plate

Next on the counter, returning favourites, the SHAC Calligraphy Girls A5sq Stamp Set

and the Calligraphy Girls A5sq Groovi Plate

Remember these fabulous stamps?! So useful and fun to use! Ladies Glasses A5sq Stamp & Mask Set & Summer Shades A5sq Stamp & Mask Set

Summer Shades A5sq Stamp & Mask Set

Many of you will already have our A5 Letterbox Alphabet & Numbers Stamp & Mask Sets, but now we’ve designed Fresh Cut dies, to add to them. What a game changer! Being able to precut the shapes and have them ready to use. And being able to move them around too! Oh yes.

Letterbox Alphabet & Numbers Die Set

There’s so much on this Sunday’s 2 hour slot, we are going to split the show into two halves. Well, that’s the plan!! The second hour will lean more into landscapes and scene-building…

Bird Tree & Butterfly Tree Stamp Duo

Stag & Woodland Miniatures A6 Stamp & Mask Duo

Woodland Mask A5 Mask Collection

There‘s a super Two Way Overlay Woodland Aperture with Birds Die Set on the show too.

I can’t imagine I’m going to have time to do a demonstration using this set, so I’ve done a photo step by step for you instead. I wanted to just switch off this afternoon, think about things, and make a card for my friend who is in the wars at the moment, so I kinda killed 2 birds with one stone, if you’ll forgive the expression. The photos are pretty easy to follow. I used the Peppermint Infusion papers for the background, and the Pinky Gray stickers.

  • Find an Infusion paper with “hills” in the pattern.
  • Cut the die elements out of a sheet of black card.
  • Lay up the 2 scenes on the paper. They are designed to layer up on top of each other too.
  • I cut a lower branch out of the trees. They are very snippable too.
  • Using a white eraser pencil rub out some of the colour to create a highlight on the hills.
  • Use a QuickieGlue pen to attach the two scenes to the two halves of the paper.
  • Add the birds which also come with the die. These are brilliant.
  • Trim the paper to 6″ tall. Use the offcut as a background for a few little stickers from the Pinky Gray set.

Mount on Card and use the scraps to create little panels either side of the centrepiece.

All done. Two cards using all the die elements once, except for one little bird, who rocked up twice. Can you spot which one? No stamps today. Just dies and Tea Infusion collage paper.

Don’t forget. The Clarity Member’s Half-Price Sale ends Monday. Still plenty of time to grab a bargain.

I’m going for a walk round the garden. Cannot bear to watch the shoot out between England and Switzerland. It’s just too stressful to see all that pressure on one man and the goalie. No no no. Whoever dreamt up penalities sudden death definitely had a sadistic streak.

Love always

Barb x x x

10 thoughts on “A jam-packed Show tomorrow!

  1. Well, we did it and now have to do it all again ! Those alphabet dies look fab, I was sat here thinking why haven’t I got them, I’m sure I haven’t got them then realised they’re new ! I have got the glasses sets though and never used them so will be good to see them again ! Just going to finish off a second order for sale. Now I’m going to make a cuppa after all that stress! Have a good show tomorrow, looking forward to it. X

  2. it all looks fabulous and the plus side is that we are through in the football! tomorrows show will be brilliant! x

  3. I am just hoping that Virgin actually manages to work tomorrow. The whole system crashed last night and did not recover till around midday today. I am looking forward to seeing the shows tomorrow. Lot of ideas by the look of things here. It is not the football that is taking my time at the moment, but Wimbledon instead. My family know that this fortnight is mine and no-one is alowed to interrupt me, unless it is to bring me drinks and food. xxx

    1. I’ve got Wimbledon on the iPlayer now and football on TV 🤦‍♀️ they always got me a tv at work for my office for Wimbledon weeks, it’s lovely to be able to indulge since retirement!

  4. Looking forward to the shows later on today to see what other ideas you have come up with. I enjoyed the craft along on Thursday evening although I haven’t yet completed the projects as I have had to tidy up ready for visitors coming on Monday but will get them done later in the week xx

  5. Looks like it will be a tremendous show. The alphabet dies will go in my basket as they will save a lot of time for me. You always come up with something useful as well as inspiring. Love your cards, those dies are great.
    See you this afternoon.

  6. Hi Barb, safe travels to the studios, looking forward to the shows, all set to record. Love the items on the show. Bx

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