Nearly there…

Nearly there…

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. One more sleep and we have finally made it to our 30th Clarity Anniversary! All the artstuff is set and packed, but today I had the weighty task of packing clothes. What?? I hear you think out loud, “weighty? How can packing three tops be complicated?” I mean, let’s face it, you don’t see the bottom half on telly, do you. I might as well be wearing jogging bottoms and slippers!

No, no. The confusion lies in the fact that on Monday morning, we hand over to our dear friend Paul aka house-sitter, cat-sitter, then trek up to Heathrow and fly to the States. Business trip AND a mini break. More will be revealed. So that’s why today I have to pack for both the TV 3-day marathon AND the States.

Anyway. Time to give you some TV Show times, so you can make a plan too – if you want to watch that is!

FRIDAY. One Day Special. 6pm and 9pm

Beautiful Penguins. Cute and clever. You loved the Gnomes and the Elves – well the new penguins are perfect! Stamps AND Groovi. Gallery and details to follow tomorrow x

SATURDAY One Day Special contd. 10am and 2pm

SATURDAY A Kiss from Clarity 5pm and 8pm.

A really superb design collection by our clever Jazz. Wreaths, baubles and so so much more. I was blown away by these when I started to play.

SUNDAY Clarity Classics with Barb 3-5pm

If you like that arty, linocut, then you will LOVE Sunday. Drawn and cut by myself. More will be revealed…

But now I really must go feed these little cats! They are hovering…

Quote for today?

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them

Chris Grosser

Love always,

Barb x x x

22 thoughts on “Nearly there…

  1. Oh so pleased you will be able to have a break. Looking forward to the shows the design team samples I have seen are so cool

  2. I’m so glad you re making time to go away together, bit cryptic though, wonder where you are off to in the States, could it be a wedding????? If so which one? Many congratulations to Mark as well on his engagement. Looking forward to the weekend and a very happy Birthday to the Clarity ship and all who sail in her! Xx

  3. Have a wonderful trip and I hope you two get down time as well as working. Don’t forget to check the cases, I suspect the hovering duo are also awaiting an opportunity to curl up inside! They tend to know when their humans are planning on leaving them for a time don’t they. Looking forward to the shows – temptation time again she sighs. Thirtly years is quite an Anniversary for a business, so many congratulations. Enjoy!

  4. Ah! Ah! That’s some packing then ! Have great shows and, more importantly, a good break in the States. Every one needs a Paul like a Dave I reckon ! Have a good time. X

  5. It will be worth all the effort once you’re on the flight on Monday! These sets are all fabulous (as always!) and I can feel the excitement for the weekend building already! Make sure you get a good night’s sleep tonight – it’ll all be downhill from tomorrow xx

  6. So pleased that you are able to have a break and combine work with pleasure (hope more pleasure). Have a great time. Paul and cats will have fun.
    Congratulations to all at Clarity, here and in the states. I hadn’t thought of a wedding either.
    Look forward to watching you again in October.
    Take care.

  7. Ooo I can’t wait to find out what you’re going to be up to in the States! Business and a mini break. But how mini is mini?
    I love these little penguins and I want to have another play with them so think once I’ve finished my current secret stuff that’s what I’ll be doing. Maybe even craft along with you on Saturday.
    Have a relaxing evening and safe travels tomorrow.
    Love and hugs. Xxxx

  8. Have a lovely time on your hols. You both deserve it you work so hard and inspire us all the time. Your wee pussies will miss you…….speaking from experience!!!

  9. You’ve got us all really thinking now – what is afoot? I hope you both have a great time in The States, in the meantime I look forward to the next 3 days of TV. Hope you get time to breathe and then fly away to pamper yourselves in the sunshine. Take care and return to us refreshed xx

  10. I wonder what is lurking in the future for Clarity but like everyone else I will have to be patient & wait for you to divulge the plans. Meanwhile enjoy the celebrations over the weekend & then more important have a fabulous time in the States with hopefully more downtime than business meetings xx

  11. Glad to hear you and Dave are taking some time out, you both need that break from the Clarity “front line”! And you know all will be well with Paul keeping an eye on things, and Team Clarity being their usual super efficient selves.
    Really looking forward to the weekend’s goodies, and maybe popping an order or two in!!
    Here’s a celebratory Haiku –
    ~ Clever penguins teem ~
    Jazzy baubles, festive wreaths
    ~ Linocut supreme ~

    Barb, you should be so proud of all you have achieved in those 30 years, bringing together a wonderful community of like minded happy, friendly crafters and opening the doors to an inspiring world of creativity with so much innovation and imagination! Thank you so much!
    Congratulations Team Clarity, you are the best!

  12. We are celebrating our Golden Wedding Anniversary tomorrow, so it’s 30 years for you, and 50 for us !

    I am looking forward to all the shows over the weekend.

    Hope you and Dave enjoy your mini break x

  13. Looking forward to the shows, all on record in case of interruptions so I don’t miss anything. The penguins will go in my basket despite my determination not to buy. They are so cute how could I resist?
    Glad you are finally having a break, just make sure it’s mini business and major holiday. I am sure Paul will manage his tasks with his usual efficiency while you are away.
    Safe journey.

  14. Hi Barbara
    All sounds exciting. My sister has to go to the States next week my niece has done the ACL in her knee playing football requiring surgery and she has never been in hospital before so Mum to the rescue. I’m sure the weekend will be great but good luck anyway. I have been asked to do some Christmas cards decorating with the dementia group that I help out with. A bit nervous but I’m sure it will be ok 🤞. Enjoy your mini break you both deserve it.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  15. Dear Barbara, Dave, Paul and team,
    CONGRATULATIONS on reaching this mile stone.
    Good luck with the TV shows, your business overseas. Have a fantastic holiday. 🥰

  16. Phew what a program of events, enjoy all your t.v., shows and congratulations on achieving so much in 30 years of business. Look forward to hearing all about your trip to USA and have a great time you both so deserve it. X

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