Two more sleeps…

Two more sleeps…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Only two more sleeps before we celebrate our BIG 30 ! We’ve got some fabulous new stamp and Groovi plate designs lined up to tickled your fancy, and I hope there will be something there for you! From cool penguins, beautiful baubles and wreaths to fantastic lino cuts and super free gifts with purchase – there’s bound to be something to get your creative juices flowing. Paul and I are teaming up for this one too, so a job shared with a friend.

I spent the day at Clarity Towers today. Several meetings and official stuff today. Plus some forward planning. There’s never a dull moment here! Sue and I packed 2 huge boxes of wonderful soft and beautiful toys, and superb things so many of you kindly made and donated for our Pat & Bill’s shoebox Charity. My oh my. So much loveliness and generosity. AND SKILL!!! There wasn’t a single thing we couldn’t send. Everything was absolutely perfect for the Charity. Brilliant job, dear Team Clarity!! Sue put it well: ‘There is so much goodness in the world Barb’, she said. I shed a few tears, I must be honest. The kindness was overwhelming.

Wurka and Hollick were back to their old tricks, causing consternation and angst just before the Big Weekend. But worry not! They were evicted before they could get comfy today.

Tomorrow it’s time to clean my artroom up. It has erupted!

It doesn’t look any better backstage, behind the cameras either..

A mop up and general put away is what my head needs.

That’s it. I think if I put stuff away where it belongs, and push the hoover round, it will make me feel calmer. I can’t leave it like this! If a burglar broke in, he’d think someone had beaten him to it!!

I enjoy a tidy workspace. It clears my head. Just long enough to get creative and messy again. But if the chaos is perpetual, then I lose my way. No no. A clean workspace is no bad thing at the start of a day.

Clean your space, clear your mind.

I don’t think I’m the only one who gets a sense of calm when I’ve cleaned my space. Whether it be the kitchen, the bedroom or the artroom. I’m talking about controlling the controllable I suppose! Decluttering the head. I think of cleaning more as a ritual than a chore. In this mental world we live in, we all need a safe space, a quiet space, a serene space. Where’s yours? Mine is actually in my pottery studio. And actually, I always clean that space religiously when I finish a session. Never leave the wheel dirty. Always wash it, clean the tools and wipe the surfaces down. There’s nothing like walking into a clean pottery studio, then putting on your apron to begin your work. Like crawling upstairs at the end of the day to a bed all lovely and made, fresh linen with plumped up pillows, nightie laid out and cinched at the waist, rose petals and chocolates on the pillow. Hahaha. Now you’ve gone too far, Gray!!

There was a time in my life, many years ago, BC (Before Clarity), when I nearly always got into an unmade bed, and never had anything in the fridge except a bottle of wine and a lump of cheese. Smoked like a chimney, drank like a fish and worked like a Trojan.

Now I just work like a Trojan. But the bed is ALWAYS made.

Love always,

Barb x x x

25 thoughts on “Two more sleeps…

  1. I totally agree Barb, I pull everything out to craft but after a session everything must be put back to where it belongs, so the old man can use the desk for his at home working days. We had 3 covid years of him working in the lounge on the dining room table and me using the spare room as my work space, but now I’m at the surgery he has moved upstairs. it’s nice to have the living space as a living room, we never felt we’d left work when it was all computer screens downstairs. Oh and everyday, the bed is made, never once I have I got into an un made bed, even on holiday in a hotel, I have to make the bed. puts me off kilter if it’s not made. My most favourite thing getting into a freshly made bed. I’ve gotta be the first one into it, as its was all my effort to make it beautiful and fresh! haha. I’m sure this weekend will be amazing 30 years, where have they gone, I’m sure we will be celebrating in Clarity style.lots of love T.xx

  2. Hi Barbara,

    I can hardly contain the anticipation that’s building for your 30th Birthday shows….it’s sooo exciting!! I just know that everything will be amazing, as usual. The difficulty is going to be what to choose?? I too have just celebrated a 2 x 30 significant birthday and my favourite present was a piece of your exquisite pottery, which I will treasure and the Groovi System.
    Have a happy 30th Birthday love to everybody Clarity.


  3. I had a tidy up in my crafty space today too! I found myself avoiding going in there so knew the time was now! Felt so much better this afternoon.

    Looking forward to the TV shows for Clarity’s birthday. 30 years…quite a feat. Well done to you…and all your team, past and present xx

  4. Your ‘craftermath’ always gives me hope that it’s not just me that ends up with their crafting area in a complete pickle! I’m absolutely with you on the joy you get from a good tidy-up and declutter – walking into an organised area really helps spark my creative juices!
    I know how busy this weekend’s going to be, but it’s such a fantastic celebration of the last 30 years and I am so looking forward to being a small part of it!

  5. I agree the bed always has to be made & there is nothing like getting into a clean bed that has bedding on that has blown dry in the fresh air & sunshine.
    As to my craft room or should I say craft house as things have spread since the beginning of the pandemic. Groovi stuff is in the dining room, it was confined to a 3 tier trolley but that has grown to 2 & the sideboard is an ideal place to have my tool bag open on . The rest is upstairs in what was the spare bedroom. My plan today was to finish off my Groovi tags, TICK. A couple of Tbag cards TICK & put away plates into storage boxes & folders so I knew where everything was WIP. I will continue tomorrow !!

  6. I was determined today to have a quiet time having looked after family dogs for what seems weeks. The truth is they are young dogs and really zap my energy and it’s only been through August. I do so love it that I can still manage them but today was for me. I had a great afternoon playing and designing with a smaller version of Linda’s double square frame. It took me ages to work out and I’m glad I’ve actually ordered the plate but I feel a sense of achievement tonight. Really looking forward to celebrating 30years with you on the Telly xx

  7. Looking forward to lots of Clarity loveliness this weekend. It’s clear you’ve been working hard. I know that tidiness is supposed to be good for the soul but I’m glad you’ve left it for another day. Hope you can find a little time to check out the full Moon tonight. It’s a Supermoon and and a Blue Moon. For me tidiness can wait (too often) but the beautiful Moon tonight won’t. I’m sure your Clarity Birthday weekend will go well but still wishing you all the best.x

  8. Absolutely with you on the workspace thing. My room looks like a bomb had hit it with stuff all over the place when I’m in the middle of something. But until I tidy it away with everything in its proper place, I can’t think clearly about the next job. Just as well really or I might drown!

  9. sorry Barb but I showed these pics to Pete so they would take the heat off me a bit! haha. My room isn’t too bad at the moment though. I agree about the bed. We make ours and the pull the duvet back so that I can get my legs into bed before covering them up. We still make it nice and smooth and tidy though.

  10. My corner of our dining room looked like that today until I had to put it away for the evening. It’ll all come out again tomorrow as I need it.
    And once I’ve completed my current projects I will be having a proper sort out of all the things I seem to have accumulated recently and not found a permanent home for yet. It’s becoming a bit of a challenge to be inventive with storage space!
    I’m really looking forward to watching the birthday shows over the weekend. I think the products you will be showing are pretty special. Befitting of a special birthday celebration.
    Safe travels.
    Love and hugs xxx

    1. I remember having supper at your house once Jane, and I still can’t believe that you create such beautiful diverse artwork – and so prolifically – from the corner of your dining room table. Amazing woman xxx

  11. I can totally relate to ‚clean your space , clear your mind. I can’t focus unless my workspace is tidy. I’ve always been that way. I also cant sleep unless everything is tidy. I thought there was something wrong with me, maybe a bit of selective OCD. 🤣🤣🤣.

    I Wonder If a lot of the way we are is inherited- I know i am very like my Austrian mum. Even now at 95 she always makes her bed and washes up straight away.

    Can’t wait for the next lot of shows how lovely to celebrate 30 years together.

  12. I chuckled when I saw your photos, good luck clearing up. I like to tidy as I go but as fast as I make space hubby fills it. I managed to get my new goodies filed away this morning but then he set up his microscopes and that was the end of my crafting space.
    I want to make a card for a very special friend who is 87 in September so as she is an avid gardener I will be using some of Linda’s plates. So many ideas, just have to make up my mind.
    Hope Dave is recovering from his TIA and that you will both slow down a bit after this weekend.
    Housework can always wait for a few days but the bed has to be made as soon as I get up no matter what. I too love the sensation of fresh new clean sheets and mostly manage to be the first between them.
    Safe travels to tv Landon Friday.

  13. My back room is being taken over by all things Clarity, I have some of my folders in the sideboard, some on the book shelf and the rest here and there, on the floor, behind a chair, and under another one, also under the little sewing table my auntie gave me, and starting to spread out in other places around the edge of the room! The plan was to start on it today, to sort some of my other crafty things out, to give me room upstairs, but I got waylaid, and tidied two desk drawers out instead. That was another job that needed doing. I can open the drawers now without a struggle. I usually put away my things after crafting, before going up to a nicely made bed. Looking forward to the shows. Take care. xx

  14. When I moved into my craft room, after working on the dining room table for so long, my biggest thought was that I wouldn’t have to tidy everything away every evening. However, it must be the Virgo in me, because I can’t leave my craft room messy and always tidy up. Same with the kitchen. I have to wash up straight away and always have to empty the drainer and give the sink a nice polish up!
    Have a great 30th birthday weekend and best wishes to you all at Clarity. It is my birthday today, but I am a few years past 30! 😂. X

  15. Happy 30th Birthday to all at Clarity. Personally I love a tidy craft room so tidy up after each crafting session so it is ready for me the next time I go in there. Mind you I am nowhere as busy as you Barb so it is easy for me. Off to a hen party on Saturday and a pottery lesson which is something completely new to me. No doubt I will make a right mess. Totally with you on making the bed every morning. Happy 30th. xxx

  16. Happy 30th birthday Clarity. Congratulations Barbara and a huge thank you to you and your teams past and present for making it such a great company to deal with and for the pleasure all the products you produce give.

    I too love how it feels after a good clean and tidy up. The thought of doing it, not so good (where to start etc so a list helps – ticking the jobs off is so satisfying). The bed, like Glynis, is all smoothed out and the duvet neatly pulled back (have a thing about preventing dust mites) so the bed is well aired.
    I’ve just finished scanning, cataloguing and putting away my sale order. Trouble is, I want to make a birthday card for a friend but I suffer from blank canvas syndrome and am overwhelmed with the choice of stash I now have. Quite a happy dilemma though.

    Have a great time, Barbara with the shows and celebrating such a milestone.

  17. I’d really enjoy tidying your craft room! I think in another life I must have worked ‘downstairs’! I have to clear my craft room daily otherwise my Alfie cat would make himself at home in the middle of everything. The flip side is that when it’s all put away I don’t always want to get it out until I have an idea of my next project.
    Many many congratulations for your 30th anniversary. Thank you so much for everything you do. May you and Dave enjoy your time away. With love xx

  18. I am the opposite to most of you, terribly untidy. I bought my bungalow as it had a craft room at the back of the garage but never use it to work in . From my lounge on the Isle of Wight I can see the sea from Hurst Point Castle to Swanage and love looking at the view so everything migrates to the lounge as there is no view from the craft room !!
    Love and hugs

  19. Where has 30 years gone! The first ink pad and stamps I brought were clarity stamps. Wondered off to other companies a little in the past but now back with you and the shack shack and that’s where I will be staying as you are the best company. I moved house nearly two years ago now and so my club items wouldn’t get lost in the post as we were being messed about with moving dates you very kindly held on to them so I could pick them up from your offices.The girls in the office were wonderful. I am looking forward to the weekend shows going to sit down in peace and quiet with a cup of coffee as the family are away for a few days. Congratulations on your 30years you all deserve it.

  20. I have a lovely craftroom and I used to be able to keep it tidy but at the moment it looks like yours – too much stuff my husband says. But I use it all I say (well nearly all). I look forward to watching the shows coming up. Take care.

  21. Congratulations Barb it will be a very busy weekend. Ill be there. As a trad parcher I’m fairly new to @clarity but I love it. I’m also a learner stamper, club member.
    Tidy, that’s me, I work better that way.
    Entered 20 items, various crafts in local show, had 12 prizes! And a cup. Pleased with that.
    Enjoy but remember to rest also.xx

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