Finally! Let’s hear it for Clarity!

Finally! Let’s hear it for Clarity!

Hi there

Woohoo! Yep! We made it. Thirty years in business. I’d like to say it only seems like yesterday that I had that magic moment of Clarity, but to be perfectly honest, it does seems like a lifetime ago! So much has happened during that span of thirty years – both in business and on the home front. The world has changed too, and we’ve shape-shifted and adapted along the way! Three things for sure: we are still going strong, our designs are better than ever, and the quality of our products is second to none. There. That’s 30 years in a nutshell. It isn’t easy running a business nowadays. Never was actually! If it were, everybody would be doing it! Both a milestone and a millstone!

I hope you can join us on Create & Craft and help celebrate. We have lots of shows over the 3 days,so once again, here is a schedule of what is coming up:

Friday 1st
One Day Special – 6pm & 9pm
Saturday 2nd
One Day Special – 10am & 2pm
KISSes from Clarity – 5pm & 8pm
Sunday 3rd
Crafting with Clarity – 3pm-5pm (2 hours)

We kick off the party with a super cool One Day Special. Remember the Gnomes and the Elves? Well this time we have a delightful collection of penguins stamps, letterboxes and billboards – with co-ordinating dies. Our darling Linda Williams drew a little family of penguins for us – and then Jazz drew a whole village !! Teamwork makes the dream work x

We’ve also made them into Groovi plates for you. Very cool….

Check out a few art inspirations from our clever teamies…

The Gnomes and Elves will also be on the show, in case you haven’t met them yet. They’re pretty cool too. We certainly got something going when we drew those little gnomes in the SHAC, didn’t we?

I do like these little fellas; we had a ot of fun with them. And the elves! But I love these penguins too. Jazz and Linda have done a cracking job. Such great little personalities! The penguins too! Fun art, feel good art.

On that happy note, I shall crack on. Best get on the road. So much to do before 6pm!

Love always

Barb x x x

38 thoughts on “Finally! Let’s hear it for Clarity!

  1. Many many congratulations to you all at Clarity you do a wonderful job for the crafters of this world. Barbara thank you for sharing your ideas with us all . 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. happy birthday Clarity. Although I have said it before …Clarity is the company that transformed my crafting. Thank you.

  3. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARITY what a great weekend’s viewing in store. A big thank you to you Barbara and all the team – YOU ARE THE BEST

  4. Congratulations and thanks to Barbara and all her team for everything you do. 30 years of hard graft is very much appreciated. The business has grown such a lot since the first days but you have still managed to keep it as a family. You are so concerned and thoughtful for everyone and in return you have loyal following who love you dearly. Your success is so well deserved so have a wonderful weekend and a great holiday. We look forward to hearing all about it but in the meantime just enjoy. Love Pam xx

  5. Happy 😊 Birthday to Clarity 🍰
    Happy 😊 Birthday to Clarity 🎈
    Happy 😊 Birthday dear Clarityyyyyyy 🎁
    Happy 😊 Birthday to you 🎂
    Here’s to the next 30 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    I am sooooo excited bring it on!!!!!!!!

    Wishing everyone a happy and successful 3 day celebration you really do all deserve it. Barbara and Dave, I hope you have a great time in the States, remember to have a little bit of rest and relaxation too. Lots of love and BIG BIG hugs 😊😘🤗 Penny xXx

  6. Congratulations on 30 years of business. Such an achievement which I’m sure you’re SO proud of. A fantastic company with simply the best products. Good luck with the C&C shows over the weekend, and I hope you & Dave have a fab trip to the States. I so admire your energy and drive. Maybe you could start selling a bit of that??!! 🙂 Thank you from a happy customer xx

  7. Happy 30th Birthday to Clarity. Wishing you well for your weekend celebrations.
    Thank you for everything you bring us in the crafting world .
    We love your products and long may they continue.
    Enjoy your mini break Barbs you deserve a rest.

  8. Congratulations on 30 years. Such a great business and even better community, here’s to many more. The penguins are adorable x

  9. Happy birthday Clarity !!!!! I have only been crafting for 20 of those years and looking in my craft room yesterday been a member of the stamp club for almost half of that time. I had been searching out some Christmas stamps but I think they might be put to one side in favour of the penguins this weekend. Have a wonderful celebration xxxxx

  10. Happy 30th Birthday Clarity! What an incredible journey! Barbara, you’ve worked very hard for it and deserve this success! But as you keep saying “Team work makes the dream work” so a big round of applause and hats off to all your team at Clarity Towers, too! And all your family, of course! Sorry, not been around for a while but will certainly be joining in all your celebrations on C&C in the next few days and especially tonight. I just love penguins and yours are super cute! Should be saving my money for all the work still needed to be done when we go to Germany later this month but I have a feeling the elves will be out there tonight, dropping in a few penguins into my basket – ha ha ha!
    Well, enjoy your celebration shows on C&C and have a great time with Dave in the US. Hope it won’t be all business but also some pleasure too! Hugs and Alles Liebe xxx

  11. Happy 30th anniversary to the creation of clarity! You have all worked so hard at keeping it going, Thankyou. It’s a fantastic company run by a fantastic person.
    Hugs on this special day! Xx

  12. Many Congratulations.
    Enjoy the well deserved celebrations this weekend then relax for a while.
    With love and best wishes.
    Lynn x

  13. Happy 30th anniversary! Such a great achievement and lots of hard work too. I love Clarity products and it’s my ‘go to’ company when looking for something, As you say the products are second to none and also great customer service. Well done! x

  14. Many many congratulations to you and all your hardworking team. Hope you have a great couple of days in telly land then enjoy your well earned break xxx

  15. Congratulations 👏 Barb and all of Team Clarity. You are the best in every way 💛 Your products and your Customer service are second to none. Plus you ‘Care’ which makes you and your Company stand out above the rest. Safe journey and Happy TV shows 😊xx

  16. Happy 30th Birthday ! Love the penguins but have the elves and haven’t done enough with them yet ! Enjoy the shows, you’ll smash it as usual! Well done Dave, Barb and Clarity team for the last 30 years. X

  17. Congratulations on 30 years an amazing achievement in the current world xx You have built your brand and the accolades are well deserved xx always keeping up with the times and bringing us so many new and exciting products and always the amazing design team show us how xx You have an awesome support team around you who are all invested in making Clarity what it is xx Here’s to a few more years with you at the helm steering the good ship whilst making time for yourself xx

  18. Happy birthday 🎂 to you and everyone at Clarity. Long may you continue to delight us with your products, time and advice. xxx

  19. Congratulations! Hope you have a great birthday weekend on C & C. You are a very special lady with a super team who have made a big difference to an awful lot of people. x

  20. Happy birthday and many congratulations! A wonderful company led by a fantastic inspiration and with an amazing team. Clarity Rocks!
    Hope you can enjoy the weekend and have a safe flight on Monday. You and Dave so deserve a break. Love and hugs. Xx

  21. Congratulations Barbara on such a fantastic achievement – 30 years in business. Customer service 2nd to none & products that are fresh & up to date. You have a great team behind you as well that are also always willing to help & go that extra mile.
    Have a great Birthday weekend & trip to the States next week with Dave.
    Now I must get my homework done otherwise it will be Oct 2nd before we know it – this year seems to have flown by xx

  22. Congratulations Barbara to you and your wonderful Clarity Team.
    Your well made products are a pleasure to use with lots of inspiration and practical advice and great Customer Service. I’ll be watching as much as I can and likely to be happily spending too.
    Have a wonderful Clarity birthday weekend and trip to the USA with Dave. Wishing you all the best in everything you do.x


    The hard graft you and the team put in definitely shows in the quality, service and innovation of your products.
    Thank you to all at Clarity Towers, you do a grand job.

    I’m betting you have a quick sellout on these little penguins. They are adorable.

  24. HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY CLARITY! Many Congratulations. Brilliant products, brilliant service, brilliant designers brilliant presenters!
    Enjoy your visit to the States.

    Linda x

  25. Congratulations on achieving 30 years in business. Your dedication and the hard work of all the team is awe inspiring. Thank you and wishing you good luck and good fortune in the future. xx

  26. Congratulations Barbara. Been with you well over 20 years since the days when you got photos printed for the stamp club! You’ve created such a brilliant company but still always cared about everyone. Well done on everything. Enjoy your well deserved holiday next week. Xx

  27. Happy 30th birthday to you Barbara and all the Clarity family. Having tried, unsuccessfully, to do parchment craft, Groovi came along and gave me a whole new hobby, followed by many new and valued friends, when I joined the ENGG. When lockdown happened, the SHAC was a sanity saver for me and I discovered skills that I never thought I had. Those daily sessions with you and the SHAC family were the highlights of my day. I shall be forever grateful for the time and effort you put into that Barbara.
    I know that Clarity wouldn’t be the company it is without so many great people and as I can’t name them all, please let them know how valued they all are, including the ones who have now retired.
    Have a wonderful birthday weekend and a fabulous trip to the USA and your family. XX

  28. Well 30 years in business is most definitely cause for celebration! It’s shaping up to be a fabulous weekend. Hope you had a smooth journey up to the studios – will be tuning in at 6pm and toasting you with a glass of something suitable!

  29. Congratulations and Happy 30th Birthday to you and all the wonderful staff at Clarity. Have a great weekend but don’t work too hard !
    Love and hugs

  30. Happy anniversary Barbara and the team at Clarity. I still have my very first stamps from Clarity – the elephant word silhouette. Had hours of fun with them. It’s so lovely to have a favourite craft brand that’s even better every year and has such amazing products. Thank you 😊 xx

  31. Happy birthday Clarity!
    Congratulations Barbara and all your team. Thank you for being such a big part of my crafting journey. x

  32. Happy birthday Clarity! Congratulations Barbara, Dave and all the Clarity team. I will only be able to catch up with the shows on Sunday but I predict a sell out! Enjoy your USA trip xx

  33. Congratulations Barb, Dave and all the Clarity Crew on your 30th Birthday. you are as amazing, kind, creative and caring as always, and may that continue for many years to come. Love the Penguins. Looking forward to shows. Take care everyone. Bx

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