SHAC Monday…

SHAC Monday…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! Did you join us in the SHAC today? The old bus driver was pretty worn out ! Did you notice how the bus kept veering off track, and going in different directions ?!? The end result was pretty though.

I had a little moment of Clarity after we’d already finished the session, too. I realised that you can use the white and pink erasers to remove that ink stain within the design, and even create highlights. Look:

I haven’t had time to finish the picture completely, but am hoping I will get to it later. Main thing is that you see how you can remove colour with the eraser pencils.

I really enjoyed doing this one! I liked being able to brush ink colour into the circle, and blend the two colours to get that fabulous grey-blue-teal which is so reminiscent of Japanese woodblock art. I mentioned Hiroshige this morning. See this woodblock colour I mean? Ours would look beautiful in pink and peach too.

I think you’ll enjoy this brand new, hot off the press next week, SHAC Stamp and Stencil Collection we have created, based on the drawings we have done together in the SHAC. I have drawn a third one too – it’s the secret one – it’s my favourite.

This week, I shall have to slow down though. The TV shows have really been fun and successful, but they do take it out of me. We need to pace ourselves if we are going to make it to the finishing line.

I’ve scheduled a Moment of Clarity Demo/Craftalong a Barbie for this Friday evening at 7pm too. Using the Treescape designs. Arty tricks n tips. Completely free of course. I hope you can join me on Facebook Live or Youtube. If you sign up to our newsletter, you’ll be in the loop, and will never miss a date with my best buddy, ART. Just CLICK HERE and fill in the form.

Quote for the day.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

Maya Angelou

Travel Gently.

Love always

Barb x x x

19 thoughts on “SHAC Monday…

  1. Hope you can find time to rest and relax a bit this week.
    I’ve just been out to meet my friend who I’ve known for a long long time. She’s just lost both her elderly parents in a very short time. So she needed a listening ear and I was happy to oblige. It was good that we could catch up and we managed to fill 3 hours just chatting.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the next Shac shows and I’m sure the products will fly out the door.
    Look after yourself this week Barbara.
    Love and hugs. Xxx

  2. I loved the Shac this morning (still laughing about your brother and the curtains!) and I loved the shows on C&C yesterday too. You and Janice are my favourite combination! I’m not surprised you’re worn out though. I really don’t know how you do it….but I’m really glad you do! Hope you can enjoy a bit of R&R this week x

  3. Had a great time this morning as my Facebook posts demonstrate. Never apologise for changing course, we are just grateful for your time. I hope you aren’t rushing around this afternoon tidying up but are having a rest. I went on a time management course once and the one message I took away from it was ‘that sometimes the best use of your time is to do nothing’. Xx

    1. That’s interesting Gill, it’s taken me most of my 86 years to understand that it’s not a crime to sit and stare occasionally.

  4. Started the Shac while doing the ironing and then got interrupted so much go back and see the rest. Look forward to seeing the stamps. X

  5. Really enjoyed the mystery tour this morning – watching you experiment with various options was great. I started inking with you but had left my sponges upstairs so having been round to moms to collect the washing & tidy up I need to go & complete my piece. There are some lovely finished ones on FB.
    Hope you manage to get some down time this week – the housework can wait – just do the important bits that are time critical, as long as the alarm man isn’t due to call again !!
    You could pretend you have tickets for Wimbledon – I am going to watch Venus Williams whilst doing the ironing.

    1. You have been SO busy Barbara! All interesting stuff but you need to slow down . Looking forward to the new stencils, must make more use of them. I haven’t done any new work for 6 weeks but so enjoy watching you and Clarity. Tomorrow might be the day I feel better, and inspired! Thanks for all the time you so freely give. Xx

  6. I’m it surprised you are worn out after all the brilliant TV shows. Really looking forward to Friday night. Try and take it easy this week if you can xx

  7. Managed to watch all the shows but didn’t catch the SHAC this morning as I was trying to find an NHS dentist for emergency treatment but no luck so far. We can’t travel to Cambridge and I can’t wait until August. Hey ho, such is life.
    Hope you will take all the rest you need to get yourself back to normal.
    Take care, stay well.

  8. Loved the Shac this morning and had a good laugh. It was just great to be there with you learning more tips and tricks thank you. Take it easy and hope you enjoy Wednesday evening x

  9. I really enjoyed this morning’s SHAC, all the tips, tricks and testing new ideas. The recent TV shows were brilliant as well, but hopefully, Barbara, you can now get some rest and time back for yourself!
    You mentioned the Japanese wood block prints and the artist Hiroshige, I am also a fan. Many years ago when I first saw the Great Wave off Kanagawa print by the master Hokusai, I was blown away by his use of colour, composition and perspective. For the last ten years or so at Christmas I have received a calendar of Japanese wood block prints, and look forward each month to another example of amazing, inspirational artwork. Can’t wait to see the new SHAC goodies launching next week!
    Being a Card Maker’s Son, I’m off to make some more cards! 😊

  10. Caught up with the shac this morning, although all behind with your lovely artwork, so just watched and listened, while using the bijou floral alphabet stamps for a birthday card, then it was off to do the ironing. Enjoyed the recent shows. Hope you manage relax and rest. Take care. xx

  11. Hello Barb, you must take it easy please. The shows were amazing. I have not caught up with the Shac yet, but really will have to as I love this image. Love the quote, think I will have to write or stamp that one up and keep it by my desk. Looking forward to seeing the new stamps. Take care everyone. Bx

  12. I’m not surprised you were tired after last week – it was pretty full-on for you & Paul. Hope you manage to get some down time this week, before you’re back in the saddle again!

  13. Really enjoyed Shac yesterday morning – had a giggle and learnt a lot. Hope you do manage a rest. Take care.

  14. Nothing in the garden blooms all the time. We all need time to rest and recharge! One day schools will start to teach us this important lesson along with multiplication, and maybe people will be able to live with better balance in their lives x

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