When’s your birthday?

When’s your birthday?

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Thanks for popping in. Ready for a conundrum?

When’s your birthday? Mine’s 13th March 1959. Let’s state the obvious. When we are born we start at 0 – Zero – and go from there. And every year, on the same day, we celebrate getting older by a year, right?

Not so in South Korea! Apparently, according to traditional law, babies are a year old when they arrive! Another age-counting law in that country dictates that everyone ages by a year on first January! The first thing that came into my mind when I read about it early this morning was, What a cardmaking nightmare!! If all the birthdays for the family, friends and the entire country are on the first January, how on earth do you deal with that?! And what about the Birthday Cake industry?! Can you imagine the chaos in the bakeries on New Years Eve?? I laughed out loud when I considered the practicalities.

SO. Let me get this right. If you were born on 31st December in South Korea, then technically, the next day, you’re 2 years old. That’s a fact. Who dreamt that system up ?!?! Must play havoc with the games industry too. So it says Suitable for ages 2-4 on the box. But 2-4 could be 0-2 too, right? What a load of cock! Here we are in Blighty, always looking to the Asians, wondering how they live so much longer than us, putting it down to green tea and chee gong, when all along they had a 2 year head start! I suppose the only comfort to be had is that everybody has been in the same age bracket there, so they will all readjust simultaneously too. Strange. Mmm… what about when they move abroad?

“Date of Birth?”
“January 1st 2003”
“So you’re 23”
“No. I’m 25”
“And you’re applying to do a Maths degree course at Cambridge”

But today, 28th June 2023, all that is going to change. South Korea is doing away with their old age counting system, and introducing International Standards. Good luck with that!

The teenager who WAS 18 is now 17. Or maybe even 16! Thought he was leaving school? Nah. Back ya go! On a happy note, the 64 year old Korean Barbie is now 62. I like it! Sounds MUCH better! But hang on! What about my pension, people ?!? What about my bus pass?!? Are you telling me I have to work another two years?!

Humans. They really know how to screw things up, don’t they.

Quote for today…

You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.

Bob hope

Have a lovely Wednesday!

Love always

Barb x x x

P.S. Coincidentally, guess what today’s WIGIG is? Yes, you’ve guessed it…….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Click Here

19 thoughts on “When’s your birthday?

  1. As far as I’m aware in the UK it’s only racehorses that all have their birthday on the 1st January 😀

  2. Feeling a bit down this morning! Read this blog and have had a right old chuckle feel much better now thanks Barbara.xx

  3. This made me laugh out loud! Just going to see whether I have these stamps or not, if I have I haven’t used them and they would be useful. I’m doing too much Groovi though ! Have a good day x

    1. P.s. meant to say race horses always celebrate their birthdays on 1 Jan, suppose it’s a bit easier in that world ! Was wondering about pension but we’ve always had to wait for that ! I’m 7 months younger than you exactly – 13 Oct. X

  4. That’s my brain fried !!! Thank you Barb . It’s a wonderful world or is that a mad mad mad mad world? But if both I guess. Thank you for the great offer on the Happy Birthday and numbers stamps this morning just what I needed for a project

  5. I was born in Hong Kong in 1949 and we were told that my birthday started on the day I was conceived. That also brings a problem as not everyone knows when they are conceived !!!!!
    Interesting world we live in.
    Looking forward to seeing you and Paul on C&C.
    Take care.

  6. That made me laugh out loud Barbara! My birthday is 27th Jan 1959 so just a smidge older than you. Same school year….speaking of which, did you see Yusef/Cat Stevens at Glastonbury at the weekend? Took me right back to being a young teenager when I was actually in love with him and he was of course in love with me too!! And regarding the 1st Jan birthdate thing…I remember when I started my nurse training in Coventry….large Asian population and I was intrigued how it seemed that all the elderly Asian people all had the same date of birth (1st Jan). I think I was told (or at least it’s how I understood it) that they don’t acknowledge their date of birth…just the year. Like you say…..confusing!!

  7. Glad I’m already retired and collecting my pension if my age was to revert! I still remember seeing Bob Hope on stage at the Canadian National Exhibition when I was a child. Your quote brought a good memory back for me.

  8. What a crazy system! I’ve just finished making all the cards for my July birthdays and feel quite behind as I usually prepare much earlier. Funny how when you retire you seem to be less organised than when you had to juggle work and play!!!

  9. Oh Barbara, this is just the giggle I needed right now. Cheered me up no end. Thank you.
    My birthday is Sunday 27th Feb 1944 at 10 pm. Don’t know what that makes me in the Asian system.
    It was traumatic driving hubby home from the hospital. Usually he is a calm passenger but today he was jumpy, probably because his eye dressing covered half his face and he couldn’t see much with the other eye. His “back seat driving instructions” didn’t help at all nor did the reversing alarm which failed to operate when I parked on the drive. Fortunately I was very slow inching back because I don’t trust this new car so no damage done.
    Love today’s quote, haven’t put candles on my cake for years, too depressing.
    Safe journey tomorrow, will be watching out for some nice surprises.

  10. Strangely enough I have used the Funky numbers & Happy Birthday stamps this morning to make a 90th birthday card for a man. Just need to colour them in before we deliver it to him on Sunday.
    As to the Korean ages – they say you learn something every day – have certainly done that today although I had heard of some older asian people all having the birthday of 1st January. So much nicer for the celebrations to be spread out over the year.
    Glad I am not the only one that finds themselves less organised now they have all the time in the world to craft !!

  11. My children were competitive swimmers and for that their ages were set on 1st January. One was born in October and one in September so they were both at a disadvantage in their sport. However, they were at an advantage for school entry which was set at 1st September. Life can get so confusing.
    love and hugs, Maggie Craner xxx

  12. I already have two family birthdays on 1st January and that’s quite enough thank you. I always feel for them as it cannot be easy having a birthday when so many people are suffering from a little too much to drink whilst you just want to celebrate your special day. One of our relatives also celebrated their 21st in 2000 – that was very expensive as everyone hiked their prices.

  13. Barbara you made me laugh out loud. What a brilliant reasening. I am having a coffee in a cafe this moment and they,re all staring at me. After explaining, you,re story will now go around the village here. 😅😅😅

  14. Barbara you made me laugh out loud. What a brilliant reasening. I am having a coffee in a cafe this moment and they,re all staring at me. After explaining, you,re story will now go around the village here. 😅😅😅

  15. Hello Barb, great quote for this Blog Post. I really had a good laugh when I read this, can you imagine. My Hubs would have started thinking about retirement 2 years ago if this was the case here. Thanks so much for brightening up our day. Take care everyone. Bx

  16. Just catching up with your blog after the last few days, what with lots of work commitments & a bit of telly excitement! That’s so funny about South Korea – looks like they’ve had the same system as racehorses over here!

  17. How come when I click on “here” for WIGIG Happy birthday, I get the shoes and Xmas shoes etc?

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