Away to the Woods away!

Away to the Woods away!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Treescape. Beautiful design by our friend the cartographer, Mel Turner. When you look closely at this treescape, you can see the roads and paths overlapping, can’t you?

This week the Design of the Week also ties in with the, “A Moment of Clarity” I have planned for this Friday at 7pm live on Clarity Facebook/YouTube. It’s a win win. A fabulous design at a fabulous price, and a free tutorial on how to use it. Bingo.

As always, to celebrate being in business for 30 years, we shine on a specific design with 30% off + Club discount for a week!

Available as 3 Way Overlay Stamps

A pair of 7×7 Stencils

A 4×4 Fresh Cut Aperture Die

and a A5sq Groovi plate

All available HERE

How about some inspiration from the Design Team

If you are looking to create really unique and cool art, then this particular design is perfect.

Quote for the day.

The trees will tell their secrets to those that tune in.

Steven Magee

See you at 7pm on Friday. Check in to our Claritystamp Youtube Channel or Claritycrafts Facebook Live for an hour or so of tips and tricks!

Love always

Barb x x x

PS I’ve got between now and then to get this lot cleared away!! Yikes!

17 thoughts on “Away to the Woods away!

  1. Lovely, I have the Groovi plate and stencil. Your table makes me feel better ! Going back for a closer look at the samples from the DT. X

  2. That is a big task Barbara, but you feel so much better and very satisfied when its all done. Wishing you all the best with the clean up. looking forward to Friday, which I will watch on Saturday.( time difference with Australia).

  3. Looking forward to Friday night do love the craftalongs. Don’t envy you the task of clearing up. Went to tidy my room yesterday after the Shac but ended up making some rather lovely Christmas cards using the masking tips from the Shac got quite carried away and my room is still a mess!

  4. Wow! Lovely samples. Like to see the messy craft room. Makes it more like normal service!

  5. Looking forward to Friday. I know I have the stamps and maybe the stencil and die as well. I’ll have to go and have a look.

  6. I do like this design ,I have done several cards using the die. Can’t tune into the live as it is eldest granddaughter’s Birthday on Friday so we will be helping her celebrate . x

  7. Good luck with clearing that up but it’s not as bad as mine! Those samples are just fabulous.

  8. Glad your desk looks like mine. I really need to have a tidy up rather than be working in a space about a foot square on a table 2ft by 3 ft !! Looking forward to the extra Craft along on Friday. I will dig my treescapes out ready to see which ones you are going to use & also to make sure I am nothing missing – I don’t recognise the snowy/land infill stencil.
    I am the only one or do others start tidying up then find something you had forgotten about & start playing !!

  9. Getting excited, I have the stamps and stencil but need inspiration so ideal. Thanks Barbara xx

  10. Absolutely there with you Friday. 100% looks like organised chaos. I’m sure when I’m crafting I’m nowhere as neat as you Barb.
    lots of love Tina.x

  11. So looking forward to Friday as I have the dies & stencils but need to go and have a look to see if I’ve got the stamp. This treescape really is useful particularly for the males in our lives xx

  12. I do love these stamps – one of my favourite designs. Looking forward to Friday – your craft room gives me hope, as mine doesn’t look much better, despite my best intentions!!

  13. This design is so useful for all occasions. Must have another look at the DT samples.
    How you work in that chaos beats me! Good luck tidying up. Looks like a major job. My work space is very limited, about the size of your black mat, so I have to be scrupulously tidy and put things away as I go. I need an extra room and am thinking of converting the garage.
    Stay well.

  14. My craft room looks like that all the time and I haven’t been busy demonstrating on TV. I start with a plan then get invited out for lunch. Now which would you choose !!!! See you on Friday. Take care.

  15. I’ll be there. Looking forward to an interesting hour. Celebrating rain…at last.. here. First since early May! Woopee! It always used to be a joke, “ rain spreading from the west”…not in 2023! It’s serious!

  16. Lovely artwork from the design team. I have the stencil and the die. Hopefully, will try to watch live on Friday, if not, I have two weeks off work, so bound to be able to find time to watch a video and a have a play. xx

  17. Hello Barb, this design is so versatile and easy to create lovely art with, which is clear when looking at the Design Team creations. I have the stencil, may need to get the die too. Great quote. Take care everyone. Bx

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