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Thanks for popping in. It’s a waxing Crescent Moon tonight. Look out for it…

During this Moonphase, the lit-up part of the Moon increases from a weeny sliver of 0.1% to 49.9%. Waxing means that it is growing, and crescent refers to the curved shape. Traditionally, the thinnest sliver of the Waxing Crescent Moon is considered the New Moon. And in case you were wondering, the next Full Moon is on 1st August. It is a Supermoon, also referred to as a Sturgeon Moon. Supermoon? When the Moon is closest to the Earth it is called a lunar perigee. And if the lunar perigee occurs very close to a full Moon, then we see what is known as a Supermoon. Fascinating really.

I took a break from TV and Youtube prepping today, to clear my noddle, and created a waxing crescent moon…

Did you know that the word ‘month’ actually takes its root from the Moon. A month was originally understood to be either 29 or 30 days, roughly equal to the 29.5-day cycle of the lunar phases. Some of our calendar months were later extended with extra days, so that 12 months would make up one complete 365-day solar year. Aha!!

The Silver Birch stamps here I drew many, many moons ago. We retired them actually, but several customers have enquired after them inrecent months, so they are making a comeback ! We’ve brought them up to speed, improved them and changed them into 2-way overlays. So cool to use now, and so much more versatile !! In fact, I’ll request that they get loaded onto the website tomorrow, and even included in the Members’ Half price sale. We won’t have even made the new version yet, but if you’re happy to wait, I’m happy to include it in the sale. Check in on the website tomorrow…

TIme to stop for the day.


translated into English: it’s a lovely, bright moonlit night tonight.

When I gaze at the moon, my mind is quiet.

Love always,

Barb x x x

PS Don’t forget: I’m doing A Moment of Clarity tomorrow evening on Clarity Facebook LIVE/ClaritystampYoutube. 7pm. Hope you can join me.


  1. When the moon is very close to the earth it can appear a bit on the red side and very low on the horizon. I find it fascinating.
    Will look out for the overlay tree stamps and make up a new order. Haven’t got to the end of the members sale yet, will have to get a move on or I will miss out!!!
    Time for bed now.

  2. I love a good moon. Yours looks fab.
    Too cloudy and wet tonight, but we did have a beautiful rainbow.
    I’ll be watching tomorrow and practicing with my gel press. X

  3. Looking forward to the craft along tomorrow – I think I have everything I need. Will also check out the birch tree stamps later on to see what they are like. I have seen a few queries about the original on FB as there seems to be quite a few people checking out the various demos on YouTube.

  4. Hi Barb, love your creation with the trees and the moon. Thanks for sharing the Moon facts too, quite fascinating. Will not be able to join the Craftalong tonight, but look forward to catching up with it over the weekend hopefully. Take care everyone. Bx

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