Through the Season’s with Jazz & Tina

Through the Season’s with Jazz & Tina

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just got in from a little walk with Dave up on the Ashdown Forest. Early risers get to see the earth coming alive. Beautiful cloud formations, birds twittering and flitting through the greenwood, sheep and black angus cattle roaming free – and a carpet of gorse and heather everywhere. Bit dark over Will‘s Mum’s house! We got back to the car just before it started to sprinkle with rain. I never thought I would be so grateful when heaven turns the sprinklers on, but nowadays I am.

At 1pm & 5pm today, talented Tina will be on Create & Craft, shining a light on a very cool set of 4 A5sq Groovi Plates. These have been designed by another talented young lady on our team: Jazz. We have called these “Through the Season’s”

When you look at the designs in detail, you can see the many layers that can be created from them – how many layers can you see on each plate?

Also on the show are some of Tina’s favourites, Tina’s Floral Delights…

Here is some inspiration from the design team

I hope you have time to tune in today. Tina is sure to inspire you with her techniques and unique style.

Me? I’m back to the Ashdown in my head! So lucky to live on its edge. Loads of silver birch up there too! Here’s that new and improved Old is Gold Stamp we’ve been talking about…click here to find. We’ve added it into the Clarity Club Members’ half price sale too!

Quote for the day. I think the verse in that set is perfect for this day. It takes me back up on the forest !

May green be the grass you walk on,
May blue be the skies above you
May pure be the joys that surround you,
May true be the hearts that love you.

Love always.

Barb x x x

11 thoughts on “Through the Season’s with Jazz & Tina

  1. Thank you Barbara for a very informative Moment of Clarity last night, thoroughly enjoyed watching you and picking up tips. Your art work was wonderful using Tina’s henna stamps.
    Now I just need to buy a gel press! Have always shied away from mixed media but think I need to take the plunge!
    Enjoy the weekend everyone.

  2. What a beautiful view across Ashdown Forest under a lively cloudy sky! A walk amongst Nature truly gladdens the heart! My walk this morning was a little shorter than yours – through the “wildflower meadow” that is my back garden! But, it too is full of bees, butterflies, and birdsong!
    Very much looking forward to seeing Jazz’s new plates and what Tina has in store for us! I’m sure I’ll be tempted, but there’s also the Members Sale! I’m back on the Clarity diet – no food, just craft! 🤣
    Last night’s craftalong was magic, Barb! As I’ve said elsewhere – it was simply the best! Thank you for a brilliantly inspirational evening, now talking of the Members Sale …..

    1. I love your diet, Ken. Think I need to adopt it to clear my head and calm my anxiety ready to face what’s coming in the next few weeks.

  3. I just love the colours in nature – everything blends. Wasn’t able to join in last night but I will catch up next week. Weekend going to be busy – husbands birthday, son and family staying the weekend. Theo nearly 1 years old now so already into everything so no crafting until Monday. See you then Barbara. Take care.

  4. Beautiful picture of the downs.
    Torrential rain here so looking out of my window. So lucky to have a large garden, and I can see beyond over the fields for miles.
    Lots of ‘nature and wildlife’. Butterflies, bees, we have 4 House Martin nests, so privileged, newts and lizards, but the pesky voles are back eating my grass!!
    Still yet to try gel press, waiting for my inks. X

  5. Just heading upstairs to my craft room, postlady has just brought my Japanese stamps etc so along with Tina’s Henna stamps I will have plenty to keep me occupied. Watching the England match as well as outside it is pretty miserable. Your walk on the downs sounds wonderful but glad you got back to the car before the rain got too bad. As you say though many parts of the country are crying out for more rain so we mustn’t complain xx

  6. Really enjoyed last night’s craft along – thank you so much for taking the time to do it and inspire us all. Been pretty miserable here weather wise for most of the day so hopefully the hose ban will be lifted soon.

  7. Missed last night’s craft alone but will catch up later. Received the Japanese items this morning so been having a play. Very pleased with them.
    Having spent so much lately I promised myself I would not buy more but Tina has displayed and demoed Jazz’s items so well I succumbed to temptation. I am so bad.
    I envy you the glorious walk, it looks wonderful, there is nothing like nature to calm us down. Glad you got back before the rain.

  8. Have recorded Tina’s shows, as it was our village show today. The first show since covid, and alas there was rain all through the day, even though it did brighten up at times, the rain still didn’t stop. I was a trifle damp when I got home, despite wellies, waterproof coat and a big brolly. Still, it was lovely to look around, and buy a couple of things, just a shame for the stalls, as more folk would come if the weather was better. My order came today, so hopefully will have a play tomorrow with the shac butterfly and stencils. xx

  9. Hello Barb, Such lovely inspiration from the team, and I am sure that Tina’s shows were as always a big hit. Glad you enjoyed the walk. Love the verse. I just wish the rain would stay away for a while so I can get some washing done and hang it out, instead of resorting to the tumble dryer. Have a good day everyone. Bx

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