A Moment of Clarity & Design of the Week

A Moment of Clarity & Design of the Week

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! Just gone 6pm. Is it too early to go to bed?? I could so easily hit the hay already, but then I’ll be wide awake and full of beans at midnight. I’ve drunk loads of water, I’ve taken a brisk walk to the post box, I’m pooped. Coffee maybe? Or a power nap for 20 minutes… what would YOU do?!?

While I’m waiting to snap out of it, because This too shall pass, let me chat to you about the upcoming week, the design we are shining a light on – and our Moment of Clarity on Frdiay evening. If I start writing really slowwwwly, just give me a nudge…

Time to shine a light on another design as part of our Design of the Week. This time it is the fabulous, almost new, KISS Range of Henna stamps designed by Tina Cox:

As always, to celebrate being in business for 30 years this year, we focus on a specific design with 30% off + Club discount for a week! If you are a Club Member, then they are part of the Half Price Club Members Sale. For this week only, we have decided to share the love and offer these to everyone with 50% off (no further club discount applies).

Available HERE

In addition to the savings, I shall be doing a “A Moment of Clarity” Live on Facebook and YouTube this Friday at 7pm – Click HERE for a list of products that I will be using. I may reach for a few other things as I get into it, and the stencils will make a fab backdrop, but these stamps and the Gel Press will be the main event.

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

We’ll take a good look at some of these masterpieces on Friday night again. Quote to today?

Just go with the flow

It’s no good. A power nap is the only logical solution. Then I will hopefully wake up refreshed and full of beans!

Bye for now.

Love always

Barb x x x

15 thoughts on “A Moment of Clarity & Design of the Week

  1. Oh I have all the products for the Friday night craft along. So looking forward to it!
    I can’t power nap, I’d wake up grumpy or not wake up at all. Must have been a busy day at Clarity towers.
    lots of love see you Friday.xx

  2. That’s funny I came back from mums around 6 today and felt exactly the same – completely shattered. Emotionally and physically drained. Gone straight to bed with a cuppa and the cat for company. I’ll not sleep but just a rest will reset me!

    Hope you enjoyed your rest and that you feel refreshed. Sometimes only a nap will do.

    I loved making samples with the Henna stamps- Tina’s art is just wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you show us on Friday – Gel plates – how exciting!!!

    Just go with the flow —. Always!

  3. I give in tonight after 11yr olds last play today before senior school, and 4 yr old nursery graduation and dancing class show before starting school! Its
    all too much emotion loved it all and them both!

  4. Sometimes only a nap/snooze/40 winks will do. Hope you will feel the better for it. I fell asleep earlier this afternoon, so it’s rather nice to feel I’m in good company.

  5. Hope the nap worked ! I started to clean out/tidy up the garage a bit today, made a little progress but had to stop to do something else so will go back tomorrow for a bit more. I’m definitely going with flow and not stressing, there’s always tomorrow and if not it’s someone else’s problem ! X

  6. A short nap will keep you going for the rest of the evening otherwise as you say if you go to bed at 6pm you will be fully awake at midnight. Hope it works out ok so you are ready for another day tomorrow !!
    Spent the morning trying to find my alcohol inks – in a previous tidying up session I had put them in a safe place – eventually remembered where that was so I think I am all ready for Friday.
    Took a screen shot of your list off the SHAC – do we need blending solution or Surgical spirit?

  7. I started badly this morning. I woke about 5 am, far too early to get up. The next thing I knew, it was halfway through Groovi Tuesday. I have been playing catch up all day. While continuing the sorting out of my Groovi plates, I found all but two of the plates I need for Hazel Edwards’ class at Redditch. The annoying thing is that I had both of them in my hands yesterday……… Back to searching through bags and boxes.
    I still have not found my missing perforating tools despite buying replacements. Time for bed, I think.
    love from Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter) xxxx

  8. Take a nap, Barbara, set your alarm and you,ll feel as good as gold afterwards. Ready to tackle the rest of the evening. Will have to watch craft a long later as we are going away. Placed 2 orders allready, might have to do a 3rd one for Henna stamp. Hope the bank account can handle a 3rd.😉

  9. Hello Barb, such beautiful designs. I have placed my Members Sale order, unfortunately I went over my budget! Love the artwork from the team, so much inspiration. Hope your power nap worked. Take care everyone. Bx

  10. I felt just the same – must be something in the air – or just a busy day. Managed to stay awake until 9.30 (but had a short nap) and it was 10pm when the light went off. I too have placed my member order. Should have waited. Take care.

  11. What a talented DT you have. These samples are wonderful.
    I expect that you are helping service all the half price sale orders flooding in and pushing yourself too hard. We can all wait a while for our goodies, no rush in my case, just grateful for the opportunity to top up my stash.
    Hope your Power Nap worked and you also got a good nights sleep. I was shattered yesterday but refused to nap. Went to bed at midnight, woke at 5, turned over and woke again at just before 10. Certainly made up for all the recent early morning rises.
    Take care of yourself.

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