Time for reflection…

Time for reflection…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Thanks for joining me in the SHAC this morning! I think we’re doing a grand job of these Butterflies and Flowers. Let’s call them our Japanese collection, shall we? And I thought the brush pen worked well on those Japanese ideograms, especially when I started pulling the stroke sideways. If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, check out the Youtube below. We get into the Japanese writing near the end.

Here’s the pen I used:

CLICK HERE to find

I really enjoyed the SHAC today. And it helped me move quite swiftly through the artwork I needed to prep. Want to see what I did? Let me show you. This Reflection Set is on the TV show on Friday. I did 2 versions. We call this stampset Barbara’s WInter Cabin Reflection. I LOVE the writing!

Time to stop for the day. Must tell you. I had a real cringe moment earlier. I had just come indoors at about 4.30, having been beavering away above the garage all day. I hadn’t been in the house long enough for the kettle to even boil and the front doorbell went. It was the alarm engineer, come to service our alarm system. (We had forgotten he was coming). No problem, come on in.

Thing is, he had to go all over the house to change the batteries in the smoke detectors. Cringe. Bed not made, laundry piles in the upstairs hallway, ironing piled high on the other bed. And when he said, “there’s a smoke detector on the second floor”, I withered. That’s the loft! So he pushed through the cobwebs to change the bats, (the batteries!!) and when he came down again, I didn’t know whether to dust him off or just leave it ! He was covered!! Anyway, I left it!! I thought he might take it the wrong way if I started patting his head and rubbing his shoulders! Hahahaha.

Ah well, whatever.

Quote for the day,

Nobody ever died from sleeping in an unmade bed!

Erma Bombeck

Travel gently this week.

Love always

Barb x x x

17 thoughts on “Time for reflection…

  1. He had NO idea what you HAD achieved , probably before his day began! Not to worry, he’s seen worse no doubt?, who cares about an unmade bed and a bit of dust! Not those of us with you in the Shack, that’s for sure! Enjoyed that. Thank you.xx

  2. I love reading your Blog you make me smile and laugh! Hope all goes well for the busy t.v. Schedule and enjoy your mini break dipping your toes in the sea. Thank you for the Shac Shac this morning. Safe journeys x

  3. Oh I’m chuckling! I could only watch a small bit of the shac this morning, so will catch up with the rest later! Loved what I saw! Loved the wooden pot too! X

  4. Love it! Isn’t it always the way – someone knocks on door when you’re a bit upside down, never when you’ve cleared up etc! Well, at least he dusted the top of the house for you! You got a lot done though that he doesn’t know about and bet he didn’t even notice ! X

  5. Oh that’s made me belly laugh Barb. If he’s ever experienced the relief in crafting, he’ll not take a blind bit of notice of a bit of dust.

  6. I remember your cobweb loft story from the SHAC SHAC last year. So he knew what to expect 🤣 . This week we had our sofa’s cleaned and I was up early to clean the lounge and hoover under the sofas and cushions. The 1st thing the lady did was to remove the cushions to hoover under them, then she said “oh” looked at me and said have you hoovered these. I was so embarrassed that I said I did them yesterday. I guess she never seen any so clean. 😱🤣 xxx

  7. Isn’t it always the way that someone calls when you are all upside down but never when you are tidy. Saying that I bet the alarm man had seen far worse – as always we are our own worse critic.
    Need to catch up with my homework for the SHAC before next week – intended to do so this last week but somehow it flew by & before I knew it it was Monday again. Will try harder this week – promise !!
    Love your 2 cards using the cabin & trees – must check my stash but I don’t think I have these.
    A busy week ahead for you & Paul but enjoy you paddle on Saturday – lets hope the weather holds although it is looking ok at the moment x

  8. 😅 😅😅Made me laugh reading your blog today. At least you were’nt still in your your pyamas. Might have to buy the stamps, they’re great.
    Have fun with the tv shows and enjoy the weekend.

  9. Will have to catch up with the shac, I was busy attacking the ivy around a fence post, as it was a bit cooler, and it means I may not need a new fence post as well as a fence panel. You are not alone, housework is waiting for me. But other things seem to crop up, although I did manage some ironing in the afternoon, until I got too hot, so still some to do, which along with the dust, will wait I’m sure!

  10. Hi Barb. Thanks for Mondays SHAC – now I can start practising with my pen!!!!! (Got to Google for templates first!). Beryl xx

  11. It’s always the way. Same with the phone. Busy taking in Tesco order and the phone rings. You are expecting a call from the hospital so what do you do ? Leave the poor man standing and listening to your call or leave the call.
    Had difficulty finding SHAC yesterday so missed the beginning so will have to catch up. Take care.

  12. That reminds me of a friend who years ago was getting ready to sell her flat. She asked her husband where he had put the mop, only to find they didn’t have one. They’d lived in the flat more than 5 years at that point!!! Kitchen floor had never been cleaned 🤣

  13. Hello Barb, that was a really serious laughter provoking blog! I know the feeling, and with me it is usually a grocery order or amazon order that arrives right in the middle of a work conference call, when you are not on mute and the doorbell goes. My immediate team make me laugh, because they all shout – Its’ Amazon! Love the quote. I am sure that he understood. Love the images above, need to watch the Shac episode, but trying to play with this months club items first in between working. Take care everyone. Bx

  14. Do love the reflection stamps. Have to catch up on the SHAC later.
    My door bell usually sounds off while I am in the loo and hubby does not answer the door unless he is expecting a delivery. He lets the phone to go to answerphone. MEN!!!!!
    There is a saying that dust will still be collecting long after we are gone so no need to panic. I know my home is clean even if untidy while we indulge our hobbies. Who cares what others think. Last time I apologised for a mess the chap said our house was sterile compared to the last one he’d visited.
    Looking forward to upcoming shows.
    Keep cool and hydrated.

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