Design of the Week – Christmas à la Jayne

Design of the Week – Christmas à la Jayne

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I won’t tell you how long it took me to locate the grave accent on my Mac for the a in the title! And blow me! I can‘t find it again now! ååaaaaaaaaaaAa ååååeéååååaåå à. Aha. Bingo. Just learned something new!! Well what a find!! Eureka moment. The trick is to not give up I suppose. To not get frustrated, to make the decision to figure it out – and even if it takes all night! Little did I know that the QWERTY board on the Mac works exactly the same as the I-Phone. Of course it does. Hold the letter down longer, and a box will appear with numbers. Type in the appropriate number – and bingo!!

Look! a

Peaceacake (when you know how, and you decide not to be beaten by technology).

Quote for today:

When it comes to computers, most things can be solved with time and a little patience.

The weeks sure are flying by! We’re half way through the year! What a year it has been too. I attended the funeral of an old friend this afternoon. He was a close family friend, whose death was sudden and unexpected. When we saw him at Dad’s funeral in January, nobody would ever have thought that dear Stuart would be following Dad so soon. You just never know what‘s round the corner, do you. 74 years old. Well, you know what they say: the only guarantee in Life is that you will die.

I remember our dear Jayne’s funeral as if it were yesterday too. Jayne Nestorenko. Good friend. Good woman. She also left far too early. She’s in good company now though. I do hope she hooks up with Dad and Stuart. They all had such a bone dry sense of humour.

The designs this week are all Jayne’s. Superb. They never get old for me. If you knew Jayne you’ll recognise her flourish. She had a unique style. I think of her often.

30 years in business certainly merits a hurrah and a special price of 30% off + club discounts on these beauties – but just for the week. They’re almost too precious to discount, but they are also magnificent designs, and they have to feature in our weekly highlights!

Available in A4sq and A5 Stamp & Mask Sets

Then we decided to make them into Bijou size stamp sets

and we also have them in A4sq and A5 Groovi plates

All available HERE

How about some inspiration from the Design Team

Enchanting art samples. hats off to our Design Team. I remember before Jayne died, Paul and I went to see her, and showed her how her illustrations translated into Groovi parchment art. She couldn’t believe it. She was so thrilled. And I remember organising a phone call on Live TV with her when we showcased her artwork on HOCHANDA. She was so chuffed. We made sure that she left knowing she was right at the top of her art game. Her designs and artwork were back on TV, hugely popular, and Jayne Nestorenko was a household name.

I must admit that it has felt pretty strange working on Christmas and wintery TV prep these past few days, when we’re having a heatwave ! All part of the 12 Days of Christmas Event on Create & Craft. I’m all set now, and feeling festive, so bring it on!!

  • Thursday 3pm and 7pm,
  • Thursday 4pm and 8pm
  • Friday 8am, 9am and 1pm
  • Sunday 3-5pm

Stay cool, drink water and smile – we’re here. And I am very grateful for that.

Love always,

Barb x x x

12 thoughts on “Design of the Week – Christmas à la Jayne

  1. Well, you learn something everyday ! À á ã
    Thanks for that, I needed an accent the other day and couldn’t find one !
    I have Jayne’s Groovi plates so will enjoy seeing them again and being reminded ! So much you can do with them if you have the imagination !
    Goodnight ēė xxx

  2. Hi Barb
    When I bought these stamps I wasn’t sure how much I would use them but once I started I couldn’t stop. They are so gorgeous and are so easy to add colour too. They are some of my absolute favourites.
    Looking forward to your shows this week.
    Travel gently
    Zara xx

  3. When my club plate dropped on the mat Saturday morning it suddenly occurred to me I only have 6 more to the end of the year. Where have the last 6 months gone. Really looking forward to the TV shows. Hope we get more demos this week xx

  4. Its lovely to see all the design team samples again. Such a lot of inspiration & I love the way some of the Groovi designs have been layered. Need to dig my plates out & have a play.
    Looking forward to seeing what you & Paul have lined up for us over the 9 hours of TV this week.

  5. Great art work from the design team, Jaynes designs are superb.
    The first half of this year has flown by. Where did it go?
    Been working with the club package today and am pleased with the results, even the Groovi as it has been much cooler today.
    All set for our sortie to the hospital tomorrow. Going to take some pencils with me to do some colouring while I wait for hubby to be treated.
    Warmer tomorrow so try to stay cool.

  6. I have the first set of stamps, such lovely designs from Jayne. I remember the phone call into the studio. A special lady, much missed. Looking forward to all the shows, although will have to set up the recorder for some of them. Travel gently. xx

  7. Just been trying out your tip for getting acute and grave accents etc. I had no idea you could do that but it even works on the Kindle.
    I love Jayne’s beautiful stamps. I must dig them out again and play a little more. The bijou size pleases me most as it makes it cheaper and more realistic to create cards to post.
    What a huge number of beautiful designs to enjoy.
    love from Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  8. Hello Barb, well the DT have certainly done justice to Jayne’s beautiful designs, love the variety. Great quote, especially as I work in IT. Take care everyone. Bx

  9. I met Jayne many years ago and I still have a card she made me at a show. She was so lovely. I still have that show which I recorded of you chatting to Jayne while on Hochanda. I’m grateful for each day now as I’ve just had an operation for breast cancer. X

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