What a load of baubles!

What a load of baubles!

Happy Sunday!

Thanks for popping in. I was working up in the SHAC loft studio this morning, trying to get ahead with prep for next week’s TV shows. But it got way too hot, and so I had to abandon at 2pm. I’ll have an early night and get up silly early, while it’s still cool, and carry on. The place looks like a bomb has hit it! So brace yourself when you rock up for the SHAC at 10 tomorrow morning – it could be a bit messy! No worries! We’ll find a shady spot to doodle some Japanese things…

Next Thursday I am showcasing a brand new set of very lovely Christmas Baubles, which we doodled together in the SHAC. Remember these?

Available in 2 sets of fabulous stamps, and Groovi plates too.

We drew these in the SHAC Shack back in August 2020 and we carried on until Episode 105. Which was a week’s worth back then!

Here is the first session – Episode 98

Here is some inspiration from the design team

I know it is a bit ridiculous to be looking at Christmas when it’s 30º + outside! But Create & Craft always do Christmas in June/July, so we are helping!

Here’s a little close up look at the demos I have been working on. I thought it might be a good idea to get to grips with heat embossing, using thermographic powders and a heat gun. Gold powder and white powder here – two quite challenging colours which we all love best! There are a couple of little tricks and tips which really help achieve perfect embossing, and I’d like to share what I have learned along the way with you on Thursday. 3pm and 7pm.

Back in the 90’s , when I got into stamping, heat embossing was THE thing to do. It is still an excellent technique, and when done well it can look so professional!

I hope you like our SHAC Baubles. They have come out beautiful, don’t you agree? Available Thursday.

Anyway, I’ve cooled off a bit now. The old house is great. Warm in winter, cool in summer. They don’t build them like this any more! Nothing like wattle and daub for insulation! (Mud and straw, bound with some animal dung and a little sand).

Quote for today

God bless us, every one!

Tiny Tim, CHarles Dickens

Stay cool, drink lots of water!

Love always

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “What a load of baubles!

  1. I remember drawing (well attempting in my case) these well, really loved it. The design team samples are truly outstanding with lots of different inspiration. It’s even too hot to go out in the garden today so just staying indoors in the shade with all the windows open to catch the breeze. xxx

  2. I loved drawing the baubles in the Shac and look forward to seeing the t.v. Shows. We’ve got a brisk breeze at the moment so it’s cooling off nicely. Getting pencils sharpened ready for the Shac Shac in the morning x

  3. Looking forward to the shows. Loved doing these in the Shac. Take care Barbara – Tomorrow is another Day 🤭🤭

  4. Even with the window open and 2 fans going it is 89 degrees f in this ‘ere’suntrap. WE ARE MELTING. Dare not try to do any parchment as I would drip all over it. Cold drinks, ice lollies and ice packs for our feet are the order of the day today.
    Really liking the baubles, the DT samples really do justice to the designs. Will have to record the shows as Hubby is scheduled for an eye op on Wednesday and we will probably have to go back on Thursday for more dressings etc.
    Temperatures are due to go down mid week so it should be more comfortable for everyone.
    Stay cool !!!!

    1. I can see samples using Groovi above so I think the answer is yes to your question so now I am spoilt for choice !!

  5. What a lovely selection of cards by the design team. I was trying to tell myself that I had enough Christmas stuff but when they are the ones we drew back in 2020 in the SHAC I just have to add them to my SHAC collection. Seems such a long time ago now but how our doodling has progressed since those early days.
    Its really hot & sticky here although there is a breeze blowing, hubby decided to tackle the overgrown front border so he could have a better view to reverse off the drive so I had to go & supervise. Otherwise the good plants would have ended in the tip bag along with the rubbish. Needless to say he can definitely see now !!

  6. It’s hot here on Cornwall, but breezy, and we desperately need rain or vegetables and bread (corn harvest will be poor).
    Looking forward to Christmas in the shac tomorrow.xx

  7. These are fabulous sets- have to confess to being very excited at my first design team samples getting an airing!! Looking forward to watching the shows (will have to be on catch-up as I’m blooming well working!!)

  8. Hello Barb, these Bauble designs are gorgeous, I have still not caught up with all the Shac episodes, the day job just keeps getting in the way of everything pleasant! love all the arty inspiration from the DT, and looking forward to the shows, will make sure to set the recording way ahead. It was terribly hot here in MK yesterday, take care everyone, and stay cool. Bx

  9. Neither have I Bridget. Was going to do it yesterday but it was far too hot in my craft room even with a fan. Clothes were sticking to me.
    Love these baubles.
    Wasn’t Elton good last night.
    Take care.

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