Design of the Week – Say it with words

Design of the Week – Say it with words

Hi there

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Yes, it is that time of the week again where we shine a light on a particular design and offer it to you with a 30% discount (plus Craft Club discount) to celebrate being in business for 30 years!

This week it is the Poetry Frames & Verses. Yes, you are right, we did shine a light on them back in April, just after Easter, but I thought that they deserved another outing.

Available in A6 Stamps

and A5 Groovi Plates

All available HERE

How about some inspiration from the design team

If you joined Paul in his Groovi Tuesday session this morning, he said that he will be using this design in next weeks session – next week is the 100th episode of Groovi Tuesday – WELL DONE THAT GUY – and I am sure he will have something special planned…

Available HERE

We are gearing up for the Open Days, ticking boxes. We all have different jobs to do, and then it will all come together on Thursday – for Set-up Day. I am very excited to see everybody; really looking forward to it. The arty team – Sam, Jane, Tina, Sonia, Hazel, Tina, Glynis, Martine, Eileen, Leonie and Jilly – will be getting their bags packed, and heading down south soon. I shan’t be demonstrating this year. Quite honestly, I am so worn out, I don’t think I’ve got 2 days of demming in me. I made the decision to stick close to my Mum, sell some pottery and have a good catch up with our guests. Rest assured, I shall hop on a chair on the hour every hour, and give away lovely raffle prizes – but that’s about my speed this year.

Grace has had a little operation today, so I am waiting to hear that she is okay. Nothing too serious, but quite invasive all the same. I’m sure she will be fine. There’s always something, isn’t there.

Quote for the day. This one’s for Gracie…

Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?

Dr Seuss

Love always,

Barb x x x

17 thoughts on “Design of the Week – Say it with words

  1. Love the designs of the week !!! Great samples!!

    Can’t wait to see everyone – after a stressful day today with mums health , I’ll be packing my bags tomorrow to get ready for my road trip which is nowhere near as far as most are travelling – safe journey everyone.

    Can’t wait to see the pottery Barbara and to chat to mum in German again. Xx.

  2. Best of luck to Grace for a speedy recovery. X
    I’ve got a few of the poems, so will probably make up the set now.
    Need my mojo to return. Hopefully this week won’t be so stressful.
    All the best for the open Days, I’m sure everyone will enjoy themselves tremendously.
    Loads of love, Sheila. X

  3. I have most of these poetry items but have not used them recently so I will have to check to see if any are missing.
    I am pleased that you are toning down your manic “trying to do everything” regime. You will enjoy spending time with your mum and chatting to people instead of demoing. You have a great team, witness all these lovely samples. I know how important these events are to you but try to be more relaxed and enjoy yourself.
    Hope all went well and Grace is comfortable after her operation. I wish her speedy recovery.

  4. Definitely a good decision to take it easier at the Open Days this year, Barb. Stepping back from the demos and letting the awesome Clarity Team do their thing will give you the chance to enjoy being with your Mum, selling your pottery and “meeting & greeting” the Clarity family. There will be many who will want to chat and thank you for all you do. And maybe step up on the chair for the raffles – no hopping or jumping up! 😄
    Best wishes to Grace for a successful procedure and speedy recovery.
    Thank you for wishing me Happy Birthday in the SHAC on Monday. I think I heard you say ” he doesn’t look a day over 30!” – all I can say is
    “should have gone to Specsavers!” 🤣🤣🤣
    Take care, see you on Friday.

  5. Hope Grace is ok and she recovers well X

    Love the words but haven’t got any of those so perhaps I’ll go and have a look ….

    Sorry I can’t do the Open Days, will look forward to pics though!


  6. Looking forward to seeing what Paul has up his sleeve with the Poetry plate for the 100 edition of Groovi Tuesday. Hopefully I will be able to pick up a plate on Friday so I am all set for Tuesday.
    Have been thinking about Grace & hope everything went well for her – she has had a busy few days.
    As to your plan for the Open days, spending time with your mom & chatting to everyone will keep you busy enough along with the hourly raffle. Perhaps a small step ladder rather than jumping on a chair but whatever you do do it carefully !!

  7. Hello Barbara, I’ve not been able to comment here for a while, but you remain a constant in my thoughts and prayers. I have just caught up on
    your blogs. I’ve had to switch to watching the SHAC and Groovi Tuesdays on my TV to Youtube because FB live is no longer available on my TV, this might also be happening to others and is being reflected in your figures, so I have it on my mobile to comment. Have loved all the C&C shows and the samples from our Design Team are simply stunning as always! 👌🏼🥰 Sending get well wishes with much love and gentle hugs to Grace, I shall miss her at the Open days 💖🤗… and please maybe use a stepladder rather than jumping up on the chair this year 😅 Re Dad’s favourite biscuit… as I always feel and say… sadly, as you know. it’s not true that time makes it easier, time just teaches us how to learn to carry on living and coping with the loss of our most dearest loved ones … May your dear Dad RIP 🤲🏼🙏🏼💙 Take care and Much love, Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  8. a Few more days and the open days will be there. Not me , but maybe next year I might fly in from Aus. Hope to see lots of photos. Have fun and enjoy.
    To comment on Nahid, I cannot watch FB on tv anymore either, but no problems with Youtube.
    Take care Barbara and no circus tricks 😉 in Ditton.😀

  9. Hello Barb, what absolutely exquisite samples from the design team. I have most of the verses without the framers. Quite a quandary! Love the quote, very true of Grace, I hope she recovers quickly, sending hugs to her. I am sure everyone is going to really enjoy the open days, and they will all enjoy you being there Barb. Please share tons of photos. Take care everyone. Bx

  10. Glad everything is panning out for the open days and that you are going to be taking it a bit easier. As Ken said I’m sure there will be loads of people who will love the opportunity of just being able to speak to you in person instead of talking to the computer screen. Hope all went well for Grace – been thinking about her. Xxx

  11. Very best wishes and love to Grace for a speedy and good recovery. Xxxtake it easy Barbara, looking forward to seeing you (if doctor allows) in which case I leave home on Thursday morning from sunny Cornwall. Major effort but so good for my soul! Xxxxx

  12. Sending hugs to Grace. Hope it all went well. So jealous of all the people who are getting to the open days, sure it will be great . Pleased to hear you are going to take it easy, and enjoy time with your Mum. Xxx

  13. All good wishes to Grace and hope she feels much better soon. Love these stamps and have a few. Must get them out again.
    Quite understand you taking it a bit easier at the open days but I expect you will still be busy. Look forward to seeing you on Friday.

  14. Speedy recovery for dear Grace x
    Wish you all the best for Clarity Open Days maybe next year I will be able to get there! Look forward to seeing the photos of the two day event, will be thinking of you all x

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