A Stitch in Time with Tina!

A Stitch in Time with Tina!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Oh these are exciting times indeed! The van’s all loaded and ready to go to Ditton early tomorrow morning. Sam Crowe’s already in the Hotel. She drove down from Newcastle today. Tina Morris is also darn sarf and visiting her Mum. The others are all wending their merry way down to Maidstone tomorrow. It’s a bit of a cliff hanger on the pottery front. The kiln is still at 400º, but coming down. Takes as long as it takes, I guess. Should be ready by Friday though. Warm but ready!

And to crown it all, Tina Cox is launching a superb, brand new little set of Parchlet embroidery plates on Create & Craft tomorrow at 11am/3pm. Just beautiful. Wait till you see what you can do with these. Stunning.

Here we go…rinky dink plates for rinky dink projects.

Embroidery Parchlets – Embroidery meets Parchment!

You may remember Tina’s previous embroidery designs? They will also be featured on The Pergamano Show:

A5sq Everyday Collection

A5sq Christmas Collection

A5sq Teardrop & Petal Duo

Tina decided to keep this new release small, parchlet size (A6sq) perfect for parchers of all levels. If you’re not into embroidery, don’t be put off by the name; these Groovi plates work beautifully as normal Groovi plates, but they also have that added magic function.

Should you fancy turning your hand to something new, we have put together a handy little Embroidery Accessories Kit .

These little jewels of plates have been waiting patiently for the 1-needle FINE tools to be made. Believe me when I tell you that Much research and testing went into which thread and needles were the best ones for the job. Tina spent a long time trialling various threads. Finally, everything is in house, the stars are aligned, and we have lift off!

How about some inspiration from the Design Team…

The Parchment-Embroidery combination is quite something, isn’t it.

After the shows, Tina will be heading down to Ditton, ready for the Open Days on Friday and Saturday where she will be demonstrating these designs up close and personal !

If you are coming to join us, have a safe trip down! I was talking to Grace in New York earlier. She is feeling a bit fragile, but doing okay. She is so disappointed not to be with us this year. “Gutted” was the word she used.

Ah well. C’est la vie. There’s always next year…

Quote for the day?

Never be afraid to try something new,
because Life can get boring if you stay within the limits of what you already know.

I really believe that with all my heart. Although I do recall many years ago in Austria, hurtling towards what I though was a precipice on my back, skis in the air, screaming blue murder. My EX husband thought it would be funny to take a total novice on a tricky slope rather than a bunny slope. Dick. And I also remember declaring, as I left the piste and him AND the skis, “I tried it and I don’t like it – and I’m never doing it again.” And that was that. Never been on a pair of skis since. Oh. And my brother, who was also sliding around on his rear, left with me. All the way down the slope on our behinds! Different strokes for different folks and all that. I nearly had a blimming stroke that day too !!

Anyway, with that in mind, we could also say “Stick to what you know !!!” Hahaha.

Love always,

Barb x x x

20 thoughts on “A Stitch in Time with Tina!

  1. Good evening Barbara.
    The parchlet plates make very impressive cards. Colin wanted me to keep one of the samples I made to pop it in a frame. I’ve promised him I’ll make another one.
    Really looking forward to coming down to Ditton tomorrow ready for the Open days on Friday and Saturday! It’ll be great to see my Clarity pals again.
    See you tomorrow
    Love and Hugs. Xxxx

  2. That brought back memories of my one and only skiing trip (and belated honeymoon) in 1971. My husband decided that he could easily be my instructor, rather than me learning from one of the hunky young men and he had skied before. Well, whatever I did, when he told me to snowplough, I veered to the left. Not a problem really, until I hurtled towards the queue waiting for the ski lift and ploughed straight through them, sending people and ski poles flying in all directions. Needless to say, I have never put skis on again😂. Have a great time at the open days. I have several friends coming and look forward to hearing all about everything. Love tomGrace for a speedy recovery. XX

  3. Hi Barbara,

    What a beautiful set! I adore embroidery and have just started to dip my toes into Groovi, under Paul’s expert guidance…thanks Paul. I think that set is a must for me! Well, my best friend and I will be heading to Ditton tomorrow, we’re making a mini break of it. Setting off at 10am from Somerset and attending both days. This is our first time at the open days and we are SO EXCITED, I don’t think they’ll be much sleep had tonight. Thank you so much for all you have done in the Shac and continue to do for us. Lockdown would have been unbearable without it. It’s going to be weird seeing you all in real life as I’ve only ever seen everybody on the tv. You really are an exceptional bunch of people. I know this will sound daft but Im hoping I might be able to summon the courage to come and say a quick hello at some point. Take care, wishing everybody travelling a safe journey and ROLL ON FRIDAY!! Penny xXx

  4. I don’t think skis and me would be compatible and never felt the urge. I remember seeing kids going off on school trips, there was always at least one with a broken leg on the way back !

    Lovely little parchlets – I have one of the larger ones but it’s never seen any thread !

    Hope you all have a lovely time at the Open Days. I dreamt about going to your house last night, with my friend who has no idea about Groovi, but we had a nice day, you showed us some pottery and I remember a large table and that’s about it – Dave was there too ! All rather odd but a nice dream 😹

    Hope Grace recovers well and is not too uncomfortable xx

  5. Great parchlets and they work really well i’m sure they will fly off the shelves. Gutted I cant come to the Open Days but I’m sure you will all have a great time. Cant wait for the Groovi retreat in October again, love it. Take care and have fun. Hope Grace is well on the way to feeling a bit more normal xx

  6. Really looking forward to Friday. I shall be travelling down from Birmingham tomorrow. Never been skiing in my life, which is probably just as well! My knees go wobbly just walking down a steep hill. Love all the samples you’ve shown, particularly the stitched ones. Glad to hear Grace is ok. Hope she is able to take it easy for a few days. See you soon!!!

    1. Liz Johnson, I hope to meet you at Ditton this weekend. I have driven down today from Redditch. Nice to know there are more Clarity friends in the area.
      Barbara, I seem to have missed hearing about Grace. I hope she will soon be fully recovered, and that she is not too badly affected by the dreadful air coming down from Quebec. xxx

  7. Lovely parchment plates and samples.
    I get the feeling new Christmas Groovi plates may
    not be too far away!! Half the year nearly gone!
    Have a great time at Ditton all 😊 x

  8. Such beautiful work! Well done Tina.very clever.
    And yes, the stars are on my side for now and I hope to leave the furthest point in the south west of Cornwall tomorrow (thurs) morning with my wonderful son, whose equally wonderful wife is going to drive us to Ditton on Friday morning from Wiltshire!
    I am SO lucky!
    Lots of love and good wishes to Grace, we shall miss you so much. Keep safe.xxx

  9. Skiing? Naah, not for me. Rather be crafting. The new plates look nice and although I do not like stitching on parchment they will still make beautiful cards when embossed and coloured.
    I really wish I could come to the open days and retreats but health matters won’t allow it. I look forward to seeing the photos.
    Sending best wishes to Grace for a swift recovery.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  10. Hello Barbara
    These new parchlets from Tina are so exquisite 😍
    and the samples from our DT, as always are all simply stunning. 🥰 Please take care Grace, listen to your body and give yourself time to heal fully… you will be missed very much, not just by me, but all those who have had the pleasure of meeting you before,
    hope to see you another time 🤗💖 What a day for me… wanted to see Mummy today, she’s getting really frail, but my car tyres decided to go out of action! After a frantic few hours I managed to find and book all 4 to be replaced tomorrow morning, very expensive, but so relieved it happened today rather than en route to Ditton tomorrow from Milton Keynes/Towcester. So looking forward to seeing you and all the Clarity family/team and my SHAC and Groovi Tuesday friends. Safe travels everyone. Much love, Nahid xXx 🦋💕

  11. All of you, have fun at the open days. If its not too much to ask, like to see lots of photos, so it feels as if I was there. 🥰
    Happy crafting👋

  12. Hello Barb, great quote. Love the designs from Tina and all the samples from the team, I am sure that these plates will be popular. Everyone, safe travels and enjoy the open days. I am sure Barb will make sure the pottery gets there. Take care everyone. Bx

  13. Wishing Grace a speedy recovery and we will miss her – hopefully next year. I met her for the first me last year. Such a lovely person. Hope to meet you again Barbara.
    Lovely samples once again. So pretty.
    Got my things ready for tomorrow. 5 small knitted rabbits to go on the table (not brilliant as I am not really a knitter) but I am sure they will find a good home.
    Safe travels everyone. Nearly time.

  14. Plates are great and design team have produced stunning array of work to show off the details. Do the plates come with instructions for carrying out the sequence of the “spiralli” style embroidery?

  15. Hope Grace feels better soon. Have a great time at the open days. I will get there one of these years!!

  16. Fabulous designs – so many hours of work from the DT! Counting down the hours now to Saturday…

  17. Hi Barbara
    Hope all goes well at the open days and I’m sure they will be enjoyed by everyone. Never tried skiing but did give crocheting a go the other day i was about as good at it as your exploits on the slopes. So i will not be buying any wool any time soon 🤣🤣. Hope Grace feel better soon.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

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