TV Show today – and everything’s coming up Japonicas!

TV Show today – and everything’s coming up Japonicas!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Up with the larks this morning, and all set to head on up to the studios. Hope you can find the time to join me. I will be on Create & Craft for my usual 2 hour show from 3pm until 5pm.

Very excited to be showing you a brand new pair of floral panel stamp sets and Groovi plates. All you SHAC friends, who join me on a Monday Morning at 10am on Facebook LIVE to doodle along and hang out together, may recognise the panel layout. Look familiar?

Please allow me to introduce to you …


and Scots Pine. Both complete with a pair of fabulous new A4 background stencils.

Also available in Groovi

You may recall we released the previous designs in March this year. I remember it well, because it was my first time back on telly, after what had been a pretty rough few months. Feeling SO SO much better now healthwise. I still think about dear old Dad a great deal, and sometimes waves of sadness hit me. They come out of nowhere, or something little triggers them. Like this morning. I reached in the cookie jar and pulled out his favourite digestive biscuit – hit me like a tidal wave. The mind is quite formidable like that. Anyway, moving on, I have settled him down gently in my mind for the day, and must crack on with the task at hand. It is a working Sunday for Paul and me! And Dave too. He’s made his sandwich, and will head out to the factory when we leave. The deadline is looming for when the old factory lease expires, and we close the door on it. Are we downsizing? Call it consolidation. Call it spring cleaning. Call it shedding excess weight. Dave’s got the thankless task of shoehorning the contents of two buildings into one, one vanload at a time. It was always the plan, but now the clock is ticking.

Here you can see the Floral Panel Collection in its entirety, including the two additions…

Stamps & Stencils


How about some inspiration from the design team of the Japonica and Scots Pine

I actually drew these new ones as a treat for next week’s Open Days. I was talking to Tina Morris and Sonia Goodliff about the Make n Takes that they are hosting, and we decided it would be nice to use a brand new stamp set, as a treat for the participants. So Tina and Sonia will be using the new Japonica at the Open Days! Cool project too! If you want to join in, be sure to sign up as soon as you arrive. There is a nominal fee for the mini workshop – I think it’s £5. Lasts about 45 minutes. We provide everything you need to make the project, so no need to bring anything. And Hazel Edwards will be hosting a Groovi Make n Take too! Cool ladies, clever ladies!

Anyway, I digress! Must go pick a top to wear on telly! And comfie shoes! After traipsing home through London in socks on Thursday night, the balls of my feet are pretty tender! On a positive note, I saved the heels though! That’ll learn me…

Quote for today?

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – and comfortable shoes

Lao Tzu – and Barb

Love always

Barb x x x

18 thoughts on “TV Show today – and everything’s coming up Japonicas!

  1. Just catching up with your Friday Moment of Clarity now you are just brushing the ink for the sentiment! Loved your sock story ! Will be trying out the project later then c and c this afternoon definitely a Clarity Day for me

  2. Beautiful stamp sets as always. Shall catch the shows another time as busy helping my daughter move house and with a 16 month old baby, that was never going to be easy!!
    So looking forward to meeting friends old and new at the Open Days xx

  3. The Japonica and Scots Pine are beautiful additions to the Floral panel sets, looking forward to seeing what you do with them on the TV shows, and having a go at Tina & Sonia’s Make and Take at the Open Days!
    Take care, Barb, safe journeys, travel gently (in comfy shoes! 😄)

  4. I do like the Japonica and Scots pine, maybe they will drop in my basket at the Open Days. Thankfully I seem to be over my health scare, so I am looking forward to our break. Hope the shows go well. X

  5. Have a safe drive there and back.
    Looking forward to your shows today.
    Will have to watch the moment of clarity as well from Friday.
    I am sorry not to be able to come to the open days this year my husband as booked us a holiday and I didn’t realise when he told me that the Clarity open day was on.
    Will have to wait till the Groovi retreat for my watch up with every one.
    Have a great time every one.
    Regards Christine.

  6. Can’t wait for the show. I’ll be crafting and watching, which is my idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon chill.

  7. I so hope I can catch the show this time. My husband’s now advanced dementia now demands total commitment and though I love him to bits I miss so much elsewhere. Not a whinge sorry, just an explanation. Have fingers crossed 🤞🏻. X

    1. Sending you much love , I know just how you feel , as I lost my husband last year to Dementia,, I miss him dearly,,love Annie ,,,xxxxxx

      1. Sending good wishes to you. We lost hubby’s mum to dementia aged 93. She was a kind and gentle woman and much loved.

  8. Love today’s quotes! Made me chuckle! The samples are fantastic once again! Superb design team! How I wish I could get to the open days and see and do it all! Still I shall enjoy seeing all the photos!
    Hope the comfy shoes are on or packed! Looking forward to watching the programme! X

  9. These look beautiful, one of Josie’s Groovi designs really took my eye yesterday on the designer parchment. I’m even thinking about the stamps! Have a good show. I got a blister on the ball of my left foot on Friday, unusual for me but been through the pain barrier and on the mend now! See you later xx

  10. Love the japonica. Have to watch the show tomorrow as it will be very early morning in Australia when its live. Like the story of your socks. I,ve done it once walking barefooted behind a pram. couldn,t care less what other people thought. I was comfortable. 😊 good luck with the show.

  11. These stamps and Groovi plates will definitely be in my basket this afternoon as they are just lovely. The samples here are superb.
    At my age comfy shoes are a priority but it is difficult to find something stylish with a lowish heel rather than clumpy and dead flat. Will have to keep searching.
    Really looking forward to a relaxing Clarity afternoon.

  12. Watched the shows but must admit I dozed off a couple of times – for some reason listening through my headphones especially after lunch does it to me every time. So I must go back & watch the demo bits again.
    The DT have waved their magic again over the new products – great samples x

  13. Hello Barb, recorded the shows as we are still working on daughters kitchen. Love the samples from the team, as always tons of inspiration, and the designs are beautiful. Hope the trip home was good. Take care everyone. Bx

  14. Loved the shows and all the samples. As you know I can’t do the Open Days but I’m sure they will be brilliant as always. Just need to be patient for the August retreat xx

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