The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Is it really Tuesday already? If so, it must be time for another Design of the Week with 30% discount (plus club discount) and one of my personal favourites – maybe because every time I see this design, it reminds me of our wedding. I illustrated this design for our wedding stationery – The Happy Couple.

Available in Fresh Cut Aperture Die

3 Way Overlay Stamp

7×7 Stencil

and finally A5sq Groovi Plate

This is the design that also kicked off our journey into Fresh Cut Dies.

All available HERE

Here is some inspiration from the design team

Our Wedding Day was a happy one. Dad and Mum were there. Dad made a memorable, funny and lovely speech, which I shall never forget too…he had such a wicked sense of humour!

The wedding favours all hinged on the Happy Couple Design too. I made little Teabag wraps with a verse, and everybody got a lovely Arthouse Meath Mug – depending on which table you were on! We got married at Port Lympne – a Zoo! So all the tables were animals. Top Table was the Bees. And yes. We stayed in a treehouse the night before. And yes. We went on safari after the wedding breakfast! ALL OF US!!! The weather was beautiful.

What’s really lovely is whenever we go to somebody’s house who was at the wedding, the mugs are still being used and enjoyed – after 5 years!

I certainly had more fun planning the wedding than Dad’s funeral, but it’s every bit as important, and I think he’d be happy with what we’ve done.

Anyway. The Happy Couple design. A personal favourite. A very personal favourite. I think the special offer switch gets flicked at noon. So you’ve still got time to take advantage of the superb town house.

Quote of the day :

Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love always

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “The Happy Couple

  1. Dear Barb
    I have heard people mention their mug from your wedding and I always wondered what they were like! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us, it looks and sounds magical and to be able to share it with Dad makes it even more special.
    My message for you today…”just for today, I will be kind to myself; I will not have any expectations, I will just accept that what will be will be”
    Lots of love
    Trude xxx

  2. Such a true quotation.
    It was lovely to see all your wedding goods, what a lot of work, a testament to your planning skills.
    I haven’t used the stamps much but the die has been used a lot.
    Take care 🍒

  3. I go to the set of these in dies and Groovi just love them especially your technique of trapping the waste. A very useful collection for any event would thoroughly recommend this purchase! Hope you have a stronger day today, each day is a challenge. Thinking of you all xxx

  4. I love this die – one of my favourites! Those were fab wedding favours – such a great idea.
    It’s so good to look back on happy memories at times like this, just take it steady, one day at a time xx

  5. I have used the overlay stamps many times, the last was a commission for a baby so I drew a nest in the tree with a little chick!! Hugs as always

  6. can it really be 5 years since you got married? seems like only last year! a good one to remember of your dad.
    I’m sure the funeral will go smoothly. I know my mums, last year, just sped by. hope your mum is OK. it must be bewildering for her. love the whole set of the half price offer. all the samples look great too. hugs xx

  7. What a wonderful day that was for you, Dave and the whole family. The mugs look amazing, no wonder everyone is still using them. Happy memories to cherish xxx

  8. Very special memories. As time passes it will not be so painful to recall them. My dad passed 10 years ago this month and I now smile when I remember special moments.

    I hope all goes smoothly on the 30th. Will be thinking of you all.

    Think I may just have to buy one of the happy couple products. Mmmmm stamps or stencil or both.

  9. Lovely memories of such a happy occasion – isn’t it great now that we can take photos so much more easily these days.
    Love the design of the week & have most of them – must just check the stamps. Its been great today to see so many pictures shared of all our projects that we have achieved in the SHAC over the last 3 years x

  10. Life is also a series of such occasions, birthdays, weddings, anniversaies, which mark the passing of time and serve as opportunities to stop and pause and give thanks for those we love x Today my mum is 91. She’s in hospital again recovering from a fractured femur but her birthday will be celebrated nonetheless xxx

  11. Hello Barb, what a fabulous blog post and quote, cannot believe it is nearly 5 years since your wedding, your favours were so unique. Your Dad is watching over you with love and pride. I have ordered the stencil and Die, will hopefully use it for hubbies Valentine’s Day card. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  12. Happy and sad memories. It’s all part of life. The sad ones will slowly disappear, and will be replaced by millions of good and happy ones. Sending hugs from Australia.

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