We can’t help the thoughts…

We can’t help the thoughts…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s been a long day, productive but draining. Not made any easier by some woman at pottery who ran at the mouth about stuff that was upsetting. Upsetting to me. Probably not to anybody else, but certainly to me. PYFFI ! I wanted to yell at her, or even just PYFI. Or RTR! But of course, I didn’t. Would serve no purpose. Instead, in true English style, the wall went up, I moved to another spot and worked there. She didn’t even know she’d put the knife in, much less twisted it. She clearly had stuff she wanted to vent, so she did.

She’s not a malicious person; she simply wasn’t using her loaf. (For our foreign friends, Loaf is cockney rhyming slang for Head. Loaf of bread = Head). I love cockney rhyming slang; it’s fun.

Quote for today #25

We can’t help the thoughts that come into our heads,
but we don’t have to voice them all

Maybe I’m super-sensitive right now. But perhaps if people assumed that they were surrounded by super-sensitive people, and trod more carefully, less crudely, there’d be less upset in the world.

If we have 15 units of energy per day to use, I’m all spent up. Time to reset. Tomorrow’s another day.

Love always,

Barb x x x

PS. So come on. Get your acronym hats on… PYFI ? RTR ?

20 thoughts on “We can’t help the thoughts…

  1. PYFI = put your foot in?
    RTR = Ready to run?
    You did right to move from her and thankfully you could. Don’t let it eat away in your head. Instead enjoy what you created at your pottery class.
    Lots of love and Hugs

  2. PYF – my first thought was Pull your Face In !
    RTR – no idea – Rest the Racket ?!

    glad you got to go to Pottery – watched the Showdown last night and some of the birds were fab. X

  3. Oh boy – that sounds like a tough one. It’s gone. No idea about the anacronyms but I do know how to use my loaf! I hope tomorrow will be good to you and if you need them, you can have a couple of my spoons to get you through x

  4. So sorry you had such a bad day at the place you should have been able to try to forget for an hour .
    As for the acronym PYFI = Punch Your Face In
    RTR I will have to ponder that one. Sending hugs 🤗

  5. PYFI – Punch your Face In
    PYFFI – Punch Your ‘Fluffing’ Face In (Fluffing can be another word beginning with F too 😉 )
    RTR – Ready To Rumble / Ready To Run depends on fight or flight mode 🙂

  6. Understand totally your sensitivity. Not the abbreviations. I never use bad language! People are just unaware these days about people’s feelings. Take it as a growing day maybe. Love to you and hoping mutti is bearing up.

  7. Hi Barbara
    People need to be more aware of those around them. But you will always get those that love the sound of their own voice she obviously did.
    You did well to walk away not sure I could have 😊.
    Keep well
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  8. Were I on the receiving end of that tirade my response might have been SYFM – but only in my head. By walking away you showed class. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your pottery session.
    I had a good day today, got lots done.
    Sending warm wishes.🍒

  9. OMG !! FYI I think you did the best thing by walking away & working somewhere else.
    Tomorrows another day, we can’t change what has gone but we can make sure we try not to repeat it in the future.
    The die cut at the top of the page looks interesting. I do really need to have a day playing with my dies after watching Dawn earlier x


    Young at heart


    My saying for today -Turn a negative into a positive – so I used the letters to describe Barbara .

    Have a better day!

  11. So sorry you had not such a good time in your pottery sanctuary. As you said she wasn’t aware that she’d put the knife in let alone twisted it. I sure a lot of us have accidentally done this without realising what someone else is going through and that’s the problem. Put it behind you now, what’s done is done and tomorrow is a brand new day. Take care and travel gently.

  12. Dear Barb, so sorry to hear that this happened at your pottery group which you enjoy so much. You handled it with your great class and grace, and just walked away. Sending hugs. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  13. Oh, Barb, sorry to hear you had to put up with someone’s thoughtless words at pottery. You did well to walk away and focus on being creative. My wise Mum used to say to me when I was growing up, if you can’t say something nice, bite your tongue and swallow the nastiness! And she would say if someone is saying something nasty to you, walk away, don’t react, it says more about them than it could ever say about you! My Mum was a cockney and definitely knew how to use her loaf! 😄

  14. look on the funny side, just think what a pratt she made of herself, you wont be the only one there she most probably pissed off, but hey ho maybe she felt better, at least you did the right thing get yourself a punch bag no not Dave bless him ha ha
    by god they work wonders and if she starts again just say ” if you can’t say anything nice keep your mouth shout” or S.T.F.U love to all

  15. Hi Barb, you were right not to 🥊 her 🤪 in but you could if you weren’t such a lady accidentally on purpose damaged her 🏺or whatever she was making. I agree about the sensitivity, I suffer from invisible disabilities and come across people like this all the time. So much so I hardly leave the house now. I teach proper retirement age in July so maybe I’ll feel different about the outside world then . Keep your chin up, and next time you see this person give her a very sarcastic compliment IYKWIM

  16. I am glad you were able to move away from her. Sadly, too many people don’t consider that others may be suffering in silence and are really hurt by their comments. You did right to move and lose yourself in your safe hobby. Remember that, although we cannot be with you physically, we are all around you in thought, sending you love and hugs. Take comfort by getting out on a country walk and by being with your family. xxx. Maggie Craner (Silvercrafter)

  17. Good for you for walking away Barbara. 10/10 for self control!
    I have lost both my sons, one aged 9yrs and one aged 24yrs from completely unconnected things, and both things unusual in people of their ages. I have, over the years had the most unbelievably insensitive things said to me and have been very close to PYFFI on several occasions. The most recent blunder (which is so outrageous I actually laugh at the memory of it!) was when someone in our road, who I hadn’t seen for many years came to talk to me when we were having the VE celebrations during lockdown and people were encouraged to have a tea party at the end of their drives. I didn’t recognise her at all but she said that her son used to play with my son when they were little. I asked her which of my sons she meant and she said “Well your older boy died didn’t he, so it obviously wasn’t him”! I then had to explain that my younger son had also died several years later. She then said……….wait for it……….”Well if it’s any consolation, our kids never turn out how we want them to….my son’s a pain in the ar*e”. I found myself apologising for her misfortune!! Keep your chin up Barb. You’re doing great!!!

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