Get out of your Dandelion head…

Get out of your Dandelion head…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s been a busy day today, ticking lots of boxes and putting things in place for Dad’s celebration send off. So much to consider, so much to think about.

Couldn’t sit still this afternoon either. Blitzed the kitchen, made it all lovely. And now I feel the need to go out and make some art with last week’s Design of the Week Abstract Dandelions stampset, before the price changes and a new design takes over tomorrow. So just hang on a while, and let me get busy with some ink…that 3-way overlay set is something very special, and I don’t think I gave it any energy at all last week…

Here’s is my offering, using layers 1 and 3.

To me, our 3-way overlay stamps are the best design concept in our whole arsenal, and this particular one, a brand new one by Mel, “abstract Dandelions” is immaculate. Each layer stands alone beautifully, but they work together insanely well, to create what I consider to be real art. And they are not difficult to use either. So much potential.

Below you can see how I have just mounted all 3 stamps and then started mixing and matching them. Which ink? I used Distress Oxides and a Spot-On Sponge to blend the ink on the stamps.

So let’s pick one and then take it through to finished. Our Companion Papers and The Embedders will set it beautifully. I think the background landscape one…

What’s the quote of the day?

Get out of your head and get with your hands.

Started the afternoon with a crowner of a headache, which just wouldn’t shift. The housework made me feel better, because the house is nice and clean, but that didn’t get rid of the crowner. Making this artwork did. Finally, some relief. Perfect distraction.

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Love always

Barb x x x

20 thoughts on “Get out of your Dandelion head…

  1. Just beautiful! The three-way stamps really were an inspiration. I’m glad you are finding time to be creative and it helps. Thinking of you often. Much love. Xx

  2. I do so much to “get with my hands” – crochet, stamping, gardening and now recently I’ve started hand lettering. All great for mindfulness and being in the moment x

  3. Loving those colours – they are me. Been thinking about you all today while finishing off a card. Satisfying job, blitzing the kitchen – I hope you said a thank you to your Dad as he made you feel good for doing it. X

  4. So glad that doing a bit of crafting has calmed your head and mind! I think it’s like a whirlwind when someone close dies. There’s so much to do, so much to sort out, so many people to think of, so many forms to fill in! When the whirlwind stops, you begin to wonder how you did so much in such a short time!
    Love the stamping that you have done! Think it would stop the whirlwind in its tracks!! X

  5. Always find getting with my hands helps the mind xx love the overlay stamps so many possibilities from a few stamps xx

  6. Crafting calmed me today following a hectic morning and I now have a lovely set of cards for the charity box. Very satisfying.
    I just cannot believe how fast this month is going, seems even faster than last year.
    Take care, stay safe.

  7. My family struggled with me going to a craft workshop just 2 days after losing my mum. They just didn’t understand how important it was for me, during all the emotion involved in organising her funeral and everything else, as I was her executor. I can understand exactly what you mean. Look after yourself. XX

  8. Wow all the pieces look great & glad that having a play with the new stamps got rid of your headache.
    Might just have to pop over to the website before its too late, I already have the die & stencil.
    Hopefully the amount of boxes that need ticking is getting smaller so your days aren’t quite so hectic xx

  9. Clarity’s overlay stamps are definitely the best stamping innovation since Clarity’s
    transparent stamps! And Mel’s dandelion designs are magic – looking forward to having a play! Thank you, Barbara, for the innovation and the inspiration. I managed to lose myself this afternoon in some calming card making, after a fun-filled but energy sapping session of Granddaughter sitting!
    Calmness in Creativity!

  10. I spent all day in my craft room today doing DT samples. Really needed to be mindful after a couple of difficult days. Trip to A and E with mum, came home slept for a whole afternoon, got up today and got creative. Feel so much calmer.

    Lovely to see your creativity is helping you too Barbara. Take care – thinking of you and the family. Lots of love .

  11. Your artwork was lovely to see and so glad it made you feel better. I’m struggling at the moment as my mojo has definitely decided to go into hibernation. To make matters worse the number of cards I actually need to make is reducing year by year (even the number of Christmas cards). I had some lovely Christmas crafting goodies as presents but just can’t seem to be bothered to even play as I don’t know what to do with the cards once I’ve made them. What do you do with the hundreds that you must make? Hey ho……just hoping to feel better soon.

    1. I take some of my cards to charity shops and some shops, podiatrists, hairdressers will take a small box full to sell.

      1. Make them for YOU Bev. Make them to enjoy the arty process. Save them in a box and enjoy them for yourself. If you need one for an occasion, great, If not, then be the creative that you are, and trust the process. Nothing else matters.

    2. Bev, I totally understand when you lose your mojo but take a tip from me and follow Barb’s advice. Create for yourself. Enjoy the process. Celebrate your creations and most of all revel in colour. Why am I writing this? Because my eyesight is failing me and at the moment the prognosis is not good. So while you can, craft with all the goodies you were given at Christmas and get out all your Clarity stash and have fun!

  12. Love the three way stamps, I bought a set a long time ago and must get them out, I think one of the designs was an acorn. So thank you for reminding me! Love this particular artwork and so pleased you are able to enjoy your escape into crafting. X

  13. Barbara you never cease to amaze and inspire me! That is stunning artwork! The one with the scenic background is just so beautiful! It’s a place I’d like to go to!
    I bet you’re looking forward to having Grace and Mark back at home and although it’s for sad reasons that they come I’m sure you will enjoy being with them.
    Sending you lots of love and big hug xxxxx

  14. What beautiful art work. This time last year I was going through hell and back as my husband wasn’t well and in hospital the only two things that kept me sane was working with the support of my lovely work family and getting out my crafty bits and pieces and doing things you taught us in Shac Shack, as it calmed my mind and meant I didn’t notice how quite the house was. Sending you and your family crafty hugs.

  15. Cleaning helps me clear a washing machine head. Fortunately I don’t suffer with headaches (fingers crossed this stays this way).

  16. Hello Barb, the 3 way overlay stamps are really brilliant, love your little arty offering and the quote is great. I must get to grips with the embedders, they really make such a difference. Crafting is a great stress reliever, so no wonder it helped with your headache. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

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