# 15 Keep It Simple…

# 15 Keep It Simple…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Sunny day, blue skies here in the southeast of England. Calm head. A morning of pottery does that. I signed up for a very specific kind of Sunday pottery class many weeks ago, and today was Day 1. Five Sundays in a row.

The course title is Architectural Ceramics, so you can imagine it’s all about structure, building, lines, curves. Less about function, more about shape. That’s the kind of art I have been drawn to and where I’m finding my own style, so I put my name down for it straightaway. In fact, Eunice, the owner of the Clay Studio, and friend, said, “There’s an external ceramic artist running a course here in January. Right up your street. The course is made for you!” Tim Fluck. Easy name to remember!

But when I got there this morning, I quickly figured out that if I am going to enjoy (or even get through) this course of Sunday mornings, I am going to have to keep it simple. Firstly, from a mental point of view. I can’t think sharp just now, so complex structural feats of engineering in clay aren’t a smart idea, right? A standard teapot seems impossible in my head right now, so a multi-tiered, assymmetrical construction inspired by the Bejing Birds Nest ain’t appenin!!

Secondly, there’s the practicality. Somewhere during this Clay course, there will be Dad’s funeral, which requires organisation and planning too – and is a lot higher on the priority list than kneading clay. That said, kneading clay is good for the head; I highly recommend it.

So that’s where our quote of the day kicks in #15

Keep It Simple

No point in being super ambitious here. Got nothing to prove, got no exam to pass. Not obsessed with the outcome. Just want to get with my hands on a Sunday morning, switch my focus, and have a soft plan to work towards. Soft and Gentle. That’s how it has to be. And I bet you get me. I bet so many of you have been here, and know we need to keep it simple. I’m sure I’ll learn loads from Tim Fluck too! Just got to trust the simple process.

Anyway, I also know enough to know that a simple structure doesn’t mean it’s simple to construct. And I’ve always been a less-is-more kinda gal! Same with cards. Less is always more, friends. That’ll have to be one of our quotes too! But not today. Today we keep it simple.

I’ll show you what it is when it’s done. Today I only cut out the templates and wedged the clay. Spent more time thinking about it than actually getting tucked in! And that’s ok. It means I know exactly what to do when I get there next Sunday, and I haven’t got to think about it until then either – unless I choose to.

I designed Dad‘s Funeral Announcement this morning too. He’d approve. Classy, just like him.

Have a good Sunday.

Love always

Barb x x x

29 thoughts on “# 15 Keep It Simple…

  1. That sounds like a mighty fine plan at least for the next few Sundays – give the brain box something else to focus on. I found both times, once the funeral was over, it did help bring some small comfort and closure to help keep moving forward one step at a time. You just have to keep going xxx

  2. keep it simple is just right. Your Sunday class is all about learning and growing, time with the clay away from everything else. Enjoy your time. xx

  3. Ooo-er – Good for you Barb. I found it helped to get a bit distracted when your life is elsewhere. Looking forward to the results (whatever it/they might be).
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  4. Sounds like a great plan, my friend. Thinking of you all the time. Wish I could be there for you and we could cry together. Hope to see you oop North sometime soon. Take care Barb.

  5. Hope you enjoy your Sunday mornings. It sounds as if you will. Sometimes I think the process is as important, if not more so than the end result. Especially at times when you have other things to deal with as you have at the moment. Take comfort, distraction and hopefully peace wherever and whenever you can. xx

  6. That is just what you need at the moment. a tiny bit of focus but a heap of switch off time doing what you love. Dad will be watching and smiling, probably laughing aswell. Love’n’hugs ❤🫂💐

  7. Hugs from me to you as you know I am German but lived here in Clitheroe for 36 years now almost 37 this year and over the years I have lost all my family in Germany so my heart goes out to you just keep it simple x

  8. Just what you need right now, I hope you enjoy your Sundays. It will do you good to focus on something nice.

  9. Sounds like a good plan. I found it best to be busy with my hands but not complicated so I didn’t have to think too much. Enjoy if you can! X

  10. Simple is absolutely fine. Probably what you need at the moment, a little distraction.
    We have spent the afternoon celebrating grandson’s 28th birthday. Now that makes me feel old. Good to all get together though. X

  11. Simple is best and ‘less is more’ as you often say. When I saw the spaghetti at the top I wondered what you were going to talk about. Good to have a break and get on with something ‘normal’ but simple sounds quite difficult to me but then, I could never, do plasticine that well. Look forward to seeing it when you’ve started. I was going to craft today but do you know what we’ve done — we’ve binged watched the American ‘Traitors’ programme, enjoyed the UK one so started USA last night and still watching now! I did go to see my Mum this morning though ! Sending you all warm hugs xx

  12. Good to know you’re back on the pottery, Barb. Looking forward to see what you create. Always remember you telling me in those early days of Clarity, “Keep it simple” and “less is more”! Wise words and always kept me “in the zone” creatively speaking! (As long as I could add the odd “jaunty angle” or two! Ha, ha …
    Take care, Barb.

  13. simple doesn’t come to mind, when I look at that complicated structure…I can imagine flying through there 100 miles per hour, like at some holiday amusement centre….feeling very Giddy. look forward to seeing what you will make…

  14. Dear Barbara. So very very sorry to read about your Dad. It is a terrible thing to go through, been there several times. But it best to keep doing things and remembering all the lovely things about your life with a wonderful Dad. Feel for your Mum as well, after such a long life together. I felt it when I lost my husband, but still feel he is watching. I am so late writing this, but only returned on Friday from family time in San Francisco. Take care and heal slowly. One day at a time. Love and hugs to you all.

  15. Pleased you have your pottery to occupy your mind so you can “zone out” for a while. Learning a new take on a favourite craft is good. Simple is good too. Look forward to seeing the results.
    Take care 🍒

  16. Simple works for me, and keeping your hands busy can be very therapeutic at times of stress. So good to give yourself something else to work on over the coming weeks that allows you to escape. xx

  17. A pottery class with a touch of something new is just what the Doctor ordered. A few hours away from everything over the next few Sundays will give you something to focus on.
    Look forward to seeing what you create during this time.
    Keep it simple, one day at a time, it too shall pass. Those words that you have so often quoted during the SHAC have come into their own this week xx

  18. Hi Barbara
    Just watched the throw down and they were doing something similar. I’ve been clearing my craft room for the last few days very cathartic, ready for the next project.
    Glad you are doing your pottery keeping busy always helps me.
    Still in our thoughts ❤️
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  19. Get busy with your hands and out of your head for a bit. Pottery would have done you the world of good Barb. I hope you’ll give us some photos of your w.i.p and finished piece. Funnily enough the throw down was hand building last night. Simply good to take some you time!.xx Sending love and hugs as always. T.xx

  20. Hello Barb, simple is always good. Glad that you can get out and do your pottery class. I always believe that being creative really helps to keep yourself sane. I am sure your Dad is watching with love and approval. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  21. Good idea, even though it was booked before the current events. You will concentrate and be distracted for a little while on a passion.

  22. Some of the most beautiful structures are the simplest shapes and forms – I love the London velodrome and the Gherkin. I was at the Museum of Scotland this weekend admiring the ceramic and glass work there. Just amazing! Enjoy your course – therapy in clay x

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