Gray Friday Sale – 2 more days… Can we tempt you?

Gray Friday Sale – 2 more days… Can we tempt you?

Hi there

Happy Sunday! It’s all systems go at Clarity! The Gray Friday Sale Weekend is proving rather popular. Thank you so much for shopping with us! With all the national economic upheaval of late, we were in two minds as to how this sale would run. Paul and I were apprehensive; we thought it would be much slower than in past years. Dave was in the other camp. He said it would be busier than ever. Dave was right. Very busy!!

Have you placed an order? Was there something you wish you’d added to the order? Well, just in case that’s the case, here’s a lovely something extra, to tempt you back in for another little looksie…

On Day 3 – that’s today – we’re adding a little giveaway bonus too, free with any order over £30 placed today or tomorrow. We know that you love a gift! So in addition to the discount, plus your club discount, a gift will automatically be included in your order of today or tomorrow.

How about a lovely Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Groovi Bauble? Actually shaped like a bauble, so you can thread some ribbon through it and hang it from your tree, or use it as an actual Groovi plate. It’s so neat! Good size too.

Sale ends ay Midnight tomorrow.

See you in the SHAC tomorrow at 10am. We’re starting a new doodle project tomorrow – The bus driver knows where we’re headed!!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “Gray Friday Sale – 2 more days… Can we tempt you?

  1. what a lovely gesture, a beautiful plate aswell. oh well, I over blew my budget as it is last night. knew i should have waited. oh well I have a happy parcel to look forward to. must get my xmas cards made. happy christmas when it comes. x

  2. OMG, Barbara you are so generous thank you so much, i shall have to visit the site again later. unable to make the shac tomorrow as back at work, but will catch up when i get in. stay safe x

  3. Love the little Ho, Ho, Ho plate, Barbara. Need another order to receive the freebie? Well, it would be rude not to! Ha, ha …
    Glad the sale is going well; Dave knows his onions!
    See you in the SHAC tomorrow!

  4. Glad I have waited to complete my order, Thanks so much Barbara. Love your little gifts and thanks for the opportunity to save money x

  5. Sorry I can’t take advantage of your generosity, but I placed my order on Thursday night and really can’t run to another £30 at present. Thanks you anyway, for the kind thought. By the way, there was no way that the sale wouldn’t be popular, so Dave was on a safe bet! X

  6. Thank-you for the lovely gift shame I have already put my order in ,can’t really go back. It is pretty though. Glad the sale is going well. X X

  7. Cor Wotcha!! Thanks so much – honestly, I just popped upstairs after taking Bendycat for his walk, just got a few minutes before Strictly. Good job I made a list of what I would like (in addition to the order already placed) You are FAB. Thanks again.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    PS – has Grace accepted?

  8. I ordered some products today which I’m really looking forward to them coming through the letter box, how lovely of you to include an extra present, Thank You.

  9. Couldn’t resist another quick visit to the website to get a couple of things off my wish list, now I can go back & do the last two Groovi SHAC projects. Birthday money now spent, probably more than once!! but never mind.
    Kraft card & white pencil ready for tomorrow – see you at 10am x

  10. Such a lovely gift, thank you. I placed my order earlier today, kept within my budget I’d set myself, my wish list has got a little shorter, but I’ve no doubt, it will lengthen again very soon! xx

  11. Hello Barb, so happy for you that the sale is going well. I have already placed my order (over what I said I would buy). The freebie is no doubt going to generate a lot of last minute shopping. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  12. Glad the sale is going well. I put in a biggish order on Saturday as I wanted Linda’s set 5 plus a few more items I needed. So far I have not looked at the Gray Friday offers but am considering a peek. The bank balance and hubby may go ballistic if I get carried away so will have to be careful. The free gift is generous as always and much appreciated.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  13. Thank you for the free gift which I have just found. My order was late in being delivered due to the postal strikes, and when it arrived we were just off to spend Christmas with our new grandson so the box wasn’t opened – terrible I know. Been hectic since coming home so when I opened the box there was this Groovi bauble that I didn’t remember ordering. Just read the blog and the invoice to find it is a lovely free gift from Charity. Again thank you.

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