Fly Away.

Fly Away.

Hi here

Thanks for popping in. Just want to recap a simple demo I did on telly yesterday, inspired by clever Dee Paramour, to shine a light on those new-old Text Corner stamps of ours. Clarity Classics indeed! So versatile, so useful and so reasonably priced too! All 4 sets for less than £35 (plus your Clarity Club discount)

So here’s a little photo step by step for you…

  • Pick a background paper for the panel in the middle. We have a wonderful selection of Designer Petite Topper cards . Click HERE
  • Cut the panels into 5×2 inch strips. Use one for your positioning guide.
  • Pick the Text corner you want to use.
  • Cut an 8×8 inch white cardblank into 4 equal 4×8 inch pieces. You’ve now got enough for 4 cards!
  • Cover up the leg of the corner with low-tack masking tape.
  • Ink up the stamp using Black Archival ink, then
  • REMOVE THE MASKING TAPE before you plant the one-liner at the top.
  • Repeat the process for the bottom line too.
  • Edge the panel with a Sharpie pen.
  • Attach it in the centre using a tape runner.
  • Ink up our Flyaway boy from Annie’s stamp set, and
  • infill the tiny white area where the stamp hits the white card beneath.
  • Using a ruler and Micron pen No. 01, join the top and bottom with a single fine black line.
  • Do this on both sides.

So many panel possibiliites, and so many centre stamps from Annie’s set….

Told you it was an easy one! Thanks for the idea Dee! Thing is, a thing doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful. In fact, I prefer simple things best.

Keep it Simple, remember?

Have a good evening.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

12 thoughts on “Fly Away.

  1. Perfect timing! In need of several birthday cards this month and find myself very time poor at the moment!
    Thank you Barbara and Dee.

  2. Loved the stroll down Memory Lane on Wednesday’s shows with the corner stamps, and I particularly liked Dee’s lovely design. So it’s a good job I didn’t spend all of your demo taking photos on my camera as an aide memoire, because you’ve posted a brilliantly detailed blog of the card! Ha, ha …
    I may have the original text corners but the new sets have those magic little extras, so into my basket they popped!
    I’ve had a lovely afternoon making birthday cards for my daughter Philippa for tomorrow and for her mother-in-law who is 70 on Saturday. Nothing too elaborate, as you say Barb – keep it simple, sometimes less is more! And I completed my first lino cut tryptich as a present for Philippa! Maybe I’ll post them on Clarity Worldwide.
    Clear the mind, keep the hands busy with some arty crafting! Enjoy your evening, take care, travel gently. 😊

  3. A lovely simple project from Dee. Thank you for blogging it.
    I feel like I would like to fly away today as care free as that little boy.
    Decided to craft in the kitchen while the washing was doing. Got out all necessary gear, cut the card, washes 1 & 2 went fine but the machine went bang on wash 3 and sent out a shrieking alarm which scared the pants off me. Spent the rest of the day hand washing and clearing up the mess. Got to wait until Friday for a repair.
    Really looking forward to the cut cards shows, did I see bunnies? If so it looks like my basket will be full – Again!!!
    Stay safe.

  4. Love the clean & simple look of these cards, the text corners are so effective along with the clever corners.
    Have spent the afternoon stamping sunflower cards with the sunflower stamps & square background stamp. Now to finish them off with some colouring before posting them to various recipients including you for the Red Cross appeal.
    I had the email earlier about Wednesday & Thursdays shows – the kits look interesting, I wonder what the other shapes will be ?
    Travel gently – one day at a time !!

  5. Loved yesterday’s shows and this demo in particular. Thank you for doing this step by step. Looking forward to the one day special now.

  6. Those little clever corners and your book first got me into Clarity stamps. I love how you can change them to be a box, a panel, a circle – just genius! Brilliant demo yesterday – didn’t the time fly? X

  7. I bought the clever corners fairly recently but haven’t done much with them so thank you so much for this blog. I recorded the shows as well as watching them so I have no excuse now but to get on with them (after my Groovi Easter cards 😂) travel gently Barbs xx

  8. Hello Barb, what a super step by step, I still have to watch the shows properly. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  9. I loved the show, so many hints and tips, and that card was so simple yet impressive at the same time. One of my favourites.

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