So what’s just around the corner?

So what’s just around the corner?

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? Bright and FREEEEEZING here! Really brass monkeys!!

There, you see. No sooner do brass monkeys spring to mind, than I have to find out where the saying comes from! Have used the expression all my life, and always just assumed that brass monkeys are cold to the touch, right? That may well be, but let’s get to the bottom of where ‘It’s brass monkeys” actually comes from…

We know that it is used to describe cold weather, but did we know that the saying derives from the traditional Navy phrase

“cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey”.

Oooh I say!! And of course, immediately we think of the little monkey’s gonads, right? Wrong!! Apparently, this references the brass structure or ‘monkey’ where cannon balls were stacked. Aha! So there you go. Now we know the rest of the story!

Yeah. So it’s brass monkeys here in the southeast of England. Moving on…

All set and packed for tomorrow’s TV show on the new Create & Craft channel 3-5pm. It’s the first Sunday of the month, and for as long as I have been doing TV I have always had a 2-hour Sunday afternoon show on that day. Never miss it either. (touchwood) It’s also a chance to bring out some Clarity Classics, and tomorrow is no exception.

Many of you will recognise these Text Corner beauties! We have reconfigured them, and turned them into unmounted sets – which is so much more cost effective for you crafters! I’ll show you how they work tomorrow.

Then we tightened up the lineart on these lovely box flowers by Mel, and made a little set with them. They fit in the text boxes like a charm. We also created another little set with everything in it: text corner, centrepieces AND clever corners to match! A proper little project kit!

Up next, Clever Corners. Hours of creative play here! Tune in tomorrow, and I shall show you how to use them x

These general sentiments are so so useful! For so many occasions too! And they work beautifully on the front of a card – and inside. I’ll show you how to use the floral spray as a background behind the words.

Ahh. Dear Annie’s Flyaway Collection. My favourite stamps of all time. As I said, you just never ever know what’s around the corner. But she lives on through her little daughter Dotty, and through her art.

Time to go throw some pots. One thing is certain: iIt’s blimming brass monkeys in the garage!!

Hope you can join me tomorrow 3-5

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Love and hugs

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “So what’s just around the corner?

  1. I love learning where these phrases originated. Fascinating. I also love every one of these stamps and frequently dig them out. I still have the sheets of paper with suggestions on how to pattern build with those beautiful corner stamps. Must remember to set the DVD for tomorrow. Don’t get too cold out there today. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  2. Love learning about how sayings originated xx
    Love these stamps they are all so beautiful and so useful may fall in my basket I am sure
    Watch tomorrow to find out how you and the team have used them for those inspirational ideas
    Thank you xx

  3. Cold and frosty this morning here too, had to wrap up well to take Meg out for her walk, though there was some lovely bright sunshine, birds were chattering and singing away, all peaceful, just wish there was peace in all places of the world. Enjoy your pottery, embossing dots and colouring for me this afternoon. Looking forward to tomorrows shows. Tale care. xxx

  4. Or even Take care, it’s amazing isn’t it, read through what I type, then as soon as I press enter, and see it again on screen, I notice the mistake!!

  5. Lol – I did know the full saying as my dad did his national service in the navy, but didn’t know the monkey was for storing cannon balls. We visited a printing museum in New Zealand years ago and it’s amazing how many saying come from that industry too. Minding your p’s and q’s, skiving, first impressions – might come in handy on your printing course x

  6. Really looking forward to the shows tomorrow. Tested positive for covid this morning so feeling sorry for myself as had to miss a much anticipated family get together – I think it had been brewing for a couple of days.

  7. Decided to go shopping at 7am. It was snowing lightly and the car was all white. When Ray went out to clear it he burst out laughing. We had a hail storm in the night and the hail had frozen on and under the ice and that was topped with a light dusting of snow. There were an awful lot of monkeys singing Soprano.
    I love all of these stamps and will be watching closely. For once I have most of them so won’t break the bank this time.
    Enjoy your pottery but make sure you wrap up warmly.
    Safe journey tomorrow. 🍒

  8. Ooh, clever corners, text corners and pattern building – now that’s right up my street! Shall look forward to some super stamping on tomorrow’s show from your good self Barbara and awesome samples from the amazing Design Team! I had two uncles who served in the Royal Navy, so knew about the Brass Monkeys saying! They also “educated” me in other naval sayings and “nautical language” – but always out of my parents’ earshot!
    Have fun with your pot throwing!

  9. Such a gathering of beautiful stamps! I shall be watching tomorrow. Have a safe journey down to the studios Barb – love and hugs xx

  10. The super fine lineart is amazing. Always tempting to update when you rework something that’s already is my stash!
    Have a great day up at the studios. Drive safe
    Claire x

  11. Hello Barb, love all the stamps, looking forward to the shows, and the samples are beautiful too. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. Loved the shows this afternoon Barbara. You’re such a natural on tv and so easy to watch. Those two hours just flew by (even though they might not have done for you!). I did laugh at the “So what are your masks made from?” …and your response “I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you”. SO funny 🙂 Safe travels home x

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